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  1. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    IMPACT has noticeably upped its game since the move on AXS and the last pro-wrestling I'll see in 2019 will be that crazy brawl between Callihan & Tessa going into the streets (I swear one car stopped and the guy legit was asking himself WTF was happening). Just an awesome, awesome angle (and Callihan's promo beforehand showed once again why this guy is the MVP of the promotion). They have done and are doing such a terrific job with this build-up since Slammiversary, Tessa winning the title will be a great moment ! There you go, bye-bye 2019.
  2. El-P

    Cody vs. Darby Allin II

    Have the Dark Order run in and beat them both. (wait, maybe having done those WCW and TNA threads actually has had long term effects...) Should be the highlight of the show. First show of 2020 and last show I'll watch at my current home, as I'm gonna change place and life *again* just at the end of this week. Probably won't be active very much or at all on the board for a while too, as I'm gonna be pretty busy dealing with work and administrative stuff and discovering a whole new environment. So there, I say Happy New Year already to everyone on the board too, enjoy your pro-wrestling, old or current, be kind and healthy, people.
  3. The very first angle I saw was Boris Zhukov beating up Nikolai with his boot. And wow, that was great ! Well, no. I must say, at least half the credit for hooking me goes to the announcing team of Carpentier & Hauray. They made anything sound exciting, fun and important, even the worst shit ever. So yeah, announcing goes a long way (which I guess is why IMPACT remains my favourite show and why I can't watch NXT despite all the great talent). You could watch the worst Brutus Beefcake squash, if Bobby Heenan was great at announcing it, it did not matter that much how bad it was.
  4. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I think some people here don't like Kenny Omega too much. I'm sure he's ok with it. Being a draw for NJPW, ROH (the Elite and NJPW sold that MSG show, and ROH died pretty much when they left) and now AEW (which is doing much better than they should, really, all thing considered). Being offered a ridiculous contract by WWE. If that does not constitute success in pro-wrestling, what does ? Critical appreciation ? Hum.... I'm pretty sure he's doing fine on that level too. Yeah, he'll survive a few shitty memes and hateful tweets...
  5. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Depending which audience we're talking about. I'm just catching up, and I loved it. I want more of this stuff. I want IMPACT to become more of a show about pro-wrestling like GLOW, in the Lucha Underground mode. That's what I want for 2020. More Suzie, more IPWF, more Wrestler's Court and stuff. And more Taya, you can't get enough Taya. Also, Madison Rayne as the Locker Room Leader is the best new character twist of 2019, this side of RVD having a middle-life crisis and talking about how the young generation do his movez. She was great on that No Surrender special.
  6. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Yet he spends most of his active time talking about it and making money off of it, simply by monetizing his Youtube channel and podcast doing reviews of something he despises and preaching to his choir of fanboys. Corny is the epitome of hate watch, but he's still an old-school con-man, so he manages to make a buck out of it. He's basically leeching off something that has long passed him by. If Corny was honest, he would only talk about old-school stuff and the territories. But of course, that would not garner nearly as much buzz and traffic and clicks. Corny's a worker. He works his own marks (and yeah, I'm using this word because that's how people like him views the audience), as showed by the Callihan debacle. He has become his own version of Vince Russo, sadly. After decades of being a fan and defending him, 2019 is the year I lost tons of respect for this guy. 2020, he's totally off my radar. No time anymore for this kind of nonsense.
  7. So I found the very first episodes of pro-wrestling TV I ever watched, which is WWF TV from June of 1990. This stuff is so bad. Yeah, it was cool when I was 14 and did not know any better. But really, Brutus Beefcake and Bushwhackers squashes, get-well-Hogan campaign, Warlord squash... Good old days my ass... Yeah, in 6 months I'll reach 30 years of fandom. I'll glady take whatever is on now rather than any of this stuff.
  8. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    And yet he sold out EDIT TO CONTENT SOME NITPICKING AS SEEN A FEW POST BELOW : packed several huge buildings in Japan and was a vital part of NJPW's growth when he was on top working against Okada (wow, that is so different to the point I'm making in the grand scheme of things), so I guess that did not keep him from getting over huge. Plus, I don't think any pro-wrestling fan should ever make fun of the anime or manga or cosplay or video game stuff. Those cultures are much more widely accepted and socially considered than pro-wrestling ever was or will be. Pro-wrestling is the geekiest of the geekiest shit ever. In the real world, The Undertaker aka the Greatest Gimmick Ever is sub C-movie corny bullshit. Pro-wrestling acting is usually barely above classic porn flick level. So yeah, Omega does kinda goofy wide eyed facials, like Randy Savage and shit, and he does a pew pew with his fingers. The guy was a big star in Japan because of all of that (the video game connection, the maneurisms). And the fact he's like one of the greatest worker ever, but that's another story entirely. Cornette in 2020 ? Yeah, no. That ship has sailed a long time ago.
  9. El-P

    Wrestle Kingdom 14

    Or maybe Tana is just losing to Jericho. Tana is at the end of the road, so it's also a way of keeping Jericho strong for a big IWGP title match later on against Naito or whoever, once he's not the AEW champ anymore.
  10. El-P

    The length of wrestling shows & overkill

    This. Despite all the hype about it, NWAP Powerr for instance was kind of a chore to get through to me because there was jackshit in term of actual good wrestling and tons of time devoted to terrible acts like Aron Stevens and the Question Mark, or the Dawsons. With a super quick pacing that goes from one empty segment to another, 50 minutes can be a hell of a long time. Same thing for some MLW shows which have just the worst pacing. IMPACT always flies by. Some long NJPW shows are super easy to watch too despite the length. So yeah, perception of time is subjective and the length in itself matters less that what constitutes the show. (of course I still say that 90 mn is the perfect time for a weekly show and 3 hours should be the max for a usual PPV).
  11. El-P

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Actually, the short lenght is also part of why this is so great, because not only does it flies by, but when the podcast is over I just can't wait until the following week to earn more from Arn. Yeah, this podcast is the best thing Conrad ever did (and man was I a doubter at first when it was announced).
  12. El-P

    The length of wrestling shows & overkill

    I can definitely relate to that. Plus, really bad can be funny, while mediocre means just there and boring more often than not. Awful but mercifully short always beats mediocre going long.
  13. El-P

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    This podcast is the gift that keeps on giving. The Arn goes back to WCW sheds quite a light on the business practices of Vince McMahon. The more you learn, the more of a dishonest power hungry con-man he comes off like.
  14. El-P

    Current New Japan

    Wasn't he taking part in the body building-thingy they were doing a few weeks ago ? I never got the whole veins sticking out from everywhere appeal...
  15. El-P

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    The episode with Pat Laprade is a must-listen, on many levels.