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  1. The strange dichotomy always has been that while Vince likes to surround himself with yes-man, he always seems to heavily respect people who just are out-front with what they think, are confrontational.
  2. Stormy Daniels, did this happen in our lifetime? That really seems like ages (or ten scandals and a pandemic) ago. Not getting too political, but how do you end up with Donald Trump and Joe Biden as candidates for the most powerful job in the world? You would assume that both political sides could come up with much better candidates. I mean in theory you have 330 Mio. people to draw from (okay, considering the requirements of being a natural born citizen and 35 or older, this reduces that number to 100 to 150 Mio. people, but still). If one side would not be Donald Trump, I could see an argument that the two-party system enforces moderate-to-a-fault candidates, but with Trump being where he is, that cannot be the reason.
  3. Robert S

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    One or three "AEW/current wrestling is shit" rants may be fine and entertaining, but he is doing basically the same rant every week (or at least every time I tried to listen to him in the last couple of months).
  4. And how often did he say that he gives the "accuser" the "benefit of a doubt"?
  5. Robert S

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I had the episode yesterday running in the background yesterday and called it quits after 2 h: - first half hour: political stuff - second half hour: arguing that there was hardly any abuse of women in the territory days as (1) there were enough rats around that let workers do whatever they wanted, (2) wrestlers who had to spend time to talk women into having sex were subject to ridicule in the lock room and (3) there were hardly any females around in the locker rooms, and many female wrestlers that were around that time were Moolah girls and Moolah protected them like a good pimp (he did not use that term, but basically that was what he was saying) does - full second hour: another review and rants about AEW If I ever try to listen to another Drive Through, then only with time stamps.
  6. Not commenting on the content but the form of this video is a bit, I don't know, tone deaf? If you want to do a public apology and come across sincere, I would not recommend using your promo voice. Also starting with "I'm Mike Quackenbush" and then go on about this has nothing to do with the fake world or pro wrestling storylines is also not the best idea.
  7. Robert S

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Nothing is gonna happen, as by that logic you would have to prosecute a dozen or so US governors (not to speak of the orange guy). I mean, yeah, technically they would be guilty, but which prosecutor would ever go after them?
  8. Robert S

    John Tenta-Koji Kitao infamous shoot

    Bix and Kris Zellner went a bit into this in a recent episode of Between the Sheets. Tenta and Kitao had a match two days earlier (at the Tokyo Dome), and maybe there was something happening already then already. From what I got, (foreign talent?) booker (or co-booker? I would assume that Tenryu was the main guy) Great Kabuki told Tenta that he should try to provoke Kitao a bit (probably under the assumption that a mad Kitao would lead to some stiffer work or similar).
  9. Robert S

    Johnny Smith

    Steve Armstrong wrestled a couple of tours as The Falcon. Considering that he was replacing The Patriot and was teaming with The Eagle, I would assume that we was masked as well.
  10. Robert S

    Johnny Smith

    I always have to look up who was The Eagle and who was The Lacrosse, somehow I always mix up the masked Jim Steele and Jackie Fulton gimmicks.
  11. Robert S

    WWE TV 06/15 - 06/23 Liv Morgan.

    That logic is great: (1) don't test (2) on a positive test, do something How will you ever end up at (2), if you don't do (1) (unless someone gets a real bad case of COVID-19)?
  12. Robert S

    RIP Johnny Walker, aka Mr Wrestling II

    On the darker side, he was a registered sex offender who was charged with the rape of a 15-year-old-girl when he was 18 himself (though looking at his offenders registration, he probably was "just" convicted of having intercourse with a minor, not rape).
  13. I suppose that was only true for Takeover shows that happened on the same weekend as main roster PPVs. Which is really a pity, as for Europeans like me, Saturday is a much more convenient time.
  14. Robert S

    German catch

    It might translate to "tournament final" but more likely it means "blow-off match" or something similar. Probably, each won one match within the tournament and the third match was about who the real better wrestler was, i.e. a rubber match.
  15. Robert S

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    While you are obviously right in principle, I would contest the "real names" thing. The first counterexamples coming to mind are Sumo and Brazilian Football (Soccer).