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[2019-04-28-Impact-Rebellion] Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs LAX (Full Metal Mayhem)

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Impact World Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs LAX (Santana & Ortiz) - Impact Rebellion 2019 TLC (Full Metal Mayhem)

The only nice thing I have to say is that it was cool to see a tag team match main event a pay per view. I think we have come a long with women, plenty of work to do but the fact that Women have main evented WrestleMania, it would be nice to see more love paid attention to tag teams. 

This was a full Feng Shui borefest. They really should rename these type of matches to Interior Decorating matches. The first two matches were way better. The video package gave me hope we were going to see a violent match because Pentagon/Fenix disrespected Konnan and Konnan told LAX to go hard, but nothing happened. LAX dove onto Lucha Brothers at first but they totally squandered the babyface shine. They rearranged some furniture and Pentagon/Fenix dove onto them through the table. This match did nothing for me. At one point, they just stop the match, everyone gets a chair. They sit down and have the most pitiful fighting spirit exchange I have ever seen. Fenix walking the rope and hitting a Spanish Fly through a table on the ramp as the LONE BRIGHT SPOT. That's it. The finish I am pretty sure was a fuck up.

Let me set the stage. Tacks on a table. Ladder. Pentagon is positioned to take a back bump from Ladder on Thumbtack Table. Santana opposite side on a higher rung. They are duking it out. Ortiz gets under Pentagon ready for the Powerbomb. Santana uses a fork to jab head of Pentagon. I am pretty sure they were supposed to hit the Street Sweeper off the ladder through the Table with Tacks. You can audibly hear Santana yell "WAIT! WAIT!" as Ortiz powerbombed Pentagon through the table with tacks. A fitting end for a boring match.

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