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  1. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Sorry for falling a bit behind! Great use of your roster as everyone seems to have a roll! Adams/Taylor... so many options. I could watch this every day. Bam Bam has come out firing! I must complement you on the continued development of Texas Red! The Crazy Gang and Muraco are going to cause chaos but Rose still runs Portland Steamboat on the West Coast seems like a perfect fit!
  2. kevinmcfl

    Continental Championship Wrestling

    WOW! The main event would be shown over and over again for weeks! So full of excitement. I enjoyed the format as it was easy to read and I liked how the card did a nice job of getting everyone where the belong on the card! Can't wait to see who all ends up with the belts in Alabama!
  3. kevinmcfl


    First... On to Jackson Like seeing the House Show recaps here as we really see your pecking order Like Ron Slinker's role here. He is moving up the ladder and soon might be on par with Carl Fergie as a midcard heel with mega heat! Crusher vs Ayala would have been a great one to see Like VonErich staying with the belt... How far can he go without Fritz Great work from TV to House show as we see first see the Grapplers take out Dream Machine and unmask him then they take out the Movement only for Dream and Idol to come out for revenge! Really well booked. Well Lawler found out that this is not Memphis anymore! Bock with help from Adonis is in control of USWA!
  4. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Taped every Friday Night and aired to local affiliates throughout the Central time zone throughout the weekend and broadcast across the United States every Sunday Night at 6:05 PM Eastern Time on the Superstation WTBS, the North American Wrestling Alliance proudly presents Power Pro Wrestling, coming to you this week from the Tulsa Civic Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to the first every edition of Power Pro Wrestling, a National Wrestling Alliance production. That’s right folks. The NWA is back! So much has changed over the past few weeks so let me Cowboy Bill Watts to shed some light on the situation. Cowboy Bill Watts: Thank you Jim. Boy, you said a mouth full. The NWA is Back! Bob Geigel, Ted Turner and myself have partnered to bring the best wrestlers into the homes of all the great fans each and every week. We know that the past year has been tough on the NWA but we are coming out with a bang! Saturday, January 31 in Kiel Auditorium there will be a one night 16-man, single elimination, tournament to crown the new NWA World Champion! And that is not all… the winner gets a cool $100,000! Jim Ross: Wow, that is huge news. Cowboy Bill Watts: Wrestlers from all over the World have been trying to get into this tournament. In fact, we have had so many people want in, that they will be one round of qualifying matches which will begin today right here on TV. If you win, you are in! Jim Ross: I can’t wait! Right after this break we will get to the action and you won’t belief who is here…. Hulk Hogan COMMERCIAL MATCH: Hulk Hogan vs Greg Valentine with Bobby Heenan It is obvious the NWA is trying to make a splash here as they have put two of the biggest names in the industry In A Win To Get In Match on National TV. As for the match, we have seen Hogan’s matches and then all seem to follow the same script. Hogan takes the early lead and then Heenan gets involved and we see the momentum swing to Valentine. Valentine comes within inches of winning it several times and then Hogan begins his “No Selling” comeback. Jim Ross: Hogan with a huge Ax Handle Smash. Whoah….hold on a minute…. That is Bad News Allen rushing to the ring. Hogan lets the fans know he is going for the Big Leg Drop. Hogan hits the ropes… Bawd Gawd … Allen has grabbed the leg of Hogan and he trips to the canvass. The ref goes to admonish Allen and Heenan comes to the rescue and the three go into a war of words. As this is going on, the crowd gasps as Honky Tonk Man comes out from under the ring and comes in the ring with his guitar! SMASH…. HTM clobbers Hogan and Allen and Heenan simply walk away from the ref who turns around and sees The Hammer on top of Hogan! 1…2…3. Jim Ross: I can’t believe what I just saw. Bobby Heenan and the Family just stole one from the Hulkster! Heenan and his stable come over to the interview desk where they are all smiles. Bobby Heenan: It has been over a year sense I saw Hulk Hogan and we just thought we would play a little chin music for the “Former AWA” champion. Jim Ross: So, you admit to cheating? Bobby Heenan: We never admit to anything. Just like you never admit to eating the last donut Jim Ross! Win and Move on was the instructions and Greg “the Hammer” Valentine is moving on! Commercial As we come out of break, we see “Nature Boy” Roger Kirby at the interview desk. Roger Kirby: Well this tournament is just a formality. I mean with the tournament being in St. Louis, a place I have never lost, you might as well hand me the title. Jim Ross: Are you sure you never lost in St. Louis Roger Kirby: Would I have any reason to lie. I am the Nature Boy… the best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. I am a legend in the Show Me State and tonight I will show all you uneducated folk down here in Oklahoma what a real champion looks like! All of a sudden, Dr, Death Steve Williams comes out and simply says that it is time for an Oklahoma legend to Show a Missouri has-been what a real beating looks like. MATCH: Steve “Dr. Death” Williams vs “The Nature Boy” One collar and elbow tie up and Kirby feels the power from Dr. Death as the Oklahoma crowd goes wild as their Sooner hero tosses the arrogant Kirby halfway across the ring. Kirby now does a great job of playing the frightened heel and uses the ref as a shield. It works as he is able to hit a lowblow on Dr. Death. This gave Kirby the momentum for a minute or two, but it only served to anger Williams. Once Dr. Death recouped, he hit Kirby with a huge football tackle that nearly split Kirby in two. Dr. Death got the easy pin as Jim Ross announces we now have our second entry into the tournament. Dr. Death breaks out in a little Boomer Sooner song and the Oklahoma crowd loves it and joins in! Commercial When we come out of break, we here a little moan come out of Cowboy Bill Watts Bill Watts: I had a bad feeling you would show up here in the NWA… what can we do for you little man! Jim Cornette: Watch your mouth Watts. My mother’s lawyers are just waiting to sue an oversized, fat bully like yourself. Bill Watts: Here we go again…Ok Mamma’s Boy. What can we do for you? Jim Cornette: That’s better. I deserve to be treated with respect around here. I am out here because I have a bone to pick with you… that is, if you didn’t eat all the bones. Bill Watts: Move on Cornette or move out! Jim Cornette: Ok… this World Champions Tournament is all well and good but you what about the tag teams. Where is our tournament? I mean I know my team, The Midnight Express, is the greatest tag team in the world today and my mother’s lawyers feel you are not hosting a tag team tournament because you do want to see me win the gold. That is discrimination and the lawyers are drawing up the papers as we speak. Bill Watts: Not because I am afraid of your mother’s lawyers or because I want to appease you, you little midget but I was going to announce that we will be crowning new tag team champions next month and their will be more information on that next week. Jim Cornette: Well let me introduce you and all these unworthy fans here in Tulsa to the greatest tag team in the World today…. The Midnight Express The techno music plays as Cornette heads to the ring with Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton MATCH: The Midnight Express defeats Bubba Dickerson & Billy Bob Bradley as Eaton hit the Alabama Jammer on Dickerson! Jim Ross: Man, I can’t stand that Cornette but the Midnight Express is the real deal! COMMERCIAL MATCH: Ken Patera with General Akbar vs The Tonga Kid Patera and Akbar’s arrogance quickly goes away as the Tonga Kid is all over the former Olympian at the beginning. Sheik Hercules Hernandez accompanied his manager to the ring but, their seemed to be a little tension between Hercules and his stablemates. It appeared that Akbar panicked and wanted Hercules to get involved as Tonga Kid was in control. Hercules refused and it appeared that he told Akbar that he didn’t want to cost Patera the win as there could be a DQ. In the end, Patera prevailed as he got the win by submission with the Swinging Full Nelson. At the interview desk, Akbar did his best to infuriate the American crowd as he once again claimed the NWA was trying to sabotage him because of his connection to Arabia. When Ross asked what he was talking about, he said that Patera came to the ring and was going to take it easy on Tonga Kid but the referee was obviously cheating against Sheik Patera. Watts tried his best to laugh this off and asked if everything was alright in his Army as there seemed to be a problem with Hercules Hernandez. This is when Akbar laughed as he said that Watts was again trying to stir the pot; all because of his nationality. He left by saying that of course his Sheiks were fine and one of them would win the NWA World Title COMMERCIAL MATCH: Mark & Jay Youngblood defeat The Assassins as Jay hit the top rope diving tomahawk chop This match shows the NWA has some real depth to their tag team division as both of these teams are double tough. The Assassins, with their size, power, and questionable tactics could beat anyone and the Youngbloods, with their speed, tag team tactics and never-say die Indian perseverance are one of the best teams in the world. Unlike Cornette, and the Midnight Express, the Youngbloods are grateful for the NWA giving them this chance and they can’t wait to show all their Indian brothers here in Oklahoma all of their talent. They also make it a point to let Cornette know that they are unsure if his team is the greatest in the world and they would love a shot at them down the road. COMMERCIAL MATCH: Barry Windham vs “Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan A wild match that shows Sweetan might be up there in age, but he is still game for a big brawl. Much of the action has spilled outside of the ring and both men get a little bloody as their heads had been rammed into something hard and metal. In the end, Barry catches Sweetan in a Superplex and gets the win! In the post-match interview, Windham hypes up this tournament and he can’t believe that he had to face someone as tough as Sweetan in the first round and he knows things will only get tougher. Before we head off the air, Cowboy Bill Watts hypes up the return of the NWA one more time and lets all the good fans in places like Kansas City, St. Joseph, Lincoln, Wichita, and Oklahoma City. Jim Ross: Well folks, I told you it would be an exciting hour. Next week, we will have more qualifying matches for the NWA World Champion Tournament. Get your tickets for January 31 at the Kiel Auditorium. So long from Tulsa.
  5. kevinmcfl

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

    Sorry for falling a bit behind... Andersons vs Bulldogs will be one we must keep an eye on. Trouble in paradise for Gino and JJ? Think the Studd could be wildcards for you as they could fill any role you want them to. Sullivan is always scary to watch as you never know what is next! MIke Graham seems to be having trouble finding his way. A DDQ against a rookie and then attacked in the parking lot twice...
  6. kevinmcfl


    Sorry for falling a little behind. The TV show was packed full of craziness The Grapplers gave the only reason they could be babyfaces as they did it to protect the Masked legend... Mr. Wrestling II.... Very creative! So happy the Movement is back and strong as ever. That was one of the best angles we had in 1984! Carl Fergie is moving up the ranks of heels in this game and now he is going after the Lou Thesz trained Fleming.... interesting but my money is on Fergie as he just keeps moving on no matter what happens to him. Tully and Baby Doll.... must always stay focused here but that's easy as BD was easy to focus on Idol-Martel.... Idol could do it all on the mic and Martel could do it all in the ring... this is going to be HOT What is Ron Slinker doing... seems like he is getting an Evil Bunch together! Keep an eye on this as you are the master of the MId-Card Will catch up on the House Shows later today... Great job
  7. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    Great job setting up your shows for the month. Rich looses the title on TV because of Sawyer! This just pushes this feud to another level! A little deep dish in Chicago at Pizza Hut... Sounds like a party! MMM continues to cause havoc as he is all over this show! The run-ins here give this an awesome feel... Dusty/Wahoo/Gibson and RIch vs the Heels: Great 1980's feel!
  8. kevinmcfl

    Mid South Wrestling

    WOW! I hope you had half as much fun writing that show as I did reading it! Your interviews were spectacular... Piper, Bass were show stopping and Birckhouse did an excellent job of explaining his babyface turn! Really like the team of Deaton and Black Bart! Gives Bass some freedom to go out and cause some havoc. Was surprised at the New Legion of Doom but they did some work until Kevin comes in a saves the day! The New Orleans Spectacular is Must See!
  9. kevinmcfl


    NWA adds Hiro Saito, Junji Hirato, LeRoy Brown, Roger Kirby, Ron Shaw, Roger Smith and Jody Hamilton, Samoan LeRoy Brown and releases JR Foley and the Mongolian Stomper
  10. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    Great TV show on espn with 7 Must See Matches. Race is always the company man as he lets Mad Dog Sawyer go over him in a clean win. This is really what Race would do and that is why he is an all-time great. Tag Title Tourny is stacked! It doesn't matter how many times we see it but Rich vs Sawyer is GOLD!
  11. kevinmcfl


    NAWA adds Bruce Hart, Keith Hart and Jody Hamilton as the Flame
  12. kevinmcfl

    Mid South Wrestling

    Awesome start to Mid-South... you made it almost seem natural that Fritz was in charge. Like the creativity of how you set up the TV title Race vs Kevin VE is a great way to get New Orleans to be a huge hot spot in this game. Tag Team division has some great depth... Roma/Powers, Sheepherders, VonErichs, the NEW Legion of Doom... will be a great read. Brody, Bundy, Stud and Nord will bring the chaos! Great format... so simply. Thanks for joining! Can't wait for more Mid-South
  13. kevinmcfl

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

    Wow... the heat that would have come from draping the Iranian Flag over Piper! Sullivan vs the Mad Dog! I am sure there was some awesome chaos
  14. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association

    Awesome job here. You seem to have got your roster all in a pecking order and it seems to be working so smoothly. Rich, Wahoo, Race, Sawyer, DUSTY, the High FLyers, the RnR Express and the Masked Superstar.... anything could happen and this has become a great read
  15. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Real WWF feel to this one. Interested to see who is coming after Backlund RW vs Samoans would be a great one. Like that the Roadies came out on top. Not sure if the Takanos will hold up if they are next Andre could do anything ... looking to see what is next. Love the use of Rocky Johnson... he was truly great for a long time