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  1. "Welcome to beautiful progressive Jeddah !" "Be careful before you say stuff like "fucking niggers", brothers, you might get recorded. Anyway, sorry about that and all." That's contemporary, modern, 2018 WWE. In a way, it's more out front in its seediness than it's ever been.
  2. Following Misawa/Ogawa vs Marufuji/KENTA, this has to be one of the greatest 1-2 punch ever. Greatest Kobashi match since the Misawa epic. The finish was one of a kind and pure brillance.
  3. El-P

    Lucha Underground S4

    I have no idea who that Pectacular guy is (don't even remember him from Aztec Warfare), but he's got the goofiest name this side of Justin Crdeible. The WU vs the Tribe should be a whole lot of fun though. I love Vibora, this guy really looks like a legit freak.
  4. Pretty much. The more I watch Misawa's post-prime in NOAH, the more I'm struck by how brillant he was, despite looking like an overgrown pixie. And yeah, this match was as great as pro-wrestling can be.
  5. I was that close to ask him if he liked Volk Han yesterday...
  6. 1 - I did not defend Kenny Omega for "employing pedos" (which is a really stupid thing to say; I already made the point about difference between pedophilia and sex with underage under constraint, but actual meaning of words aren't important when you just want to make an impression). I said it was a mistake and that he acted on it with several apologies and refund offers. Those are the facts. Which are not a big story compared to, for instance : 2 - Jerry Lawler, who is a very creepy guy whose chances of not having had sexual relationships with underage is pretty slim. He most probably got away with rape accusations because of who he was in Memphis. To me it is an interesting comparison in term of how he is viewed by the moral outrage crowd of pro-wrestling. 3 - Back when I was going through territories footage years ago, I mentioned time and time again that Memphis was the most fun to me (more than Mid South, more than AWA, more than Crockett). More because of Lance than Lawler, but whatever. This is neither here nor there though (and the fact one would think I'm mentioning Lawler in this case because I "resent Memphis wrestling" really should get the fuck out of the bubble and think twice before writing stupid stuff, honestly.). Lawler is a case of a guy who's infamous for liking young girls, and there's at least one occurence of him being accused of rape, with charged dropped in the most convenient way imaginable (the excellent work Bix did on this a few weeks ago only exposed more shady stuff about his story). I was making a broader comment about the whole thing.
  7. Why ? They eat soy sauce ? I eat soy sauce when I go to a japanese restaurant.
  8. As far as Lawler goes, yes, probably. As it is, without any conviction, the fact Lawler likes his girls really young is just a good joke to tell around and make puns of. That being said, Mike Tyson, 5 years after raping a 18 years old girl, was part of what was the turnaround angle in WWF history. Omega did a mistake. That's life. He apologized. Twice. Offered refunds (and like I said, it would be interesting to know how many refunds were asked because of this). He will probably be a lot more cautious next time around. The sleazebag in question will probably not get that much booking after that one. That's pretty much it.
  9. The real question is : how many of the fans who attended the show actually asked for refunds, as Omega proposed refunds to anyone that felt offended by his mistake. And how much this will affect Omega's image in the US as a drawing card for ROH/NJPW. The rest is literature. (wait, I thought Omega was already working for a big corporation named NewJapan Pro-wrestling, which also are evil misogynist motherfuckers for not having a women's division ? How does that work with the "inclusive" tagline ? Shouldn't the modern, progressive, diverse, LGBT friendly, feminist pro-wrestling fans already hate Omega for this fact alone ? Hell, he's working in Japan, which is not exactly a progressive, diverse, LGBT friendly, feminist society to begin with. This stuff is legit funny as fuck to me at this point.)
  10. I have a whole grand analogy with the Tour de France and its history (of doping in that case), but I'm too lazy right now. But I'll just say this : Chris Froome can participate in this year's Tour ! Yipee ! Nothing to see there. Charged dropped ! He's not at all a dubious character at best and we can celebrate him as a multi-time winner and cycling legend ! What a circus.
  11. Actually the entire Destination X PPV was mostly bad to terrible, with only AJ vs Booker, the tag title match to an extent (3D vs Beer Money, marred by an idiotic finish) and the Ultimate X match especially were worth anything. Clear burn out on my part with TNA 2009 after mere two months and a half.
  12. Well, yeah, it was pretty fucking bad. Sojo atrociously blew a spot early on and from there maybe she lost confidence of something, but it's the worst she looked. It was mercifully short though. Kong really had no real good challenger since the Taylor Wilde feud. I have no idea why they didn't turn Melissa against her, she's like the best worker who barely ever works.
  13. Except no one is making that argument. You mean worse than Jerry Lawler being employed for 20 + years and praised as a living legend by the WWE ? Or Snuka being eulogized as a hero ? Oh, I forgot, they were never *convicted*. Well, sex offense and murder did (arguably) happen, but… I bet no one will give a shit in the grand scheme of things, really.
  14. Maybe. But the entire history of pro-wrestling reeks of guys having sex with underage "rats". This is the hypocrisy of the whole thing. People claiming moral outrage because of this yet still talk about how great the WWE is (you know, that company who just got a fat check to run propaganda pieces for a criminal regime) should settle the fuck down. Was it a mistake to book a sleazebag like that ? You bet it was. (That being said, the fact you're registered as having sex once with a 15 years old girl shouldn't prevent you to work either once you've served your time. This isn't pedophilia either people BTW, it's sex with underage, which can qualify as rape if you consider that underage equals no consent, but absolutely not pedophilia, which is a different, much worse offense and issue. That's beside the point, but words have a meaning.) But let's also stop lusting about the good old days too then, because as Meltz very well put it on the latest WOR podcast "If there isn't a 14 years old girl giving blowjobs in the bathroom, this isn't the territory days." Or maybe it matters less because "things were different then" ? (which is a totally bullshit line) But hey, Jerry Lawler is a legend and throws a great punch. Let's do some reviews of good ol' Memphis. Yeah, the hypocrisy of the whole thing is what annoys me (or what I find humorous, depending on the moment). EDIT : funnier when I think about back when I got a tons of shit for making the "New favourite murderer worker" joke/comment when Invader 1 was the new hype (aka "discovery") around here. I was told back then I had a holier than thou attitude. Same thing when people were still pimping the Nightmares despite the fact Ken Waye had been exposed as the piece of shit he is. I guess I was a few years too early being outraged...