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AEW Dynamite - January 27, 2021

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8 hours ago, C.S. said:

I consider myself a pretty big movie buff, and I've never heard of this guy. (I wonder if his films never made it stateside?)

Not very surprising. I doubt many of if movies were release in the US. He was so beloved here. He was always kinda grumpy and funny and had a very sharp take on society. So sad.:(

8 hours ago, C.S. said:

Update: The Night Clerk (Avant l'Aube) and Back in Business (Grand froid) are on Amazon Prime streaming (U.S.).

Grand Froid is quite ok in a very dark humour (kinda belgian, may be a belgian movie actually) way. I like Avant l'aube quite a bit (not a comedy at all this one).

His most famous roles as far as (drama-, in some cases) comedies are Cuisine et dépendance, Un air de famille, Didier, Mes meilleurs copains, le gout des autres, On connait la chanson....

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