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  1. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Did Corny address his (supposedly) own piss-poor booking of the match ? Because these two restarts fucked the match up as much as anything. Just a terrible idea.
  2. That's beyond his control. Everyone who had great potential before WWE has been swallowed by the machine. Think of when Ricochet was in Lucha Underground, people thought of him as the next big thing in a Rey Mysterio way. He's a complete nobody today. FTR have to rebuild themselves in AEW because although everyone knows how good they actually are, they have been hurt by years of nothingness.
  3. There's a cultish aspect in WWE corporate culture, for sure. Brainwashing is in effect. "Our chairman, our CEO, our leader".... Totally agree with this and what @sek69 is saying here. Try to say anything and you'll get shit from virtue signalers with agendas (they have showed up during #speakingout also, and pretty quickly) because complex issues aren't to be discussed. Complexity is banned from social medias.
  4. That disqualifies pretty much everything he has to say after that point. Being such a corporate drone especially when you're in a position of power where *you* can pretty much choose to not come (while others don't have that same pull) is so pathetic.
  5. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Can't wait to hear the Old Bucks talk about those pesky kids not knowing how to work and doing way too much 450 splashes as set-ups moves.
  6. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    This is my entire point (first reply I made : "Sure, he can't POSSIBLY think current pro-wrestling is good. "). It took a whole lot to get you to that point. Like pulling teeth, really. You could have saved us both some time and energy. Maybe he was. So what if he was ? Like I said before, both are not mutually exclusive. Honestly, it's not even important at all, really. Like I said, I don't need validation from anyone, unlike the crowd of goofs who hangs on to every word Corny says (and I totally agree about him working them like the marks they are : hate-watching is dumb enough, but listening to someone hate-watch is even dumber, life is short people). It was just a cool little tidbit to me. But the idea that *he could not possibly* thought this match was great struck me as a case of denial. I'm aware these are workers (doh ! really now ?). But as pro-wrestlers, I also believe they might actually have a genuine opinion on pro-wrestling and do enjoy, still, some of it (like Steve Austin was clearly still a mark for wrestling long after he was gone). And that was about it. And again, with that last statement, you are again inferring stuff that isn't there, because for some reason, it seems like Ricky Morton saying shit like "This AEW match was great" kinda bothers you in a way (maybe because he's not saying the "right thing" to you ? I dunno). I personally find it cool. I don't find it important, at all. I don't download Morton's podcast (I even ignored he had one), I certainly don't download Corny's podcast. If Morton was not genuine, well, ok. It will have exactly zilch effect on my own appreciation on things.
  7. One issue with Flair is that is was always the champ despite never really beating anyone decisively. A lot of Flair matches had very weak, anti-climatic endings.
  8. Agreed, but wasn't the world champ on National TV too at some point ? I mean in the 80's with Flair ? Of course, it's one thing to have "a heel champ" on your TV every week, it's another thing to have Ric Flair on your TV every week cutting those promos. That plays an important part too. HHH cosplaying Ric Flair was problematic because he was a heel that destroyed everyone but also because he was fucking HHH cutting those boring 20 minutes promos and having boring-ass overlong matches all the time.
  9. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Like I said. Does that mean he *can't possibly* have thought this was a great match ? Yes or no ? Because that's the only issue here. What's funny is that your reply is inferring that it is impossible because of the nature of who Ricky Morton is. It is not a "ironic rebuttal". It is presented as an opinion, an aesthetic judgement on the match, and because of whom presents said opinion, it will drive some people nuts. If there's some irony somewhere, it's in how those people react to this statement. Like say, pretend that it *can't possibly* be genuine. It reminds me some argument with some professional movie critic that got told by an angry audience member that he *could not have really enjoyed that movie* and had some ulterior motives and professional bias to say that. That just *could not* be true. No idea how you say it in English, but in French we call that a "procès d'intention" (trial of intent). This is exactly what you're doing here. As far as turning the thing into an angle, be serious now. Corny worked everyone with his Sami Callihan bashing. This is where I lost the last bit of respect I had for him, because I knew he was full of shit and outdated, but I did not realize him being full of shit was actually full of shit in itself. So maybe, when Corny says he hates the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, maybe he's also lying and dishonest about it because that's what his audience wants from him. Maybe, just like Ricky Morton *can't possibly* have loved this match, maybe, just maybe, Jim Cornette secretly loves Kenny Omega and the Bucks (as he should, because he makes his money from dragging their name into the mud). Yeah, you've convinced me. Ricky Morton is working and did not love that match. And Corny is actually an Omega & Bucks fan.
  10. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Case in point : let's say Ricky Morton gets a gig with AEW tomorrow. Does that proves anything about his tweet being dishonest (aka he did not think that match was awesome and does not love watching current pro-wrestling) or having ulterior motives ? Of course not, because like I said, it is not mutually exclusive. He can think that match is great, tweet about it, and get a gig with AEW. Now, if he gets a gig with AEW, does anyone thinks it's because he fucking made a tweet ? Of because he's Ricky Morton, has contact in the company already (hey, he worked for them already... wait so maybe he's just a shill, like Meltzer of something... hum...), is considered a great trainer/mentor, is a legend and whatnot ? No... probably will be because he wrote a tweet saying "Awesome match". Yeah, probably that...
  11. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    You said "Morton knows where his bread his buttered". Which is inferring that Morton is dishonest in his praise because he has ulterior motives, in this case the idea of getting either booking or student, or more specifically making himself look good in the eyes of people who could eventually book him or young aspiring workers that would be fans of the current product that would want to train at his school. That's assuming a simple tweet about a match that actually happened two-three days ago (and not a story about something from "back in the days", that's also important) would actually have a direct or indirect effect about his actual business, either as a performer or a trainer. All of that in the context of a thread which is basically about an old guy who is hate-watching the current product and refers to the 80's as the epitome of pro-wrestling and how it "should be done", Ricky Morton being basically everything "good" about the "right way". So, by inferring that Morton *has to* be dishonest about his praise of a match that happened two days ago, you are actually saying a whole lot more than just "oh, wrestler tells bullshit". And it's very much apparent what you really mean, especially when you make it about "he said something you want to hear". First off, like I said, I don't need any validation. And second, well, it's more about him saying something that you *don't want* to hear from him apparently. Because why that remark anyway ? Is there a credible way to gauge the sincerity of Morton's appreciation for this match from that tweet ? Apparently there is, and it's "wrestlers tell bullshit". Especially works when they say something some people *don't want to hear*... So yeah. It is a matter of subjective taste like NintendoLogic said, but even then, some people would just rather be grasping at straws to find ulterior motives about anything rather than even consider that Ricky Morton might have, crazy notion, actually loved that match and thought it is great. Because that very notion threatens their opinions and bias because of what Ricky Morton represents in their eyes. Which is why those tweets were posted in this very thread in the first place, because people believe Corny is gonna blows a gasket over that one, just because of who said it.
  12. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Ok, so every wrestler is full of shit, *especially* when they say something you *don't* agree with. They absolutely can't, under no circumstance ever, be genuine about their appreciation of current pro-wrestling, because it objectively sucks and people saying otherwise are either corporate shills or lying carnies with an agenda. Point taken. Also, I don't *want to hear* jackshit. I don't need validation from anyone, I'm absolutely confident about my views on pro-wrestling. I just find it cool that not every old wrestler is a bitter old man stuck in the past spreading toxic stuff about those "damn millennials won't don't know how to work". And I'm amused at the fact it pisses some people off and pushes them more deeply into denial.
  13. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I was thinking more of a simple appearance at the PPV. But hey, they made Johnny Swinger one of the best thing in pro-wrestling in 2020 (not even joking). They managed to refresh RVD. At this point they can bring anyone and I have faith in this team to make something fun out of it.
  14. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Wait, because Ricky Morton runs a wrestling school and works the independent circuit, his praise of the AEW has to be taken with a grain of salt ? You realize that the two aren't mutually exclusive, right ? And saying Morton is only praising modern stuff because he's actually participating in a productive and positive way (training workers and actually working with them) is also kinda ridiculous, because that would infer only the opinion of someone who *isn't* taking an active part in the industry would be worth anything because there would be no "conflict of interest" or something, which is a totally absurd take. Crazy notion that a great wrestler would actually enjoy what is considered by many as great wrestling today...