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[2020-11-07-AEW-Full Gear] Cody vs Darby Allin


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Darby showing up to Cody right from the get go with his superior quickness was very nice, and Cody taking control by brutally dumping him outside arm-first was a fantastic way to transition into his heat seg. Cody's work over the arm was all kinds of awesome with big focus & the confidence he showed throughout doing it was great. Really felt like it was a big gameplan coming to fruition & the wrestler doing it was executing it excellently. Those straight up bully-like moments with him running his mouth & doing some taunts were all awesome as well. And of course Darby is superb doing the selling -- his arm was total dead-weight throughout, and I loved stuff like him trying to lock in the choke from behind, but only being able to do it with one arm, ultimately leading to that failing. Also gotta mention that Super Cross Rhodes from the top, which was a legitimately insanely fantastic highspot. Everything about this was simply great... Up until the finish. I didn't like the finish at all. Everything they did in the match & even in the post-match, it all called for a better, more decisive, more "epic" finish. The result is awesome, but damn that finish leaves a lil' sour taste in my mouth after such an otherwise brilliant match. ***3/4

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