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  1. El-P

    All Elite Wrestling

    The more I read about court Bauer (this, Callihan supposedly "destroying" stuff in a match but that was edited out, the twitter post David Starr made about his shitty contracts), the more he comes off like a carny douchebag.
  2. El-P

    All Elite Wrestling

    This is such a dated opinion, honestly. I have seen Dionne (which I guess is Evil Uno) exactly *once*, wearing a shitty mask, and he struck me as very charismatic. As far as Angelico & Evans, the fluo attire look cool and totally fit their style, and as far as "they only know how to flip", well, Corny lowering himself to "lol movez" level of understanding the workers is pretty sad. That actually shows how far off he is, because Fight for the Fallen was pretty much received as the lesser of the three shows, and although I loved Omega & CIMA and think it was a great match, the show overall was nowhere close to Double or Nothing or even Fyter Fest, which did not had any "great" matches but the average level was higher and more consistent than this one. The Road to All Out ep1 was tremendous. The way they have built the characters and issues for the big matches with these very short Youtube shows is very encouraging when you think about their futur TV product, because it's obvious this is the direction they are going (BTE being its own thing).
  3. El-P

    All Elite Wrestling

    Pipe Bomb 2 anyone ? I know Punk is not the most popular guy on this board (or anywhere, really, but then again, who cares), but you gotta admit that who light a fire under AEW's ass for buzz only.
  4. El-P

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    That would be Flying Wolf or Aero Wolf or whatever the fuck his name his. Terrible 5th rate luchador cosplayer with zero basics and zilch charisma and a shitty looking mask. Corny calling this guy's match while trashing AEW's undercard guy is quite the irony. This show could be 30 mn now. This week's show had the best MLW match in forever (certainly of the year) with Dynasty vs Hart Foundation in a ladder match. Cool spectacle with tons of great spots. Although, the idea that MJF is so afraid of heights that he can barely take one step is beyond ridiculous and silly, so again Corny, whatever you say about shitty comedy spots on AEW shows. Of course MJF is still great, and that led to some work by Aria Blake, which is cool. Richard Holliday is definitely growing on me. The Salina angle was interesting, especially the part where she watches her guy get attacked on via her smartphone, cool use of current technology. I must say though, the dynamic of a disgusting redneck chasing a 22 years old hot mexican girl to "punish" her is kinda.... rapy ? I mean, the way the angle ended (or did not ended on camera actually) could be very easily seen as quite uncomfortable. I hope the resolution next week is not gonna be as bad taste as the Contra shit with Lawlor...
  5. Nothing screams "stuck in the 90's" more than Shawn Micheals doing color commentary, something he always sucked at, BTW.
  6. El-P

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah, they are terrific together. But who are the "undercard trash tag teams" already ? Dark Order is a bad gimmick, but the guys underneath look awesome. What else ? Angelico & Jack Evans ? They are terrific. SCU ? They are terrific. So much potential for tons of cool tag team matches in the futur, especially when you throw in the Lucha Bros & Young Bucks at the top of the mountain. I guess he's freelancing, but damn I would love to hear Schiavone & JR call some Rhodes matches in the futur. And Tully has a manager for Shawn Spears against Cody ? Now that's an awesome idea.
  7. El-P

    AEW Fight For The Fallen

    So, honeymoon's over. Ok, there's much to say about this show, but I'm burned out after 4 days of G1 + this. And G1 goes back on track tomorrow, and Liger in CMLL on Friday, and iMPACT going on another cycle ? Jeez, too much good wrestling... The setting is awesome. Way too fucking hot apparently, but it looked terrific and really different, which is something you want. The pre-show was pretty good this time around. The Librarian's theme being "shhhhhhh" so the people make noise works. "Reading sucks !" was pretty funny (and sad). I've gotta say, Sonny Kiss looked *way* better in Lucha Underground, I guess the awesome production over there helped. He was okay, but kinda sloppy at times and very choreographic. Maybe he didn't click with Avalon, who looks solid. I really enjoyed the female tag match, especially the joshi gals. But this : looks pretty damn stupid. You don't give a stiff kick to the *side* of the head of someone who isn't looking and doesn't expect it. Reminds me of the infamous Yumiko Hotta kick to Plum Mariko. Yep, awful for Britt Baker, hopefully she makes a recovery. Really enjoyed the 6-men tag. Jimmy Havoc actually wrestling >>>> paper cuts and comedy garbage. Shawn Spears looks good. He got a Perry Saturn vibe going on. Guevarra is such a millenial Youtube influencer douchebag, you want him to get slapped over and over. That's a compliment. I admit, Janella's fuck off to Corny was funny to me. Plus, knowing what we know now about the whole Callihan debacle, they may work an angle to sell podcasts and Twitter hits... Yeah, Brandi in the ring (first time I saw her) was kinda... okayish at best, and it doesn't help Allie that she doesn't get to work with someone really good, she was quite good in iMPACT. However, Awesome Kong showing up and Brandi being a bitch after all = good. And AJA KONG confronting AWESOME KONG would be the biggest mark out moment of the show for me. Old joshi fan, and huge Khia Stevens fan. With the season 3 of GLOW coming up, it would be cool to see some joint promotion. Zoya the Destructor showing up in AEW for a special match ? Oh, please, please, please... The multi-tag match was really good. Dark Order look like complete jobbers but their work is terrific. This gimmick is really hurting their heat. It's obvious despite having the cheapest Super Strong Machine cosplay costume ever, Evil Uno has shitload of charisma and knows what the hell he's doing. Plus I love fat guy in mask who can move, in a Super Porky or early Dick Togo way. But he looks like Fat Shark Boy. Amazing to see how over Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy are already. Marko Stunt was a nice touch. He needs a Hobbit gimmick. Angelico & Evans also looked terrific, although a bit in the background. Love all these teams, but the Dark Order need a revamping, at least in term of looks. Hangman Page vs Kip Sabian was a good solid match. I understand the predictability criticism, I thought the same thing watching the match, but really they still are at the stage of establishing workers and rankings, so they can't have Page squash this guy. I guess more intricate booking can occur (hopefully) when the TV show begins. Page may not be ready yet for the main event spot, but he's gonna get there. He's got the look and he's got the in-ring talent. SCU vs Lucha Brothers was a cool spotfest, as expected, but I thought Fenix was kinda off at points (a rare occurence). So overall, one of the lesser Lucha Brothers match I've seen in the recent months (not even blaming SCU). A ladder match against the Bucks could be insane. CIMA vs Kenny Omega was clearly the MOTN to me, and although it was predictable again, to me it built and built to a truly great finishing stretch in which I actually wonder if CIMA would not win after all. This would have made a terrific G1 match. This is the Omega I want to see again. Impressed with CIMA too, as I'm not exactly familiar with his work (I had seen a few stuff from the Crazy Max era almost 20 years ago and that's it). In the end, great match. The main event had great moments, but it was *way* too long. They could have had a killer match lasting 15-20 minutes. Great selling by Matt. Dustin looked terrific again. But at some point, the match lost its steam. The actual heat surely didn't help, as it kinda burned the crowd too, but still, match went too long, lost its energy and pacing toward the end and fell apart, despite some great spots again. I really like the Bucks, but the Meltz driver is kind of a goofy finish, really (well, it's a brutal tombstone, so it's believable, but the second guy doing the rotation really isn't adding anything). Classic bad WCW moment was the announcer not recognizing Jericho under the mask. As funny and dumb as Schiavone pretending Kevin Nash dressed as Sting could actually be Sting. Hey, I guess you need vintage bad pro-wrestling stuff... Too long of a show, honestly. Mostly good stuff though, Allie vs Brandi and Kiss vs Avalon being the worst matches and Omega vs CIMA being great. And the Aja vs Awesome face-off was so cool.
  8. El-P

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Yep, makes it really intriguing. Tana vs ZSJ should be excellent (and the booking makes it really really interesting since they have no win yet). Okada will have his usual good match with Fale that he always has, but honestly Fale in the G1 is overdone and boring at this point. KENTA vs Archer is another one I look forward to, Archer has looked great and KENTA is quite compelling to watch, for a number of reasons. EVIL vs SANADA has the novelty appeal, but it could go either way, very good or just there.
  9. El-P

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    ZSJ vs Okada from Day 3 and Ishii vs White from Day 4 were great matches. I agree thus far it's not looking as insanely loaded as last years, but there's more "fun" stuff as opposed to say, Elgin or Makabe matches, which could be good but really uninteresting. Although I must say, thus far if anyone is under-delivering, it's been Jeff Cobb. His match with Mox was kinda disapointing and he's clearly not on the level as the best guys here. On the other hand, Jay White is bordering brillant. He's so great as little things and at heeling it up. It's no surprise White had an excellent match with Goto (whose bring comeback story I'm not buying, he's still good old solid but not engaging Goto to me) and Ishii had an excellent match with Cobb (who looks impressive in spots, but seems to not be able to put things together yet) and the two had maybe the best match of the G1 thus far together. KENTA, like with other posters here, I'm still unsure. I liked both his matches, although none I would call "great". He's kinda shaky to me at points in term of intensity, although he has that great bad-ass charisma still. May take a bit more time to get himself into his groove though, which would make sense. Loved Naito vs Taichi, but then again Taichi is ridiculously underrated (he's much more compelling than Goto for instance). Interesting booking thus far with Naito, Tanahashi, White & Ibushi at 0 point. Hopefully the Ibushi & Ospreay injuries don't get in the way too much. But Ibushi is obviously hurting, although I guess it can add some interesting tricks to his matches in term of psychology. The announcing is fantastic. The undercard stuff have plenty of fun stuff thus far with Suzuki being really salty, the LA Dojo young guys clashing with the Young Lions, Umino teaming up with Mox. I don't miss the Guerillas of Destiny in those one bit, go figure...
  10. Well, that's the concept of the honeymoon. Like you pointed out, the more the thing change the thing stay the same. Maybe there isn't even a honeymoon after all this time around...
  11. So, this time Extreme Rules is done. So this was the first trve Heyman show. So, I ask again : was this the shortest post-reboot honeymoon ever ? Because the honeymoon lasted exactly one show. How long is Daniel Bryan hooked with WWE anyway ? How long is his new contract ? It wasn't a 5 years thingy I believe.
  12. El-P

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Please, let's not use that term, especially for stupid shit like this.
  13. El-P

    Extreme Rules 2019

    For me, yeah, because I'm not gonna be tempted to watch stuff I don't care about. Although I'm gonna miss the big shows watch-along and bullshitting on these threads. This wasn't gonna last anyway since I'm gonna move out in a few months and was not gonna get those TV channels anyway. But for the WWE fans in France, yeah, it sucks really hard, especially considering how fond they are of Agius & Chereau (and for very good reasons). They still have RAW & SD but without the big shows, what's the sell in 2019 ?
  14. El-P

    Extreme Rules 2019

    Philippe Chereau posted some words on Instagram about the situation. They were basically told a few weeks ago they would not announce PPV anymore. "This is just business" being pretty much the "explanation" given to them. So I guess there's no French announcing on the Network either, apart from the Quebec guys, which makes it even worse. Completely stupid decision. WWE died in France when they were replaced by WCW in 1996. Now that are simply punishing their own audience for nothing, and considering the obscene amount of money they are making, this makes no sense. What a dumb decision...