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1.  Writer’s Responsibilities:

               A.  Writers are responsible to write two shows per month.  This can be done either through running weekly or biweekly TV shows or you can run one major show per month with a pre-show of what has been going on in your territory since your last major event.  Any writer who wishes to produce more shows per month is allowed.

               B.  Writers need to keep their title/championship page up to date.  Currently we are using the 1988 Title page on the main page.

               C.  Writers should leave comments about the shows posted by other writers.  A big part of this hobby is hearing what others think about your work.  Try to be positive with these comments on both things you enjoyed and things you might have done differently.

               D.  Writers should run shows only in their respected territories.  If a writer wishes to move to a new promotion, it needs to be agreed upon by the others.  All writers should have a primary territory consisting of 3-4 connected states and 2-3 secondary states.  Nobody else can run shows in someone else's primary territory.  No deals should be made to allow for exceptions to this rule.  Secondary territories are open to be shared.  Any state not part of someone's primary or secondary territory is open for all for random shows.  

               E.  Writers can run their territory as they see fit.  If you would like to divide your roster like WWF does with RAW and SMACKDOWN, go for it.  Just stay within your borders.  

               F.  Promotions will have a roster cap of 60 wrestlers + 5 managers.    

               G.  New writers who wish to run a regional promotion will be on a 4-month probation period.  During this period, they will not have an actually roster and must work off of free agency.  If they produce a minimum of 8 shows and are active from the beginning to the end of the four month period, they will be given a formal roster.  Also, any current writer who has more then 45 active wrestlers on their roster must provide the new writer with an unprotected list that they new writer can add to their roster.  A current writer can only protect 45 wrestlers.  The new writer will start with a roster cap of 35 after probation ends and will be allowed to add 5 wrestlers per month until they reach the max of 60 wrestlers.  The new writer can take a max of 5 wrestlers from any current writer during this "unprotected draft."  A new writer is also limited to 3 managers during their probationary period.    

               H.  A supplemental draft will occur whenever a writer drops out.  This draft will be a snake draft.  The draft order will be determined by when you dropped out of the last supplemental draft.  The earlier you dropped out, the earlier you draft in the next one.  

               I.  Retired wrestlers:  There is a list of retired wrestlers.  These wrestlers can wrestle but it needs to be in a one month or less angle.  If you are using them to wrestle, they will count as one of your roster spots.  Retired wrestlers can always be used as a manager.  In this case, they will also need to take a roster spot.  Retired wrestlers can also be used as commentators or on-air talent.  In this case they do not need to take a roster spot.  

               J.  Wrestler Eligibility:  Wrestlers must wrestle a minimum of 10 matches in a year in either the United States or Canada according to wrestlingdata.com. or cagematch.com.  Wrestlers who do not meet that requirement in the year we are currently in or any future year will be considered retired.  Rookies will be eligible in the year they debut. 

               K.  Foreign Exemption Rule:  Each promotion has 4 foreign exemptions per year where they can use any wrestler in the world (Europe, Asia, South America, or Mexico) for up to 3 months.  Once the 3 months is over, the wrestler returns to their homeland until January of the following year.  Wresters must occupy a roster spot while in your promotion and you must remain in roster cap compliance.  This would work in the opposite way if and when we get a foreign promotion.  They can use wrestlers in North America for up to 3 months.

              L.  Amendments, additions or subtractions to these rules must be voted on by all current full time writers.  Writers who are on probation, do not get a vote.  Any full-time writer may bring an issue to a vote. 

               M.  Writers not following the above rules can be removed from the game. 

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