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  1. I stand corrected. I should know (well, I wonder at times what it really was, but there was clearly regular abuse going on, not necessarily physical, although it did happen sometimes when alcohol was involved and alcohol was involved a lot, but definitely verbal and emotional one, leading me to a bunch of complete breakdowns; and clear-cut abuse in the form of harassement after I finally put an end to it, after more than ten years). And I won't go further into this, plus it seems like another life now. Let's say if I had 1€ each time I was told "I'm sorry", "It won't happen again" and "Don't leave me", I would have made quite a bit of money. So there, my two cents just to reiterate that yes, I'm against labelling people for life on the base of incidents we don't really know much about. But on the other hand I know first hand you can take abuse for years and almost think it's normal and that's how a relationship works because you don't know any better after a while. Which doesn't help your next relationships either, so you're in for the long haul anyway.
  2. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. El-P

    All Elite Wrestling

    I love how we got told she was done for pro-wrestling and all, and there she pops up what, a few weeks later ? Pro-wrestling will never cease to be pro-wrestling.
  4. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Well, at least it was a nice send-off for LAX with the entire babyface locker room coming to the ring to carry them in triumph. The match against Swann & Mack was excellent too, I guess these two are next in line for a title shot. In other news, Su Yung stapled Jessica Havoc's pussy. Then Havoc hung her. Then Su Yung died, then she woke up. I like how IMPACT is keeping a bit of the LU spirit alive. I wonder how Su Yung's character is gonna be altered by dying (but wasn't she some kind of zombi anyway ? I guess not, seems like she had a pulse in the ambulance). Next week, I hope a wedding ceremony gets thrashed.
  5. The issue I have with this kind of stuff is that a Twitter thread is not a court of law. And even then, what does that make of those "Austin is so great" reactions when he comes back on RAW once in a while ? The great Austin who had the greatest angle ever with Mike Tyson… No explanation needed here. I dunno. Moose made an ass out of himself, but I don't think that reply by Bix had anything to do with anything written on his article. That being said, Moose, Elgin, Callihan, Swann (and I really like the latest two as performers) on the same roster, I understand it's a pretty poor look. Then again, every case is different, I never quite got the Swann case (he brutally pulled Su Young into his car or something ? How was that settled ? Are they ok working together today ?). Dunno, to me it's more stupidity on Twitter, and as much as I like Bix's work, I don't think that reply was needed. Take the high road, Moose's stuff was completely idiotic and low-rent.
  6. El-P

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    I admit, that pic of Mike is pretty damn funny. What does Lana thinks of all this though ?
  7. El-P

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    I'd rather listen to drunk Vampiro than Mauro. It's sad, because like I said, would probably check out NXT, but the last Takeover I tried to watch let my soul scarred. After three minutes I want to slap the fuck out of him so he would just shut the fuck up for ten seconds. The fact he's considered any good blows my mind. Matter of tastes, I guess, but still...
  8. That got a laugh out of me. Well, it was part of the fun of ECW, even though it was mostly a fiction, especially when Kevin Sullivan would lend WCW people and then Heyman was receiving a check from Vince every month. But yeah, those Shane Douglas or Taz promos shitting on the mainstream were part of the fun. The only thing is, now that we live in the social media era, the hashtag culture and the likes, people will be more incline to jump on everything, all the time and do podcast about it, even though everything will be forgotten by the next week when the next "scandalous" or "embarrassing" thing is said. How many of those ridiculous "controversy" are totally forgotten in a matter of a few days ? It's hard to be a *cult* favourite when everything can be seen immediately by everyone, including the usual wave of haters and fanboys (works for both sides of the fence, mind you). Anyway, just ranting...
  9. This. I won't, because I just won't, but really, the "war" has not begun yet and I'm already tired of the "let's compare which show is the best this week" stuff, honesty. I just want AEW to be a show I enjoy like I enjoy IMPACT or enjoyed Lucha Underground. Ratings and performances and whatever I could care less. The war to get ratings is what turned the awesome WWF of 1997 (well, the awesome main event scene ok ?) into the dump of shit that was WWF of 99.
  10. Oh yeah. I never ever cared one bit about Cody before, never saw shit in him tbh (that odd mask in WWE, wtf was that ?). First time I saw him and Brandi do their thing together in NJPW I loved it, and by that point it was clearly the act that was better than Cody's work. Brandi is just a terrific old-school valet in the Sherri mode. So it seems like she got Cody out of his shell and really helped him find himself, to the point he can carry himself on his own now.
  11. Yeah, to me he's clearly The Man right now as far as aura and audience reaction goes. It's quite amazing to witness how his career evolved from being "a dull guy" in WWE, to "he won't fit in ROH and will fail in the indy circuit" to a "fun act in NJPW thanks to his pairing with Brandi" to "legit superstar of AEW".
  12. I would agree too. Still, it's not like he's been made the focus of the promotion yet, thus far the booking is having him lose all of his big matches. I guess (hope ?) there's a long term reason for that, as he seems to go back to his Cleaner character a bit. Thus far, Cody definitely looks like the hottest guy in the company (I wonder how much of the "anti-HHH" part of that plays a role).
  13. El-P

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    Agreed. You only need two. It worked well in WCW during the Nitro eras because you had super strong characters with heavily defined roles : Tony the announcer, Heenan & Larry the color guys and Tenay throwing knowledge to help get the luchadors and cruiserweights over. AEW going for a three men booth is a mistake, it's not needed. IMPACT is perfectly fine with Callis carrying Matthews. LU was quite fun with Striker & Vampiro having their own fucked up chemistry.
  14. Well Kenny Omega did sell out the Tokyo Dome working against Okada. Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano aren't exactly on the same level as far as resume goes. Will that translate to the US in the long run, no idea, but he's not factually wrong, him, the Bucks, Jericho, Mox are much bigger stars than anyone on NXT. I wonder what KUSHIDA thinks of this though.
  15. El-P

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    I did not realize it was the first "fuck AEW" NXT already. I would watch it out of curiosity, then you all talk about Mauro and I go "eww, no"... That's how much of a turn-off this guy is to me because whereas I can shut off most bad announcing (I did not even notice Bloodsport's for instance), Mauro you just can't ignore, which makes it even worse.