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  1. Robert S

    NXT talk

    The premise for that film according to IMDB: "After discovering a magical mask, an 11-year-old aspiring wrestler enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar." At the very best this movie is going to be harmless fun, but this could reach Ready to Rumble level as well.
  2. Robert S

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The date seems to be the airdate, the show was taped on February 2nd, 1986.
  3. Robert S

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Just a random note: Charlotte vs. Trish has to be the match with the biggest average boob-job in a WWE match in the last 10 years. Hell, sans Chyna, were there any regular wrestlers in the WWF / WWE that had, let's say more obvious enhanced breasts, than those two?
  4. Robert S

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Chris Jericho did not need social media to shut down his website in 2002 when internet fans did not give a PPV match of his against RVD *****.
  5. Robert S

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    From that point-of-view this thread should be 30 pages long as Corey Graves made me switch to German commentary for 20 seconds (until I remembered that Carsten Schaefer makes Coach sound like prime JR).
  6. Robert S

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    On TV it sounded like they got killed once they realized that the bag did not contain thumbtacks but tools. The worst looking barbed wire in pro wrestling history did not get them back in.
  7. Robert S

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Is there a story behind Ford going for the Rock's two signature moves? The "new" network also is really unstable here. In the beginning, the video was glitching, and now I had about 6 bufferings withing a minute. I never had this with the "old" one. By the way: I just don't like this formula they are using in the NXT tag team matches for the last two years or so. The matches have as much psychology as a 2003 ROH scramble match.
  8. Robert S

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I remember that match being a complete disaster, full of shitty, ridiculous gimmicks.
  9. Robert S

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I don't know about the cage being used as stipulation for the third fall. Regal's stipulation seems to be treated as a surprise, and you cannot really hide a cage during the show (at least not from the fans in the arena). EDIT: And at the moment I am posting this, Regal is presenting the cage.
  10. Robert S

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    I could image this going both ways: covering and organizing travel might put them into a worse position in case of a court case reg. the independent contractor status.
  11. Robert S

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I am really slow, I only realized today that Kamala's (the wrestler's) family name is Harris.
  12. As a pre-teen kid (the 80ies) I suppose there was no regular wrestling show on German language TV at all (I think there was wrestling on TV starting in 1988 or 89; I remember CWA clips on Austrian TV to fill up sports programming earlier than that). - When I started watching in 93, there were two 1-hour WWF shows (Superstars and Challenge) and I think two (or maybe three) 1-hour WCW shows (definitely Saturday Night, plus Worldwide or Pro). - WWF stayed with two hours per week (replacing first Challenge with Action Zone and later (early 96) with Raw) basically until they lost TV (or cancelled their deal, however you want to phrase it) in early 98. When they returned in late 98 / early 99, we got a 1-hour version of Raw. - WCW TV stayed on German TV (on the same station) until the end of WCW. For some time (early 96 till early 98) WWF was on the same station. The programming schedule was something like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 or 10 PM WCW, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 or 10 PM WWF. PPV shows were on Saturday night (all WCW shows and the big five WWF shows). - The big five WWF PPVs were on free TV until Survivor Series 97 and from Survivor Series 98 to, I want to say, Survivor Series 2000. - WCW PPVs (all of them) were on free TV until 98ish (I don't remember that precisely). - You could also get Turner Classic Movies, which was airing Nitro and Thunder in a double block on Friday night (at least until some time in 99, I don't think it was on anymore during the Russo era). As these shows were from the same week as they aired in the US, I usually watched these versions (though I did not watch Thunder regularly, Nitro and Thunder in one sitting was more often than not too much). - Eurosport was airing some older New Japan tapes for some time, though I barely ever watched that. I remember, that every time I watched a New Japan show, the show ended with a Jushin Liger singles match that he won, so I assumed that he was the Japanese Hogan.
  13. Robert S

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I think "somewhat real" is not a completely wrong way to classify pro wrestling. The results are predeterminated etc. but the blood, sweat and tears are (more often than not) as real as it gets.
  14. Because there were no Hep-C positive wrestlers doing some heavy blading in the 80ies? EDIT: Okay, there were apparently no Hep-C tests until the late 80ies, so replace the "80ies" above by "90ies".
  15. Robert S

    WWE TV 24/06 - 30/06 Is Ricochet a better version of Ospreay

    There is also the story about him reacting on Meltzer calling him a "B+ player".