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[1995-04-02-WWF-Wrestlemania XI] The Allied Powers vs The Blu Brothers


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A completely forgettable opener that is severely lacking in energy. Jacob and Eli Blu bring literally nothing to the table, with the exception of being twins with a good size and look. They do the twin magic spot twice to little reaction. The crowd come alive, albeit briefly, once Bulldog is able to get the hot tag to Luger. The finish was decent enough, with Bulldog surprising one of the Blu Brothers by countering his powerbomb attempt to Luger with a top rope sunset flip after sneaking a blind tag.


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Clever to have a team called Allied Powers debut against two guys with SS tattoos. There is nothing to this match, Bulldog and Luger don't harmonize at all, are off a lot in double-team spots. I suppose the main reason behind that team is "we have too many uppercard faces (with HBK turning the day after) in the singles division so let's form a team to face Owen & Yoko for the next five months on the road", though considering they used that match second from top, I don't see why the Gunns could not have been used in that spot (I assumed that the Gunns spent a couple of months being married to Men on a Mission but nope, they had only a couple of matches in south-east Asia and afterwards were stuck with the Blu Twins until October.

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