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[2002-12-13-CMLL] Vampiro Canadiense vs. Rey Bucanero


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Psycho bomb throwing war which has to go down as the carryjob of the year. Vampiro was basically a stiff trying to be a video game wrestler here. However, his recklessness may have added to the match as he seemed to be self destructive hitting moves (e.g. knocking himself loopy with his own suplex, injuring his leg hitting a spin kick etc). It really adds to the suspense when you think this washed up drug fiend is going to blow his knees out any moment. Whenever Vampiro was in danger of getting lost, Bucanero engaged in some vicious brawling. I especially loved the segment on the ramp that started with Bucanero just clocking Vampiro in the back of the neck. He also had some really great brief work on the shoulder. The whole match made sense and was never boring as they just kept doing bumps and dives. The one weak point was Vampiros superman comeback which knocked the match down about 15 places in the MOTY list.

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Could this live up to the build? You betcha it could.

This is how you do a single fall apuesta match, CMLL. You give them 20 minutes not some sub-10 minute bullshit. I will never doubt Rey Bucanero again after this feud. If his name gets brought up in the future, I will sing his praises as a worker. I don't know what Vampiro took before this match but he was jumping off the set and doing over the top rope tope suicidas, and all the while Bucanero was working his ass off. Both guys thought they won it with a submission only for the ref to wave it off. Vampiro was reckless and insane, but I can't say I disliked the guy. This felt like his finest hour, and I marked out for Porky's tackle celebration after the pinfall. It kind of felt like the seconds were into this match as much of the fans. Classic hair vs. hair post-match as well. Probably the CMLL MOTY when you consider how epic it was. I'm pretty sure the first time these two squared off, I mentioned how awkward it was. A few months later and they're having the MOTY. Incredible. 

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