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[2009-06-21-TNA-Slammiversary] Raven & Daffney vs Abyss & Taylor Wilde (Monsters Ball)

Superstar Sleeze

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Raven & Daffney vs Abyss & Taylor Wilde - TNA Slammiversary 2009 Monster's Ball

This was the most surprising match in my opinion to make Jerome/El-P's list and I promised him I would watch it. I liked it! I really liked it! 

This was during the Dr. Stevie angle that I vaguely remember where he was trying to "treat" Abyss, but was really evil. Raven and Daffney were doing the usual Raven gimmick. Taylor Wilde feels like a weird choice for this but she works her ass off and she is the MVP of the match for me. She diving off top rope on all the heels and then diving off some really high structure through a table on Daffney. Even in between those spots, she had a ton of fire, great use of the weapons and I loved her kicks to Daffney, just swift & stiff kicks. Raven has some fun heel miscommunication at the beginning, Raven & Daffney get thrown together, Raven splashes Daffney and Abyss press slams Daffney on Raven & Dr. Stevie to the floor. Overall, long & strong babyface shine. After Wilde crazy table splash, it was up to the men. Not quite as fun as Taylor Wilde kicking ass. Stevie interferes liberally. We get some classic Raven spots.  There's a funny spot where Abyss was supposed to chokeslam Raven through a trash can, but Raven's heels accidentally knock the trash can out of position. It cracked me up. Announcers cover for it that Raven had the presence of mind to knock the trash can out of the way. Taylor smashes Raven with a trash can lid when Raven was choking Abyss. Thumbtacks and Daffney takes it!!!! TAYLOR WILDE THREW HER ASS DOWN! WOW! Dr. Stevie breaks it up. Raven DDT! Abyss Black Hole Slam throwdown through the tacks! Very fun garbage brawl! ****

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