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  1. Robert S

    WWE TV 06/14 - 06/20 Harry Kane is a hack fraud

    They humiliated Germany 6-0 in the Nations League half a year ago, if Tiki-Taka clicks, it really clicks. Tiki-Taka won them a World Cup and two European Championships. Who has done more in the last 20 years? I guess Brazil, though I would rate two European Championships at least on par with three Copa Americas.
  2. Robert S

    WWE TV 06/07 - 06/13 Boxing is just pro wrestling now

    "Just watch it or don't." - lot of people actually are following that advice
  3. Robert S

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    That's just a page from Bill Watts old playbook, showing that they were not good enough to hang with your guys (or in this case your gals).
  4. Robert S

    WWE-NJPW working relationship in the works

    With the WWE going away further and further from regular live shows, especially for the non-TV NXT guys (which is where those young lions would most likely be placed), the guys would mostly be stuck in the PC.
  5. Robert S

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    They portrayed Warrior much less negative than they could have, probably because they spent so little time on the period 91 to pre-HOF 2014. I never really noticed that there is a striking resemble between Warrior and (former chess world champion) Bobby Fischer: - both came from dysfunctional families (Warrior's father walking out, Fischer growing up without a father and being on odds with his mother) that might have lead to severe psychological problems for their whole lifes (Warrior apparently having anxiety disorder, Fischer definitely was paranoid, maybe even schizophrenic) - both were driven to become someone, again partly due to their childhood - both (to some degree) dropped from the face of the earth relatively close to their professional peak (in Fischer it was literally his peak after becoming world champion) - both had a, let's call it questionable, comeback against their biggest foe (Warrior rehashing his Mania match against Hogan in WCW, Fischer playing (and beating) a way past his prime Boris Spassky (who was the guy he beat for the world championship in 72) in 92 in Yugoslavia during the Balkan war despite the UN embargo, which lead him becoming a fugitive) - both afterwards became mostly known for their... less then politcally correct statements (which in Fischer's case were even more out there than Warrior's worst stuff was) - and in the end both dying relatively young (Warrior died at 54, Fischer at 64 - though in Fischer's case it was much less out-of-nowhere; Fischer did not have the closure that Hellwig had at the Hall of Fame, but at least he seemed to be somewhat at peace the last few years of his life that he spent in Iceland)
  6. Robert S

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    That reminds of a Walter interview where he complained about stuff like that. The argument being if big guys do the same highflying stuff like the small guys and small guys do the same power spots as the big guys, everybody is the same.
  7. Robert S

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    I always found it funny when in the late 80ies and early 90ies, US guys took back bumps when being hit with an enzuigiri.
  8. He should post a bunch of Winnie the Pooh pictures tagged with a 6/4 hashtag.
  9. Robert S

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    I hate it when in a tag team match, someone tries to break up a cover by stomping the pinning guy, yet at three the guy still lies on his opponent who still has both shoulders on the mat, yet the referee stops counting.
  10. Robert S

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    In principle I agree, but mostly because "Warrior" does not seem to exist in English as a surname, unlike in Spanish ("Guerrero") or in German ("Krieger"), for example. Searching for "Guerrier" also returns a bunch of people on Wikipedia.
  11. Robert S

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    This was one of the few times in human history when Inoki's statement probably came closest to the truth: "he was killed by a thug". There was another bit of sloppy journalism in the piece: claiming that Inoki was responsible for getting Japanese hostages released from Iraq. Didn't it turn out eventually, that the hostages being released had nothing to do with Inoki's wrestling-diplomacy?
  12. Robert S

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    If you believe the story, that is.
  13. Robert S

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    Back in our days, they only put firecrackers up their asses.
  14. Robert S

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I always saw it as Boesch being the last leftover of the early days NWA where membership granularity went down to the city level, in some cases. He was to 80ies territories what Liechtenstein or San Marino are to today's European political map, a remnant of the past that somehow got passed by during the big unification phase.