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  1. kevinmcfl


    NWA drops Larry Hennig and adds Ted Oates
  2. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Really great show. The interview was so well done. It reminded my of the few episodes of PNW that I had seen with the Crows Nest. Taylor, White Angel,Snake and Adams... so many options... great pairings here. Looks like we may get Snake and Taylor in the near future
  3. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    National Wrestling Alliance House Show Repeated in Baton Rouge, Alexandria & Lake Charles during the week New Orleans, Louisiana April 4, 1985 Porkchop Cash & Chris Benoit wrestled to a 10 minute draw Steve O defeated Cuban Assassin #1 (Angel Acevedo) by DQ as Cuban Assassin #1 got caught interfering. The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette defeated Mark & Jay Youngblood when Corny clobbered Mark with the tennis racket shot after Condrey whipped him into the ropes. Ron Garvin and Jimmy Garvin with Precious ended in a double count-out as this family feud just turned into a wild brawl. In the end Ron was left laying on the floor after Precious used the loaded purse. Ox Baker defeated “Baby Bull” Leon White when White rushed in too quickly and Baker caught him with a knee to the gut which he followed up with the dreaded Heart Punch. NWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH The Fab Ones © defeated The Hart Foundation due to interference from the Midnight Express. Jim Cornette jumped up on the apron distracting the ref which allowed Eaton to come off the top rope for the Alabama Jammer on Bret Hart who had Lane caught in the Norther Lights Cloverleaf. Lane crawled over and made the tag to Kerin while Neidhart chased Corny up the aisle. Keirn hit the Russian Legsweep on Hart for the win. The Fab Ones looked confused but took the win! SEMI- MAIN EVENT: NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH Magnum T.A. defeated Bad News Allen by DQ as Bad News clobbered the champ with the ring bell. MAIN EVENT: "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr. when Barry pinned Dory with a running bulldog after a 'bionic elbow' from Dusty. Terry had just been tossed through the ropes by Dusty and he was out on the floor.
  4. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    WOW! What a night in Manitoba! A night the fans will never forget! The AWA TItle changes hands at a house show! I an excited to see how the Stan Hansen title reign plays out... Who is first up to challenge The Man! The SWAT TEAM is ready! Landell heating up his feud with The other Nature Boy with a low blow!
  5. kevinmcfl


    With a few of us starting to use the woman, I have added a few more to free agency
  6. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    NWA MAIN EVENT April 2, 1985 Taped every Thursday Night and aired to local affiliates throughout the Central time zone throughout the weekend and broadcast across the United States every Sunday Night at 6:05 PM Eastern Time on the Superstation WTBS, the North American Wrestling Alliance proudly presents NWA Main Event. This week, we are coming to you from Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. HOUR 1 Before we cut to Jim Ross and Bill Watts, we see a video montage of Terry and Dory Funk first injuring the leg of Blackjack Mulligan a few weeks ago at the Myriad in Oklahoma City and then last week attacking Barry Windham in a violent 2-1 attack that left Windham also injured and Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to NWA Main Event. I am Jim Ross and my partner as always is Cowboy Bill Watts. Cowboy, it seems like the Funks are out of control and now that Blackjack Mulligan is out of action, they have set their sights on Barry Windham! Cowboy Bill Watts: That’s right Jim and as I told you last week, the NWA was going to have something to say about that. NWA Bob Geigel has announced that Terry and Dory have each been fined $5,000! All of a sudden, the boos can be heard as The Funks come out to the set. Terry Funk: Well thank you Mr. Geigel! We would gladly pay your fine again to hear the words that Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham have been injured by us! Money don’t mean nothin to us. Our daddy made the Funk name the top name in all of wrestling… Dory is a former World Champion… I am a former World Champion… I just hope we get the pleasure of hurting some more people who question our greatness. Bill Watts: You two are sick. Don’t you realize that Blackjack is still having trouble walking and Barry is so battered that he won’t be here today. Dory Funk: I don’t think you realize Mr. Watts. We love hearing people scream in pain. We warned Blackjack! We warned Barry Windham. If you mess with the Funks… you will pay the price! Terry Funk: If…. And that is a very big if…. If Barry Windham returns any time soon, he better stay clear of myself and my brother! If not… he will be right back in the hospital! After the Funks leave… Jim Ross: I must say, those two make the hair on my neck stand up! Anyway Cowboy, I hear you have another huge announcement for us. Cowboy Bill Watts: I do Jim. Last week’s show, the first NWA Main Event, was such a success that the NWA has decided to give something back to the fans. We are going to be adding the NWA National TV Title to our list of championships and make sure to tune in next week as we crown the first champion! The way it will work is that we will randomly choose two wrestlers with the winner walking out with the belt! Jim Ross: Wow, that is huge news. The possibilities are endless… we could get Terry and Dory Funk in the ring against each other, two members of Devastation Inc. might be fighting it out or maybe The Fabulous Ones will be going at each other. This is going to be exciting! Let’s get to ring for our first match. MATCH: Baby Bull Leon White defeats Dale Mannig with a Powerslam In his first TV promo, Cowboy Bill Watts asks Leon if he is aware that last week, Ox Baker challenged him to a match and that Ox seemed to be insulted about all of the attention he was getting. Leon White: Ox Baker… You want me…. You got me and when it is over, I want no excuses! You talk all big and bad. Talk about how you have killed a man with that heart punch. You try and intimidate people with that stupid mustache of yours and those taped fists you wave around. Well guess what… I don’t back down. I don’t get scared! You name the place and I will be there. The Baby Bull is about to break the Old Ox. Jim Ross: Well one thing for sure… Leon White has a lot of confidence. I hope he knows what he is getting himself into. Commercial MATCH: Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats Spike Huber with an unnecessary Brainbuster after a Loaded Purse Shot be Precious Cowboy Bill Watts: Well Jimmy… tomorrow night… New Orleans… it is going to be you and your brother… “The Hands of Stone, Ron Garvin…. Going one on one. I mean that must be uncomfortable to be airing all of your family issues in front of 10,000 people Jimmy Garvin: No big deal… just another day in the Garvin household. Big Brother Ron can’t stand the little bro is better than him at everything. I got the better body… I got the more beautiful girl… I mean come on Watts… look at her… pure perfection Watts: Come on Garvin…. The only thing that is pure about her is the fact that she is pure evil Jimmy Garvin: Watch it Watts. … As I was saying… I am the Gorgeous One… He is the “face of stone.” I am the better wrestler… he is the wanna-be wrestler. So, if he wants a piece of me… all he has to do is show up in New Orleans tomorrow night and I will beat him like the red-headed step child he is. As he heads off, we see a little kiss between Garvin and Precious. Commercial MATCH: NWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH The Fab Ones © defeat The Cuban Assassins when Keirn hit a Russian Legsweep on #1 At the interview desk, the Fab Ones play it up for all their fans and then things start to pick up Cowboy Bill Watts: Guys, I am sure you have heard by now that the Hart Foundation were down in Houston recently and won the NWA Western States Tag Team Titles and because of that, the NWA Board of Directors has declared them the #1 contenders for the NWA World Tag Titles and they will get a title shot tomorrow night in New Orleans! Stan Lane: We have been made aware of ….. All of a sudden Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express come to the podium. Jim Cornette: What do you mean the Hart Foundation is getting a World title shot? Don’t you people realize I have the greatest tag team in the World today! This is absurd. Mother’s lawyers will be contacting by end of business today! All of this talk brings out Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart come out with their new titles Bret Hart: Ummm, I think we told you last week that we are the best team in the business and this week was just step one. These Western State Titles are nice, but those NWA World Titles look a little bigger! Jim Neidhart: It’s time for you Fake Ones to shine up those belts as tomorrow we are planning on taking them from you. Jim Cornette: Isn’t anyone listening to me! We deserve the title shot! Neidhart walks right up to Corny as gives that sadistic laugh, Corny seems to jump a little but the Midnights walk right up to the Harts and a pushing match occurs. Nothing to serious but there is obviously some tension in the air. Commercial Before our next bout, we find out that Ron Garvin has accepted the challenge by his brother for tomorrow in New Orleans as has Ox Baker accepted the match vs Baby Bull Leon White for tomorrow. MATCH: Sweet Brown Sugar defeats The Masked Avenger with a Missile Dropkick A quick interview by the babyface Sweet Brown Sugar just to keep him in the eyes of the fans and to hype him up! Next, we have a surprise at the podium. It is none other then the injured Barry Windham. He looks really banged up with some tape around the ribs and some bruises under the eyes. Bill Watts: Barry… not sure you should be here tonight. The doctors have said you need some time off. Barry Windham: Mr. Watts… I just can’t take it anymore. Terry Funk and his brother think they can do what they want. Break people’s legs, put people in the hospital… heck just the other night Terry attacked the NWA Champion Magnum T.A. after a match in St. Louis and left him in some pretty bad shape. Terry and Dory are nothing but two bullies and you know what that say… you got to stand up to a bully. So here I am Terry… come get me! The crowd starts to boo as Terry and Dory come to podium. Terry Funk: Wow… the apple don’t fall far from the tree. I knew your Daddy was dumb but your elevator don’t reach the top floor boy! You…. Who can barely stand up right now… wants to call us out here! You want to stand up to us….today! Barry Windham: Now better time than the present! Dory Funk: Well I will say you got guts boy but that’s about all you got. You want to take us both on right now? That is like shooting deer after laying the apple bait! Too easy. Terry Funk: Yeah… not worth my time. What do you say you go in the back and find a partner. I mean when you explain who it is against, I bet you come up empty …. but at least you can say you tried. I mean if your Daddy and brother have run from the NWA because of us, I am sure when you go back there you will see nobody wants to step in the ring with the Funks! Cowboy Bill Watts: Barry… take their offer….take it! I mean you can’t go in that ring alone. They will maul you. I mean you can barely walk as it is. Barry shakes his head and heads off to find a partner as the Funks have an evil grin on their faces. Commercial When we come back from break, the Funks are already in the ring waiting to see if Barry has found a tag partner. MATCH: Dory & Terry Funk vs Barry Windham and maybe a partner? Poor Barry limps to the ring all alone! Jim Ross: Oh I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. The Funks are like a lion at the watering hole… it’s feeding time! As the Funks begin to close in on Barry…. The crowd EXPLODES Jim Ross: Aww Baw Gawd! Aww Baw Gawd…. It’s the American Dream…. It’s Dusty Rhodes As Rhodes hits the ring, the Funks hesitate for just a second but then the brawl is back on. No bell has rung but it is a wild, wild scene in the ring. There is no way to stop this one. All of the midcard guys and jobbers leave the dressing room to try and break it up but just as it seems to be slowing down, Rhodes breaks free and catches Terry with a few big bionic elbows before the Funks head for the hills! The crowd is going wild. Even with 5 or 6 guys trying to stop The American Dream, he was able to chase Terry and Dory away. END OF HOUR #1
  7. kevinmcfl

    NWA Houston

    Awesome start to Houston Wrestling! This is a HUGE addition to our game! Love the format and how you showed non-televised events and video tapes to explain who has the belts and how they got them. Also very simple to follow Funk was the perfect choice to win the Battle Royal for the Western States title as the FUNK family is Western States! Thanks for continuing some of my NWA angles and I will give you lots of respect on my show! Tojo will be a great heel champ! I like Pat Patterson in his new roll! Sullivan and his antics will be fun to follow
  8. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    Nice set of house shows here. So many of the people coming in to TV were introduced to the fans first this week. This is a nice touch. AWA either has some flu or car issues... a few people didn't make their matches... I wonder if this is something to keep an eye on. Like how we either get Sheri Martel or Wendy Richter.... eventually we will get both! Flair and Dibiase would be as could as it gets!
  9. kevinmcfl

    World Wrestling Federation

    I couldn't wait for wrestling to return to Madison Square Garden and it did not disappoint. The tag tournament was really well done with so many quality matches and an ending that left us wondering what was the Brain doing here! Backlund continues to grow with a big win over the Polish Power! And Andre does what Andre does. I am very interested to see how you use him.
  10. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    Great show that has left me wanting more. I Your interview abilities are priceless and I am excited to see you work with Landell and Madril again. Flair vs Landell is something I have been waiting for since last year and now I can' wait Johnny V and PP3 are great fits for you. Sawyer and Rich continues to build! Wow... if Rhodes leaving wasn't enough... the Main event goes wild and we get so much more. Could Jimmy Hart be a babyface against the Nikita? We will soon find out! Hennig and Hall vs the Long Riders could be a wild ride! I hope Verne doesn't get back to Hansen to soon. I want to see him beat some people!
  11. kevinmcfl

    St. Louis Wrestling Club

    St. Louis gave their fans a great show here! Seems like the Fab Ones wanted to prove something here... hopefully the Harts and Midnight Express where paying attention Savage should make a good first champion! All of the matches in that tournament could have gone either way.... made it a fun read. Funk has been going wild all over the NWA of late!
  12. kevinmcfl


    I like how you often combine two angles into one match to keep everything moving like you did here with the Naturals, Colon vs The Movement and Ayala Like the push of Wendell Cooley. Never saw him growing up but from everything I have seen on video, he seemed to have it all. Could have been bigger The Battens vs The Armstrongs is perfect for Tennessee. Like the ending here as it keeps the feud growing The Grapplers are becoming unstoppable.
  13. kevinmcfl


    Looking to move Randy Savage in an exchange for about a year
  14. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    March 29, 1985 HOUR 2 The second hour begins with a replay of what we just saw as we went to break; Barry Windham being beaten by Terry and Dory Funk. The video continued to roll as we went to break which showed Terry and Dory leave Windham laying on the ground as a bunch a mid-card heels came to the rescue and were able to help Barry to the back! Jim Ross: Well Baw Gawd! That was disturbing Bill! Cowboy Bill Watts: You said it Jim. Terry and Dory seem to be hellbent on getting rid of all the people associated with Blackjack Mulligan and Barry seems to be next in line. One thing I know is that the NWA will not stand for actions like we just saw, and that Terry and Dory should be expecting a heavy fine! Jim Ross: For some reason, I don’t think fines will stop the Funks until they are done with their plan. Barry either better get some help or get eyes in the back of his head. Let’s get to the ring. MATCH: Kamal with Kim Chee defeats T.J. Tucker with the Ugandan Splash The interest thing here is that during the match, Skandar Akbar comes out to the podium and kind of highjacks the commentary. Skandar Akbar: So Jim Ross, what do you think about the Ugandan Kamala? Jim Ross: I have no idea what you are doing out here Akbar, but I must say Kamala is unlike anything I have ever scene. Skandar Akbar: And he is all mine! Cowboy Bill Watts: What are you talking about Akbar? Skandar Akbar: I found Kamala on a recent trip to Africa and I was amazed. This brute is 6’9, 375 of pure animalistic instincts. I quickly convinced his tribal chief to let me have him. I was unsure if he was ready for the United States and I know the United States was not ready for him. As Akbar is talking, the squash match ends and Kim Chee herds Kamala over to the podium where he is grunting, growling, making faces and smacking his stomach. Skandar Akbar: My plan was to civilize Kamala first, before bringing him to the NWA but recent events made that impossible! Jim Ross: And what events would that be? Skandar Akbar: Well Tony Atlas body slamming me on the concrete floor of the Myriad and stealing my money for one. Hacksaw Duggan clobbering One Man Gang with a 2 x 4 is another and Hacksaw Reed and Dr. Death cheating my men, Mr. Saito and Hercules Hernandez out of the NWA World Tag Titles was the last straw! You all will rue the day Kamala joined Devastation Inc! As Akbar and his newest addition head off, both Watts and Ross hype up how Dangerous Devastation Inc. is with its quartet of wrestlers. COMMERCIAL: Interview with Bad News Brown Jim Ross: So Bad News Allen… what do you think about the NWA suspending your manager, Bobby Heenan and the rest of “The Family.” Bad News Brown: What do I care? All this is just an excuse! Nobody around here gets it. They need to have a reason why I beat Hulk Hogan. Face it, people, I would have beat Hogan with or without Bobby Heenan. Just like I am going to beat Magnum T.A. for the NWA World Title and there is nothing anyone around here can do about it! As Bad News storms off, Ross and Watts wonder if Bad News might actually have a point. He did after all just beat Hulk Hogan! MATCH: Chris Benoit defeats Dale Mann with the Top Rope Diving Headbutt Benoit continues to excel in these jobber matches but he is looking better and better in the ring. Just like Jim Ross and Cowboy Bill Watts thought it was time to see Baby Bull Leon White move up in competition, they feel the same way about Benoit. COMMERCIAL: MATCH: Ron Garvin vs “The Professor” Bill Ash While Ash is doing his “thing” by bothering the fans with his, “I smarter than all of you routine,” you can tell Garvin is becoming impatient. As Ash heads over to continue the gimmick in Ronnie’s face, “the man with the hands of stone,” clobbers Bill Ash with a big right hand and Ash goes down like a sack of potatoes. In one of the quicker matches that you will see, Garvin picks up Ash and whips him into the ropes where he catches him with a forearm to the gut. WHAM…. Sunset Flip Power Bomb and this one is all over. Jim Ross: Well Hands of Stone, that was an easy one! Ron Garvin: Yeah… that was an easy one but we all know that not everything is not easy, especially here in the NWA … and especially when you got a kid brother runner around like a clown and making it look like his mother and father didn’t know how to raise him! Jim Ross: Well speaking about your brother, Jimmy…. What is going on between you two? Ron Garvin: What is going on is that he thinks it is okay to cheat to get to the top! He and that no good women of his, Precious… well they think it is okay to win the NWA World Title by hitting Magnum T.A. with a brick and that is why I rushed the ring and stopped that from happening. He is not going to ruin the Garvin name. He is not going to ruin everything I worked for and if he Precious has a problem with that… let them come out here and I will slap the taste out of their mouths! Cowboy Bill Watts: Now Ron, while I agree Jimmy and Precious are not acting the way, you should… I can’t condone you smacking a woman. Ron Garvin: Trust me Mr. Watts…. I agree with you but she ain’t a woman! COMMERCIAL: NWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH: Kevin Von Erich vs Baron Von Raschke This bout is the battle of the claws …. The battle of good and evil! Baron is such an experienced wrestler that he knows just how to get the heat on himself. He has the crowd here basically foaming at the mouth as he breaks every rule in the book. Thank goodness for the fans, VonErich overcame the Baron and followed up his Iron Claw with a Von Erich Leap for the win! Cowboy Bill Watts: Congratulations Kevin… that was a great match! KVE: Yeah thanks Mr. Watts. Baron is one tough competitor and it felt great giving these fans what they wanted. Watts: So, I have to ask… what is up with you and Iceman Parsons? KVE: Great question… Iceman and myself were close… real close. We had that awesome match last night in the Myriad … one I must say I was lucky to win… I guess that upset Iceman! I mean I understand… nobody likes to lose. Watts: Have you talked to him since last night…. Do you have any idea who that man he was talking to after the match was? KVE: I tried calling Iceman last night but never got in contact with him and to answer the other question… I have no idea who that guy was, but he seemed a little slick… a little shady. That cheap suit and funny hat! I mean I know Iceman is smarter than that to let a guy like that get his hooks into him!. COMMERCIAL This segment is all about hyping up the new talent on the way to the NWA. We see a good 3 minute video set to some techno music of some in-ring highlights of Jesse Ventura and the 6 Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race! When it is all over, we get a quick word from each of them. Jesse Ventura: The Body is coming! Oh yeah Cowboy Bill Watts… the Body is coming! You got a lot of big boys down there in the NWA… Guys like Tony Atlas…. Guys like Hacksaw Jim Duggan… and let’s not forget… the one with the GOLD! Mr. Magnum T.A. …. Just last week my good friends, the Rolling Stones where down there in NWA territory. That’s right, they played a sold-out show in Kansas City. And do you know who they called up… That’s right… the Body! Mick Jaggers, Keith Richards and Ron Woods called me up and said …. Body… we need you. We need the strongest man in the world to be our bodyguard! They didn’t call any of your NWA penciled-armed wrestlers. The called me…. So, NWA get ready… The Body is coming… The Body will prevail against all! Gold looks good around my waist… Actually, with these guns…. Anything looks good on the Body! Harley Race: Nothing makes me happier then seeing the NWA back on top of the World and in two weeks I will be coming home! Home to the Greatest wrestling territory in the world. When anyone thinks about wrestling and who the champion of the world is… they always say the NWA Champion. Right now, a youngster… Magnum T.A. holds that belt and all that goes along with it. Well take nothing away from Magnum and I mean that with all sincerity… he is one heck of a wrestler. He is one of the best in the world but remember what I just said…. The NWA Champion is the Greatest…. Not just great but the greatest. I am the 6 time World Champion and understand this… I am coming to make that 7 time World Champion! When these video promos are done, we see Magnum T.A. at the podium with the World Title slapped over his shoulder. Jim Ross: Magnum… you are the World Champion but it seems a lot of people are gunning for ya! Magnum T.A.: Goes with the territory Jim. Goes with the territory. I have been in the back all night listening to people like Larry Zybszko, Bad News Allen, Jimmy Garvin, Jesse Ventura and now Harley Race. They all say they want a title shot. They all think they would make a better champion then me. Well listen closely… This belt means a whole lot to me and you are going to have to come and take it form me. I am not handing this belt to no one. I have always wanted to be a champion… a fighting champion… and it looks like I got a lot of people who want to fight me. Sounds good! See you all in the ring. COMMERCIAL MAIN EVENT MATCH: NWA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Butch Reed & Dr. Death © vs Hercules Hernandez & Mr. Saito with Skandar Akbar This main event is a rematch from last night in the Myriad where the champions prevailed after Akbar accidently hit his own man. Tonight, we are warned that we are running out of time before the match even begins but that doesn’t damper the excitement in Memorial Hall. Both teams are all each other and with time running out we get all four men in the ring in a wild brawl! It seems like Akbar realizes he doesn’t have time to get the win tonight so he changes gears and calls in the reinforcements… maybe he can hurt the champs and weaken them up for next time. From the back comes Kamala and One Man Gang. Kamala doesn’t seem to understand but when Akbar points at Butch Reed, the Ugandan Giant is all over him. The crowd explodes as the U.S. Express, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas hit the ring! With it now 4 on 4, the brawl is even and it is here, in a moment of complete chaos, Jim Ross sounds off! Jim Ross: Sorry folks, we are out of time. So long from Memorial Hall in Kansas City.
  15. kevinmcfl

    World Wrestling Federation

    Very realistic WWF show! I can just see the announcers hyping up Ray Candy dancing with the children! Great job capturing the Sgt. Slaughter of the WWF.... can;t wait to see how you play out the feud with Backlund Black Bart should fit in nicely here as an upper mid-card heel. Like Bruno getting angry at David being hit with the Foreign Object