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  1. El-P

    Current New Japan

    Damn, and now I really want to watch that match despite the fact I don't care for the card very much. Yeah, I noticed the Kawada influence before too when he gets serious.
  2. El-P

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    That Marko Stunt vs Ace Romero match was something else. This week's episode was probably one of the best all around thus far. First look at Rush. Yeah, I understand the hype, the guy has got *it*. I wonder how in the hell they got the rights to the Hart Foundation name though.
  3. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Still getting familiar with the current iMPACT product. So basically, Eli Drake is cosplaying Stone Cold & The Rock at the same time while trying to look like Paul Orndorff ?
  4. It was a pretty decent show if you don't mind : _more discussion about the post-Montreal stuff. _awful, annoying as hell mobile phone interferences for at least half the episode. I have no idea how they could not grasp that fact when they recorded the thing. It makes the listening really hard at times. I've also listened the Survivor Series 93 episode since it's a show from my early years as a fan and it was pretty good too. The Lawler stuff (in which they really dive into) still is totally cringeworthy. When you think about guys getting shit for old stuff on message boards these days... It was still a lot more about the context than the show itself, and they really barely talk about the main event scene (Lex & Yoko) apart from the fact the bloom was off the rose with Lex. So, not exactly a detailed exposé on the show, but these days are gone I think.
  5. As I'm catching up on iMPACT lately, I can see why someone like Austin Aries left. He's working as the big fish in the small pond, it's probably much more satisfying on a personnal level (and much mess stressful too ). Most guys who were big in NXT have been totally wasted in the main roster. A guy as small as Gargano has no chance in hell going further than mid-card at best in Main Roster WWE.
  6. El-P

    Current New Japan

    Nice. I actually look forward to this more than Goto vs Ibushi, simply because it's probably gonna be more *fun*.
  7. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I simply love her. She's terrific. And she reminds me so much of her father too. The day the WWE grasp her I'm gonna be sad and I might break my boycott just to watch her vs Charlotte. You know this is coming eventually... I hope she remains in iMPACT for a long time though. No need the shitty WWE production to make her lesser. Su Young's entrance is the best since Gangrel. She's kinda the best Bad Nurse Nakamura ever, which is really cool as hell. Catching up on iMPACT slowly and this is such an easy watch. Callis is quite terrific too, very old-school. Funny how I was a huge fan 20 years ago (to the point of rooting for Kurrgan at the Royal Rumble 98, yeah, that's a fact) and he's just reaching his peak now as far as being a player in pro-wrestling after years of being away. (Oh, and Scarlett Bordeaux)
  8. El-P

    R.I.P. Dynamite Kid

    Amazing worker. Years ahead of its time. Influential as hell. As a human being, from common knowledge, no comment.
  9. It's yet another instance of today's über-capitalism which is totally detached from any tangible reality. The insane TV rights bubble is the only reason WWE is flooded with money. On its own, the product is cold as fuck, has been for years now.
  10. Yeah, I've seen all of them way back when.The Raven/Axl Rotten one was pretty funny too (there's one joke about Grizzly Smith from Raven which is comedy gold) . I wish there would be another season of Hardcore Roundtables, the episodes with New Jack/Sandman interacting with Francine were hilarious.
  11. And you know, it's "cool" and all that pro-wrestlers are geeks who play video game and have # wars on Twitter and some of them are cute vegan and shit, but really, nothing beats a Sandman story where he's on his third acid hit in a row (and that one was two nights after the ecstasy trippin) while New Jack high on ecstasy himself thinks Sabu's dog is a lizard. . Yeah, things just aren't the same...
  12. Well, I had not missed much. Well, I'm watching the WrestleCade ECW roundtable and I gotta say there's something both hilarious and adorable about Francine. When Sandman gets to reply to New Jack, he hasn't pronounced more than 5 words (and "taking ecstasy" were two of them) she's already putting her head down in her hands. Totally cracks me up.
  13. Crazy how much I had fun listening to this one year ago and couldn't possibly give a flying fuck these days. The latest reports sure don't give me any urge to check any of the current show. Is anyone still keeping up with the Schiavone show ?
  14. El-P

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    The Parks vs Fenix & Penta match was really cool on many levels, on of which being a very rare instance of a father/son team against a brother team. Is there other case of this kind of combination ? Really cool and fun brawl. MLW really is strong on the spanish audience side, as Bauer talked about on WOR, so it makes a lot of sense these kind of matches that could sel-out Arena Mexico I guess end up on MLW's Youtube. It's crazy how much Brian Pillman looks like Brian Pillman at times. Like, eerie. Meanwhile, Dreamer as a fat Dusty cosplayer is not exactly my thing. He had that really good match in iMPACT against Eddie Edward though and this angle with Pillman is quite decent and old-school (as in, totally basic), so...