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[1995-04-02-WWF-Wrestlemania XI] Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund (I Quit)


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Backlund and Hart are obviously very capable wrestlers, but the stipulation hindered this big time. They trade some nice holds, but the mid-90's WWF audience aren't the type of crowd who are going to pop for submission wrestling. Bret locks in the winning submission by countering Backlund's finisher into a crossface chickenwing of his own. Piper screaming into everyone's face every few seconds didn't make this anymore tolerable. To make matters even worse, Backlund doesn't even say 'I quit!' when Piper calls for the bell. 

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A big issue (besides the stipulation and Piper being annoying as hell with it) is that Backlund is just not a good, entertaining heel in-ring. The character itself is fine, the work way below what he still could at this point. Just a week earlier, Backlund had a great five minute match with Jeff Jarrett where Backlund ended up playing the face.

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