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  1. Basically, the guy eating junkfood and living lazy is the babyface, and the progressive guy caring about the environment and his own health is the heel. At this rate, I'd have a SJW on a Pole match or something... (and I say that as someone who's often annoyed by some vegans' holier than thou attitude)
  2. You don't say ! Biggest question though : who is gonna play Brother Bruti ?
  3. Debuting a bunch of NXT guys (on a show where no one gave a fuck because it was the wrong market) all at once from nowhere without aim reeks of desperation and looks like WCW debuting the New Blood (or whatever the name of the stable with the Power Plant guys was... yeah, I know I wrote that Highway to Hell thread, I should now, but I've erased as much as I could from my memory).
  4. I don't. Then again, my interests where not exactly on those matters. I don't find Edge to be what you'd call "good looking", unless lanky tall guy with big chin and long metalhead hair is your type (which I guess appeals to tons of girl, which I DON'T FUCKING GET). The whole "Edge is good looking, that's why he got pushed while Christian is ugly, which is why he didn't get pushed at the top level" I will never, ever comprehend. The very first time I saw Christian dressed like Gangrel, working his very first match on TV, it was obvious he was ten times the worker Edge was. So there. Looks played a part, but I don't get how it played a part either, because I don't get how Edge is better looking than Christian...
  5. Can't wait for all the whitewashing and revisionist shit.
  6. With their Youtube channel using their real names, yeah, they clearly seem to be in the "we don't give a fuck anymore" mode.
  7. Plus, Tully was ruggedly hands... ok, no, he looked like a creep. But hey, old Tully sporting the kinda Sean Connery look is pretty sweet. But yeah, Tessa is terrific in every aspect. (do I repeat myself a lot about Tessa ?)
  8. Picture Orange Hogan and all the steroid freaks from the 80's in HD. Fucking scary. Not to mention the scarred forehead of the NWA guys. Yeah, shitty VHS were good for those times...
  9. Poor fucker. Pro-wrestling fans are fickle bastards.
  10. Well, Meltz reported the plan for Lacey Evans is : big push.
  11. Shawn Micheals rumour incoming ? I mean, he already came back for this shameless show in Parts Unknown, so at this point, why not have this match with his former student ?
  12. This. No idea if that's the true about Wilson, but yeah. Smarts and character changes a ton in term of perception. And as far as pro-wrestling goes, talent. Or comical lack thereof (because clumsiness can be quite charming IRL, and I say that being clumsy as hell myself). Speaking of which, I think Lacy Evans is gonna be a gift. Matt Morgan totally looks awesome, and he has this really *sympathetic* face which makes him very appealing. Maybe the fact he's got that reputation of being a very nice and friendly guy plays a part, but yeah, he's got something going for him. (Randy Orton would be the opposite exemple in term of "guy with great genetics", he looks like a complete creep) Finn "facefuck me" Balor, yeah, no shit. If I had that face and body... Speaking of character, Scarlett Bordeaux is only hotter because her character is actually fun, she's a complete throwback to burlesque strip-tease artists, she's doing the sexy-yet-comical bit very well. And yeah, Tessa Blanchard looks like Tully with Dat Ass, but her charisma, attitude and talent in the ring makes her super appealing and charming. That girl, AEW needs to sign her yesterday.
  13. El-P

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    Well, that's as compelling as an argument I've heard for Jeff. But I never got it. To me his work when he wasn't about falling from high places always looked pretty bad. I never found him to be overly charismatic (nor enigmatic for that matter; what a dumb nickname). I never got the Hardys to begin with, the baggy pants, the emokid looks, that botch-spot highlight reel Lita doing awful dives alongside. Matt was the solid worker who became quite good and carried the team in non-gimmicked setting. I don't think I've ever seen a single Jeff Hardy match where I have found him to be *good* or even *fun to watch*, and I've seen plenty where he was just awful. I know about the 08/09 run and the connection with the crowd. It goes totally over my head, I don't get it.
  14. Agreed. Totally felt in the trap of WWE self-conscious epic of the times.