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  1. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    So, Alex Shelley can't make the PPV for undisclosed reason (of course everyone is going COVID! COVID! because that's how it goes) and he's replaced in the main event by... Moose, who's basically on his way to challenge Swann as the N°1 heel built these last few months (and they did a great job at it). That's intriguing to say the least. Totally changes the dynamics of the match, I'm curious to see how they work it out at the PPV because obviously Willy Mack would have made much more sense, but IMPACT doesn't do random stuff. BTW, Callihan vs Edwards could be the show stealer in an old-fashioned barbwire blood-bath.
  2. El-P

    Current New Japan

    And now time for the unavoidable "Jay White at the Royal Rumble" rumours...
  3. El-P

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    She probably hasn't done as much coke though. Can you picture the WWE run by an 90 year old Vince ? Holy shit, the disaster !
  4. El-P

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    Come on, Raven vs Tommy Dreamer was the main feud of the promotion for like one year and a half at its creative peak.
  5. El-P

    Wrestling Bookers

    Sure, but that's another time another place. And honestly that wasn't really enforced past the generation of the 70's, the big stars of the 90's who came up the previous decade kept on working (well, Zenjo was almost killed in 97) and even Chiggy and Jaguar came back eventually. Still, the fact remains the biggest and mosts serious female promotion ever did not need a woman as a booker to draw, and draw the biggest female crowds ever (until they switched to mostly male crowds in the 90's). It's not a matter of gender when you're talking about booking. It's about being a booker with the right ideas for the times and the talent you have. Agree, but the bolded part is true of all talent though. That's getting rid or the idiotic 40 writers, and yes in this specific case it's also allowing female workers to not do stupid shit no female would do or say and also prevent the truly embarrassing stuff Russo booked in WWF and TNA (the era of every female promo being "slut, skank, bitch", basically). As far as appealing to a wider audience, again I don't see why it's related. Even the female performers themselves don't aways appeal to females, and why should they ? In Japan Chiggy did, because the product was geared toward young girls while Aja & Toyota (and their generation), much less so because they were all about out-working the guys in AJ & NJ at the time and that was for the hardcores. Anyway, I'm rambling. There's no way to know what former female wrestler would be good in the role, really, because unless you do it... Gail Kim I believe does agenting in IMPACT. Considering the work they have done, maybe she would be good in that role, but who knows. Yeah, same here. I can see Shane as an agent though. Raven probably would still be good in creative in some sort though. But booking ? Nope.
  6. El-P

    Wrestling Bookers

    AJPW was booked by men. Having a woman booker for the sake of it (and only booking the women side of it) because #feminism is window dressing. If you're a great mind, either man or woman, just have the book and book the promotion, gender has nothing to do with it. With that said, Missy Hyatt sure could probably have been part of any booking team at one point.
  7. Quite the main event indeed. I did not remember about the crucifix deal although the move attempt looked familiar. Best Brian Cage match since the last Sami Callihan match in IMPACT, in a totally reversed role (he was a fiery babyface there). Darby is kinda the best mix of Mick Foley, Raven and.... even Jeff Hardy (yeah, that's me saying this) ever. Loving every minute of the Bullet Club/Elite drama. As soon as Callis got the mic, I saw the thing coming. Brillantly done. I love the reaction by Matt backstage, going "ok, whatever, you got us this time, that's cute". Of course The Bucks aren't gonna "turn" on Omega just because of this. And they did not "join" anything last week either, it's the Bullet Club, it's years and years of history and relationship, plus the stuff on BTE last week hinted at the direction they are going into (Bucks unsure about the Good Brothers real intentions). This is layered booking with people acting like human beings not simplistic heel/face turns and that's exactly what you're gonna get from the Elite everytime. And this is what I wanted from AEW, as opposed to... ...Jade Cargill. Ok, I get it, the whole "amazon look" thingy + mainstream star program. That being said, that ship has sailed as far as I'm concerned, in today's landscape (especially in a promotion like AEW) if you can't work, you won't get over. Has Cargill even had one match yet ? She's a total rookie, and usually people with her kind of body aren't the best suited for being good workers (yeah, I know, Brian Cage is right there but he's an oddity). She obviously can't talk worth a shit as it's been shown, so at this point she's basically a bodybuilder/fitness model body. In 2021 ? Hey, maybe she'll learn and be a good worker, but she has no business being on TV *now*, much less in a major angle. Serena Deeb owns this women division, just give her the belt that matters. Really good match with Tay Conti, who's still learning but looks like money already. Her and Anna Jay are definitely the young girls to watch, they both got huge potentials. It's kinda cool and expected that the Dark Order is de facto becoming some sort of "babyface" group, or at least the group we saw on BTE. Tully posting Marco was such a dick move. Come on Tully ! The whole Inner Circle segment was gold. "Come on you're booing food ?", "Sammy Hager ! Sammy Hager ?! Ok nevermind...", and at the end Hager almost burst out laughing when MJF did the "Championship !" bit.
  8. El-P

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    So, Sting was never a legit main event babyface before 97 ? Come on now... What matters is the inner context of the promotion and are people getting over there. WWE is making more money than ever now, that doesn't mean they got anyone over a a legit main event babyface. Actually they haven't, for years and years and years.
  9. El-P

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    That being said, who was the biggest star in ECW from about 97 ? RVD. And RVD had since year-long TV champ stint that he actually never lost because he ended up injured. Total win streak for RVD too. Dreamer indeed is like the guy who did not need to win. Kinda like Sandman was at one time the biggest heel in the company (then babyface) while pretty much always losing. Very much in the Mick Foley mode indeed. The characters, the promos, the angles and the matches were more important than the wins in their cases.
  10. El-P

    Wrestling Bookers

    Worked in All Japan with the best wrestlers in the world and the best booker in the world for way too long to not pick up something. He also pretty much invented the Cutter, before DDP picked it up and made it the hottest finish in the world. As far as booker goes, I honestly have no idea, only I'd pretty much not want anyone over 50 whose heyday was in the 90's or before and no one whose claim to fame is working for WWE only in the past 20 years. I want pro-wrestling from the future.
  11. Well you never crashed the board by way of using funky accents in the title though...
  12. I'm not stealing someone else's gimmick !
  13. Why not make a weekly AEW show thread that doesn't start with a post that isn't a total downer for a change ?
  14. El-P

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Muertes looks like his old self, but without LU's great production and with MLW's annoying production (what's up with that odd fake crowd noise in an empty building ?), he just doesn't comes off the same at all (and I still can't endure Fusion's awful pacing). Damn, I wish Salina would work in a promotion I can care for...
  15. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I'd miss her, but whatever makes her happy. She comes off as a quite smart person too (really quick on her feet on announcing). Yeah, what struck me when I was watching her basically grow out of the BP is how quickly she became a highlight of the show and how she totally carried the division at a time where the emphasis on it was gone. She was never a great in-ring worker, (although really solid) but she very quickly became a great character and she does tons of little things right. Totally a detail worker, always so much fun to watch no matter what she was doing.