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  1. El-P

    AEW Dynamite - Dec 11, 2019

    Other thoughts from the show. I'm surprised no one mentioned the awful Tully Blanchard/Janela angle. I've been a fanboy since this show started, but to me this is the first time I can point out a spot where I thought "Well, this is really bad". It looked goofy as fuck, Tully was barely tied to the chair. Also, they are clearly overdoing the "lights go out" gimmick. Once every blue moon, why not, but when it's every two weeks, it's like every one has a remote control to the light system of the show ! As far as overdoing things, yeah, they clearly are overdoing the "recruit" gimmick. Jericho trying to recruit Mox was very nWo like, ok, but Dark Angle is recruiting jobbers, Brandi is recruiting people too. Everybody is recruiting on this show. Stop recruiting already ! BTW, speaking of Brandi, loved her vignette, which to me had a bit of a Basic Instinct taste to it, not sure why (the music ? the setting ?). I wonder who the bald guy is... I like vignette with mystery. How did the Dark Order (a complete miss of a gimmick at first) vignettes became a weekly highlight of this show ? I thought JR was better than usual. Him poking fun at his own fuck up of the names was refreshing. Tony has some great lines again. Penelope Ford in her best role, be a hot valet who does great spots. This is gonna help Sabian get over and help her too in the process. Good deal. I'm liking the dynamic of Page having split up with the Elite. Really good match too, Omega is totally the Benoit/Guerrero of this promotion now. Blade & Butcher are gonna be a refreshing change of look and pace in the tag team division. I do hope the Bunny gets to work though, she's too good a worker to only do valet work. Damn, Cody, that scar is there for life... Gotta love "Cody's partner" chant. That's how over this guy is. Maybe the idea behind not challenging for the title ever again comes from the idea he can be the guy who doesn't need the belt, like Piper or Taker was. It's good to always have a guy like this in your promotion.
  2. El-P

    2019 Match of the Year

    Oh, yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of those too. Good reminder.
  3. El-P

    NWA Powerrr

    ODB getting bookings so she can get her food truck bad is pretty cool. Kamille barely being involved after all the fuss they made about her seems like a waste, just like the whole referee gimmick. Marty Scurll showing up is odd to me. They have worked together before and it was a good match, and finally they can have a legit great worker in the roster but... Dunno, maybe Scurll is gonna do that before signing a big-ass contract somewhere. Another PPV in one month already ? While AEW, IMPACT and MLW (?) are only doing a few a year ? That's pretty odd too.
  4. El-P

    The length of wrestling shows & overkill

    2 hours/ 90 mn show are perfect if there's enough good content. 50 minutes is only fine if it's really heavy on good content, which is why NWA Powerr has been mostly a nothing show and MLW is super inconsistent. Meanwhile, AEW Dynamite as been a joy to watch. So has been IMPACT for the last year and a half. Big events should usually be at worst three hours. No need to go longer than this. NJPW can do it (and still, some of the undercard ends up being way forgetable and skippable), but most promotion can't.
  5. El-P

    AEW Dynamite - Dec 11, 2019

    BTW if anyone wonders who is the new Dark host Lexi Nair, she's DDP's daughter (well, the daughter of his wife). She has done one DDPY video so I knew her from there. Speaking of which, that Big Swole video was straight out of DDPY's Motivational Monday videos… This stuff has DDP's fingers all over it (and yeah Tony mentionned they were taping at DDPY). Which is kinda cool I guess, although I'm always on the fence about this stuff tbh. I'm more of a fan of out there stuff (like Catrina the immortal bruja) rather than "real people" in the end.
  6. El-P

    AEW Dynamite - Dec 11, 2019

    The "issue" with Luchasaurus, and I knew that already because I've seen him in several different context, is that although he has a great look and really cool character, he's simply not a guy who's gonna have a great single match at this point. He's a big guy who does cool spots, and there's something a wee bit too choregraphed in some of his stuff (his sequences of kicks for instance reminds me of Stan Lane), lacking intensity or even intent. So yeah, not surprised about this match not clicking. That's the issue with some of these AEW guys, is that they need the ring time to get better, but they will only get the ring time on TV, so they have to put longer matches that may not click that well at first.
  7. Yeah, I always keep your recommandation about this period in the back of my mind, since there are people I'm interested to watch being featured (Aries, Roode, Storm, heel veteran Jarrett + Karen, I'm intrigued about veteran Kid Kash, Bully Ray, the return of Gail Kim too). The only thing I'm really interested in checking out still in 2010 is the whole ECW angle leading to the PPV, the last of its kind I believe.
  8. El-P

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    I agree. Like the poet said : "War is the slaughter of people who don't know each others for the benefits of people who know each other and don't kill each other." Yeah, this too.
  9. El-P

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Well, that last (hopefully ?) Tampa show was awful. Battle Royal was awful, the big guy from Dynasty who won looked awful (his name sounds like Kurrgan and he was about as good while looking generic to boot), they promised a Warner vs Havoc match they did not delivered, Marshall Vo Erich is the least pissed off guys in the history of pissed off guys. RVD high on weed sounds more agressive than this dude. Contra vs Hart Foundation simply wasn't any good (as usual with Contra). They promised an interview with Salina, and it wasn't on the show. Like, really ? (they also played that ACH vignette. Fail.) The only watchable thing was a totally "swamp match" between Savio Vega and Leo Brien, basically worked fifteen feets from houses in some suburbs I guess, old road and a fence will do as a swmap. A bunch of cowbell shots and playing around in a parking lot, without much use of the environment at all. Kinda like the tamest Holly vs Snow ending stretch from 1999. Those next tapings sets better be a whole lot better than those ones, but I have no confidence considering what direction they are going into now.
  10. El-P

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    Well, except I was actually underlining WWE's hypocrisy on those matters, as the second half of the sentence shows. The entire post is sarcastic actually, I don't know how it can fly over anyone's head. And The Tribute to the Troops still were awful propaganda shows though.In a way like KawadaSmile said, those shows were even worse than any MBSMania. Support the american imperialism and unjustified warmongering politics people ! Get Hacksaw Duggan here NOW ! (actually, it reminds me that the very first time I was embarrassed to watch pro-wrestling was during the Iraki angle in 1990)
  11. TNA LIVE on Monday Night ! Week 4 Cool. Bubba the Racist's got a T-shirt and apparently is aligned with the nWo. "Fire Bubba" chants. And it's not a work. Not watching this shit. Nash wants to "apologize" to Young. I think it has to be the third or fourth "I'm gonna apologize" angle already on this show. Russo was such a bottomless pit of creative ideas. Speaking of which, steel cage match on TV "in honor of Lockdown". Because that's how you build a PPV with only cage matches, you do one on TV a few weeks before. Moore & Kazarian have a good TV match with Kendrick & Williams. Shannon Moore sure bulked up... Debut of Miss Tessmacher. Ok. Hot secretary girl. Miss Hancock redux. Yeah, WCW 2000... Ok, so now Chelsea is cunning Pope by saying she always wanted to become a ho. And then, after Pope dispose of Desmond Wolf (because it's a ruse you see), he does the old "babyface forces himself on the girl". Yeah. A babyface whose catchphrase is "Pope is pimping" just sexually harrassed a girl who tried to trick (see what I did here) him by saying she wanted to become a ho. Rusoo Russo Russo... Orlando Jordan sporting the infamous Lady Gaga crime scene tape outfit. Hey, at least it was very topical. I guess this was Russo's new attempt at doing a Goldust character. It looks sloppy as hell too. More backward booking, with Tara vs Daffney in a first blood match. BEFORE the cage match PPV. Plus the champ wins, so really no reason to do another match. This show is the most Russo show ever since this debacle started. I enjoy Daffney. Jeff Jarrett sv AJ Styles in a surprisingly long, really good TV match. Booking fuckery apart, with Bischoff screwing with Jarrett, it was the best pro-wrestling match on iMPACT in eons. Black Machismo returns. Of course he does, so we get more old WWF references with Hogan. Wins a handicap match against Beer Money. Ok. Desmond Wolfe vs Pope. Can't complaint about that one. Chelsea shows legs to the ref (old Hebner), Desmond uses a chain and wins. So at least Chelsea didn't "like it". Good little match. I've gotta say, they did a good job with the whole Angle vs Anderson feud, despite me not caring one bit about the "army" part of it. Making me care about a Ken Anderson match is no small feat. And yeah, Anderson is a really good promo, no doubt. BUT WAIT. They do an Angle vs Anderson match on TV the following week in a ladder match. For a key for the door of the cage. Ok, the booking is still classic idiotic Russo. I retract what I just said about doing a good job. The talent was always fucked in this company. Hall, Six-Pac & Nash vs Young, RVD & Hardy (aka one of these is not like the others). In a CAGE, as we said. I hope Hardy takes a stupid ass dive on TV. Well, Eric Young does it to end a terrible, nothing match. Hall basically watched the other do spots. He was so done. As I am. I mean, I have a bunch of 2019 IMPACT shows, which I LIKE, on my hard drive, and some AEW coming up. This TNA on Monday was just BAD. Lots of talent on the roster, lots of idiots backstage. After the spectacular dumbfuckery of the first weeks, the novelty has already worn off on me. Back to the present people. That's all that matters, in more ways than one.
  12. El-P

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    Dreamer, RVD, Rhino are in IMPACT. Not that IMPACT would prevent them from going in I guess, just like Billy Gunn was already signed to that pissant company last year.
  13. El-P

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    Ok, Lana totally over the top acting was legit funny. Yeah, I'm such a millenial, I'm sampling the only thing that "interests" me on Youtube.
  14. TNA LIVE on Monday Night ! Week 3 Great classic Spanish guitar piece by Uncle Eric. As fake as Jarrett's signing, but hell, it is kinda smart, actually... Bischoff is a lot of things, but he's always a really good character and game performer. Well, that angle worked, with Eric taking a perfect guitar shot to a molten Impact Zone. What an odd promotion, really... The whole Daffney stealing Tara's spider is ok. Tayor Wilde is a forgotten worker of the era. Ric Flair on a wheelchair acting batshit crazy and rolled around by Chelsea (she had to be a model or something, she's that hot) is both completely ridiculous and oddly compelling in a completely over-the-top awful way. Abyssamania, on the other hand, is WCW 1995 level of dumbfuckery. Also, Abyss was nowhere near as carryable in 2010 as he was five years before apparently, as AJ Styles really had a match with himself at the PPV, while they had a legit great match in TNA's first years. But yeah, this Abyss as Evad Sullivan push is insufferable. I'm waiting for the Zodiac to show up any moment, as they are going straight into a Wargames Lethal Lockdown match, with heel Sting as a captain, mind you. Mix of Fall of 95 with Summer of 00 level booking. Ok, the crowd is molten too for the complete clusterfuck that is this angle (Hogan handcuffed, Pope run-in). This people were drugged up on coke. Flair takes a clothesline bump from his chair. Hey, I bagged on Flair quite a bit, but he's going insane and it's ok. Rob Terry was a complete waste of roids. Hey, this show is more and more fast-forwadable, so good for me. Jarrett vs Foley, loser gets fired. Beer Money (both of them) special refs. Maybe not enough stips. This match in 1996 would have been awesome. Considering how limited Foley is, it's OK because Jarrett is still super solid, although is finisher still is the drizzling shizzit. So, Foley is gone. Because much like Luger in 1991, he had exceeded the number of his requisite contractual appearances already or something. So WCW. So apparently he's gonna be back for the ECW tribute angle. And now Beer Money attacks Jeffrey. This show is so tiring. And now Jeff Hardy & RVD run in. Just like I said... And I like most of those guys apart from Hardy. I can't wait to go back watching current IMPACT to enjoy old-ass RVD shitting on millenials instead. Bubba the Racist Sponge has not been fired already ? He's not even worthy to bump for Foley. Fuck Hogan and his racist wife pimping friend for fucking up TNA even more. The only compelling storytelling of this whole era is Hogan being the straight boss and Bischoff working him as he's really the old abusive asshole he was in WCW pretending he's here doing business. I think I'm throwing way too much compliment toward Uncle Eric on this show, but he really was a good performer no matter what shit he was working with. Well, not in WCW in 2000, but here his segments are usually pretty decent at least. Hey, tag team champs partner against each other. Funny to think Matt Morgan was someone Corny was having a hard on for. Because he was big. Yeah, Matt Morgan surely was the prototype of the pro-wrestling of the future... Wait, no, that would be the Young Bucks, who aren't featured on this show after stealing the PPV (well, none of the X-division guys are on this show despite ALL OF THEM having the best matches on the PPV). Hernandez never developed much beyond "big guy who does cool spots" either. He was never better than in LAX. Anyway, I'm not even paying attention. Morgan as a heel had potential though. Hey, dramatic injury angle with Taz selling it as it's "real". Shoot-angle, bro. So, I guess they are tag team champs no more. Can I guess ? TOURNAMENT !!!! Because we haven't had a TOURNAMENT in what, two weeks ? Beer Money vs the WWE Rejects Express. Can't lie, RVD and Jeff Hardy do come off like stars, but this crowd has been popping for any kind of shit all night long, so I dunno... Beer Money is SO holding this together. People shitting on Roode in WWE have no idea. It's actually quite a good TV match, easily the best in weeks, so no complaint. Although it's obvious the former WWE guys are just propelled at the top of the promotion and the TNA guys are used to put them over. Fuck, serious Eric Young calling out the Wolfpack is lame. And he's getting the rub of the two WWE guys ? Da fuck ? Probably the less worse show since they got on Monday, although the World title feud is rotten and pathetic.
  15. El-P

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    The quota of propaganda show was already reached with the two MBSManias. Can't have any more. Fuck the troops, WWE need to support an islamic dictature. Hopefully no one gets raped again since this show will really flew under the radar this time.