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[2021-01-04-TJPW-Tokyo Joshi Pro '21] Miyu Yamashita vs Maki Ito

Tenese Sarwieh

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Oh how glorious this was, Miyu being her dominant bad ass self dishing out an vicious attack and Maki trying to hold her own and survive. Both women were great but Maki Ito’s performance really shined here. She was all serious and limited the comedy showing her desperately trying to pull off the win against the deadly strikes of Yamashita, this is best I’ve seen of her so far. The rest of the match built well with Ito geeing her hope spots in and being defiant to end flipping off Miyu and receiving a knockout blow then getting a fist bump from Miyu for her courage, damn this was good and I want more of this Maki Ito. 

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This was just tremendous! The match worked off the build as it truly felt like a "put up or shut up" moment for Ito. In the end, she came off as someone who is believably tough as opposed to being a gimmicky meme wrestler. Yamashita put in a career best performance here, which was great to see as she had pretty much been coasting for the last while. Would say that this is the best match in TJPW history. ****¼

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