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  1. kevinmcfl


    Awesome tv shows this week. I really liked that Billy Two Eagles tried the War Dance and Hansen was having none of it. Three great tv matches this week on WCW with The Outlaws vs Good n Plenty, Fleming vs Adias and Flair vs Ole. I wish I had shows like this when I was a kid but I wonder if the house shows would have struggled. Not sure but being so far away from Southern Promotions here in NYC, I would have loved great tv. The Holiday Card looks great. Tully vs Flair.... can't wait to see which way you go.
  2. kevinmcfl

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Awesome show! Medusa vs Richter for the title was an awesome match.... Lisa Moretti with the Powerbomb! Love the finish The tag champs seem to be unstoppable! Really like how the cream always seems to rise to the top here in WWW!
  3. kevinmcfl

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    That segment between Patera and Sgt. was an instant classic! WWF has so much going on and you give us such vivid descriptions which makes it so entertaining.
  4. kevinmcfl

    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    Nice job using your star power in the main event even though your future might be farther down the card. I think Bam Bam would be a good fit for Chicago. Nice way to introduce him. Garvin and Adams was my favorite match on the card but I am partial to those old Southern feuds. Snuka and Kamala was an interesting contrast in styles. I wonder how Khan felt when he was told he was getting powerslammed! Cool ending. Hall is going to be huge here in CHicago. Triumph was well done! Nice job.
  5. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Night one was really good with some youngsters getting really big spots here in PCW. Cactus Jack, Saba and Hughes have a bright future here. And then the old vet Backlund gets two titles. I love what everyone has done with him over the last year.
  6. kevinmcfl

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Thanks for all the hard work with this preview show for Wrestlerock. It really helped me as I have been a bit out of the loop lately. With all those big matches, I still might be most interest in Bully vs Gerry Morrow and the money on the line along with Blackwell and Boone. I wonder if Gagne has a Plan B? This is going to be huge!
  7. kevinmcfl

    1988 Rookie List

    Thanks Rain. He should be removed. The web search I did about wrestlers who debuted in 1988 incorrectly listed the Jason Jordon you mentioned who was born in 1988.
  8. kevinmcfl


    UWF adds Carl Fergie, Ron Wright, the Nightmares, Cocoa Samoa, Porkchop Cash, George Wells, Mike Graham, and JT Southern
  9. kevinmcfl


    NWA is on fire... Love seeing Flair come out to save Dusty from Tully!!
  10. kevinmcfl


    WRESTLEWAR… THE AFTERMATH TV SHOWS: UWF WRESTLING: TULSA CONVENTION CENTER: AIRS ON SUPERSTATION 17 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 7:05 POWER PRO WRESTLING: COWTOWN COLISEUM: FT. WORTH STOCKYARD: CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTING HOUSE SHOWS LOOP: HOUSTON, FORT WORTH, AUSTIN AND LITTLE ROCK. Angle #1: RISING SUN Following their loss in the Flag Match to the Rock n Roll Express at WrestleWar, Tojo’s team of Kendo Nagasaki and Muta rebounded on tv as they simple annihilated two jobbers. The interesting thing here happened during the post-match interview where Ernie Ladd asked Tojo about the loss to the Express. Tojo, the only member of his team to speak any English, seemed to mostly brush off the defeat but he did say that his young star, Muta must focus more. This was interesting as it was Nagasaki who sprayed Tojo in the eyes with the Asian mist leading to the defeat. When Jim Ross jumped in and asked Tojo to explain, Tojo and his group just walked away. Angle #2 Hyatt International & Hot Stuff Inc. The idea that Hyatt International is gaining momentum in the UWF obvious at WrestleWar. Rick Steiner comes out with a clean win over Johnny Rich and Chris Benoit survived a tough contest with Steve Cox and the leader of the group, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert defeated Brad Armstrong to become the new UWF Television Champion! The issue with this group is the tactics they’re using. Missy Hyatt and Chris Benoit attacked Steve Cox after the match and left him in a pretty bad way and that is nothing compared to the plot used by Eddie Gilbert to win the TV title. Let’s bring you back to the Summit arena… Eddie Gilbert, frustrated at the way the match is going, tosses Armstrong through the middle ropes…. The ref comes over to admonish Gilbert who argues right back… WHAM… Missy Hyatt with a low blow. Gilbert comes to the floor while Missy jumps up on the apron and takes over the argument with the referee…. WHAM…. Irish Whip by Gilbert across the floor and into the steel barrier. Gilbert re-enters the ring to stop the count….Again, the ref is all over Hot Stuff for his antics…. WHAM…. The fan in the front row appears to have just cracked Armstrong in the back on the head with some sort of foreign object while the ref was yelling at Gilbert. Gilbert comes back out and roles a basically unconscious Armstrong back into the ring… WHAM… Hotshot by Gilbert! 1…2….3! And the NEW……. Television Champion….. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert. So, who was this fan? The stipulation for the match was that if Benoit or Steiner interfered in the match, Gilbert would never get another title shot so Hyatt International had to go out and find someone new to do their dirty work for them…. Missy and Eddie decided to introduce the newest member of Hyatt International on Power Pro Wrestling …. Doug Gilbert … Eddie’s younger brother. Missy and Eddie were so excited to have a family member now entering their “training school” and Doug was just thrilled to start his career in the “family business.” Angle #3: Woman…. The other big question coming out WrestleWar was why did Woman come out and attack Kevin Sullivan? Last time Woman was in the UWF, she was leading a group of misfits that included Man and Luscious Lanny so there didn’t seem to be a connection between her and Sullivan. Woman shed some light on the situation this week on Power Pro Wrestling. Woman: The reason I attacked Kevin Sullivan was simple. Kevin and I have been working together for quite some time. We decided that I would come to the UWF in search of the next great thing. You people thought I was here to manage Luscious Lanny Poffo… No I was here to in search of the perfect wrestler… the next monster to take over here in UWF. While I was here, I spotted Baby Bull Leon White and I decided he just might be the ONE. I orchestrated a plot to get him away from here and train him… make him into an unstoppable force…. Make him into Big Van Vader. Well as soon as Kevin Sullivan was back in the picture, Vader looked different… He looked softer…. He lost his edge! Sullivan kept saying that if Vader didn’t improve that HE would come back… The reason for this is that Vader never say my face…. He never knew that I was the HE that Sullivan was talking about… He did not know I was the one who trained him. Vader was only told the HE made all the decisions around here and to not get HIM angry. When I got back here, I saw Sullivan trying to put Luger out of wrestling… He lost his focus. He lost sight of the goal… He forgot we were trying to rule wrestling! He was just upset that Luger got the best of him in the NWA. So, I had a decision to make… Help Sullivan destroy Lex Luger or stay focused on the goal… CONTROL WRESTLING. I chose the latter. Barbarian and Vader will destroy everything in their path… but I am not done. My stable will grow! We will be PERFRECT! Woman goes on to say that there is not a tag team in the UWF capable of slowing her team down and she just laughs when Jim Ross brings up the Rock n Roll Express and the World champs, Dr. Death and Terry Gordy. Woman goes on to challenge the Rock n Roll Express to a match next which the Express do accept later in the show. Angle #4: Dick Murdoch This week on Power Pro Wrestling from Fort Worth, Texas, North American Champion Ted Dibiase and his manager Sheik Adnan Al Kassie were out laughing about how easy it was for Dibiase at WrestleWar as he simply walked all over Steve Keirn. When Dibiase was done putting down Keirn, he expresses how classless the fans at the Summit were during WrestleWar and Sheik adds that he wouldn’t expect anything more of people from Texas. As the boos start to reign down…. Dibiase begins to ask Jim Ross a few questions… Dibiase: Hey Jim, what’s the only thing that grows in Texas…. The Crime Rate! Dibiase: Hey Jim, what do you call a pretty girl in Texas…. Visitor! Jim Ross: Okay, that will be about enough of that. Ernie Ladd: Come on Jim, Ted is only talking the truth. Suddenly, the boos turn to cheers as Captain Redneck, Dick Murdoch comes out to the podium. Dick Murdoch: Dibiase… you arrogant piece of … Jim Ross: Now, now Dick…. Remember we are on TV. Dick Murdoch: Dibiase, I was born and raised right her in Waxahatchie, Tx. Played football for West Texas State. You can say a lot of things about us Texans, but I notice that most people only say them when aren’t around. Dibiase, you got a big mouth, but I bet you’re too much of a coward to say anything now! Dibiase: Hey Dick, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to upset you. Actually, do you know what the average West Texas State student gets on the SAT’s…. DROOL! WHAM…. One big right hand from Murdoch and down goes… As the crowd explodes, Murdoch simple walks away. Dibiase slowly gets up and now he is fuming. Dibiase: Murdoch… you NEVER will get away with this. Nobody puts his hands on the Million Dollar Man. You better have eyes in the back of your head you small town hick! Sheik Adnan is screaming something in Arabic into the mic that nobody understands but this just serves to increase the heat of the situation. These Texans aren’t the most welcoming people you know! Angle #6: Who Is Getting the Push! Hacksaw Butch Reed, Terry Gordy and Dr. Death all come out together with their title belts and said they are ready for any and all challengers. They said they didn’t care if it was Hot Stuff Inc, Sheik’s Army, the Freebirds, or whatever Woman wants to call her new group of misfits… they were going to take care of business. Winners of matches of TV: Rising Sun. Rick Steiner, Mr. Olympia, Brad Armstrong, Koko Ware, Steve Cox, Eddie Gilbert and Koko Ware and the Rock n Roll Express. News: Tony Atlas is expected to be back next week after needing time to recover from his injury caused by the Barbarian at SuperBlast Angle #7: Next Big Card UWF President came out to announce the next big event for the UWF… MISSISSIPPI MAYHEM: JULY 4: MISSISSIPPI COAST COLISEUM: BILOXI- FIREWORKS ON THE BEACH TO FOLLOW Angle #7: An Interesting Commercial Right after the segment where Watts announced Mississippi Mayhem, a commercial aired claiming to be the best wrestling promotion in the South….
  11. kevinmcfl


    WOW... sign me up..... Savage vs Hansen.... Road Warriors vs The Outlaws. Flair over Arn on TV. This would be one we are searching youtube for today. Great way to keep people tuning in.
  12. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Sorry to have missed so much. PCW seems to be as great as always. Looking forward to Seattle Showdown! I always enjoy when you do the promos with Frank B and the Cornette, MNE interview was no different. I am really glad Billy Jack is here... to me PCW is his home. So many of us have had him and I know that I had trouble getting him to where he should be but you seem to know just what to do with him. Great work. Windham vs Bock.... CAN'T WAIT!!
  13. kevinmcfl

    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    Awesome job of hyping up the Race-Idol match. Enjoying all the chaos that I would expect from a promotion in Chicago. Spivey/BNB, Here comes Superfly.... All of these things sell tickets and you got the fans out of their seats so many times that they are sure to be coming back! As always... keep those cool posters coming!
  14. kevinmcfl


    Really enjoy all of your house show loops. You do a great job of explaining the pecking order of the NWA by where you put them on the card and the outcomes of each month. Man... really loving the Ric Flair vs Horsemen thing! Flair swinging the baseball bat was cool. I never saw MACW wrestling when I was a kid but Ric Flair as a crowd favorite seems like it would have worked just as much as his heel time! He was truly awesome. Great job with the promos by Flair. I could see him saying every word.
  15. kevinmcfl

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    Really enjoying the lead up to WrestleRock! Rich and Slater is an interesting matchup. Both are so good are building up feuds that you can actually feel the tension! First Rich with the attack on Slater with the belt and then Slater with the bat to the car.... these two are going to have a great send off! Gerry Morrow is really beating on himself here. He better come through or start looking for a new gimmick. Bully as his personal assistant? Either way, we got a great next storyline. Title vs Title for the tag belts... Interesting!! Can't wait to see your plans. Fuller vs Armstrong.... LLT.... Looking forward to it. Hope you northern wrestling fans know how big this is! Reinforce the ring... Blackwell vs Grizzly Also some big matches in the careers of Putski, Outback Jack, EL Jefe, El Canek, The Dragon, Carlos Colon, Taylor, Zenk and the ORiginal MNE.... depending on how these matches go, the landscape of the AWA might cahnge. Great Work to get to the Big Show