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[2012-10-14-TNA-Bound For Glory] Bobby Roode vs James Storm (Street Fight)

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Bobby Roode vs James Storm - TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Street Fight

Beer Money Explodes~! One of the last angles I watched as a regular TNA viewer was when Roode turned on Storm the year prior by breaking the beer bottle over his head. They got a year out of the feud which is pretty good. King Mo is the Special Enforcer just because. 

As far as 21st Century brawls go this was pretty damn good. It felt more hate-filled than most nowadays. There was lets Feng Shui bullshit and more just pound the shit out of each other. Storm also tapped a gusher. He was wearing the full on Crimson Mask so that was pretty badass. They were throwing the haymakers to start, the babyface Storm held the advantage early. The Russian Legsweep into the railing by Storm was sick, love that spot. He wanted to slam Roode through the really nice glass table, but Roode wriggled free and catapulted Storm into the post which busted him wide open. In terms of weapons, it was mostly the garbage can and the kendo stick, but more garbage can. I thought them smacking each other with garbage can lids came off really good and really intense. I liked how Storm punctuated it with the massive garbage can shot to the head. Roode sold well and he bumped well for a random Codebreaker. In a different life, Roode was a tremendous stooge heel that bumped 'n' run rather than a HHH-wannabe. Storm had hit the Orton DDT on the ramp and Roode followed suit with the Spinebuster. King Mo was selling the violence really well.  They do a little Follow The Leader to the announce tables. Roode tackles Storm off the primary announce table through the Spanish Announce Table. Roode only gets two and he is incredulous and tries to intimidate the ref. This is when King Mo steps in. Storm gets that Codebreaker I was talking about and the Last Call Superkick for a hot nearfall. Roode throws Storm into a chair and then grabs the tacks. King Mo sells the tacks bump well. Roode goes into them after being shoved off the top. Flat back bump into the tacks. Storm was a little tentative on the elbow drop into the tacks. I dont blame him. I would be most concerned about one of those hitting me in the eye so the flat back seems a little safer. Roode had two stuck in the back of his head. Wild. Roode low blow. Time to get the beer bottles. That's really what the feud is about to so it is an appropriate way to end it. Roode goes to smash one, but Storm punts him between the uprights and gets the bottle and smashes it over his head. The crowd wants one more but Storm sticks to the script Last Call and Roode takes another bump into the tacks. 

I thought this was a great blood-soaked, hate-filled brawl. I would have liked this to have been a bit more uptempo and a little more struggle. As far as 21st Century brawling this is pretty damn great but still not as good as the incredible James Storm vs Chris Harris Death Match! ****


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