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  1. kevinmcfl

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Ok... I need more. Who is the Mysterious Monk
  2. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Very balanced shows here. Love how your main event pumped up Steamboat and kept Bock and Kevin VE strong. You have set yourself up with a lot of options
  3. kevinmcfl


    August 18, 1984 Music intro with a montage of all the stars of Stampede Wrestling past and present is shown. Broadcasting to our local affiliates in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents Stampede Wrestling, coming to you from the CHCT Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ed Whalen: Hi everybody and away we go with another edition of Stampede Wrestling. I am Ed Whalen coming to you from the CHCT Studies in downtown Calgary. Once again, the studio behind me is empty today and that is because we have a special show for you tonight. Last Monday, in the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton, the first-round matches for the Stampede Tag Team tournament took place and we are going to be bringing you some highlights from that event. I promise you another ring-a ding-dong- dandy of a show as you will not only see the highlights but the fashionable Jim Davies was in the locker rooms after the matches so we will get some emotion filled post-match interviews. We will also be hearing from the North American Champion, Ric Flair, as we find out who his first title defense will be against. STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: FIRST ROUND MATCH Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs MX-1 & Ciclon Negro This was a rather straightforward win for Hart and Neidhart and even Ed Whalen wonders if Stu Hart had something to do with giving Bret and the Anvil one of the easier first round matches in the tournament. We saw Negro try and bring this match to the gutter but the Anvil was more than willing to trade punches with him. In the end, Bret slipped out of the Airplane Drop attempt by MX-1 and lock him in the Northern Lights Cloverleaf for the win. Post-Match Interviews with Jim Davies where he wants to know how things are between Bret and the Bulldogs who threw in the towel last week costing him his AWA North American title. Bret Hart: The Bulldogs and I are fine and I wish them luck in their match against the Road Warriors later tonight but I really want to focus on our match tonight and Anvil and I took care of business. Jim Neidhart: One thing I will say is that from now on, the Harts will take care of the Harts and whatever you want to think that means is fine with me. Right now, Bret and I are planning on the Hart Foundation becoming the first ever Stampede Tag Team Champions. (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show at the Corral in Calgary STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: FIRST ROUND MATCH The Sheepherders vs Gamma Singh & Mr. Pogo with Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie While the first match of the show had some wrestling, this one was just a fight with the end coming in wild and bloody fashion where both teams were counted out. The match had gone a little bonzo-gonzo with all four men out on the floor and the ref struggling to keep control. As the ref headed over to Singh and Butch Miller, Sheik Adnan slipped on some sort of barbed wire glove and hit Luke Williams. Williams was now a bloody mess as he was rolling on the ground grabbing at his face. All 4 men now resorted to using any weapon they could find. The ref counted both teams out but by the time the Sheepherders and Sheiks men were separated, there was totally chaos and it was obvious that this one is far from over. Jim Davies and Post-Match Interviews: Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie: I told the King of Jordon that there was swarm of locust trying to ruin our utopia here that Allah has created in the American Wrestling Association where we already control the Stampede Championship and these creatures go by the name of the Sheepherders. King Hussain told me to do anything I could to rid Stampede of these Sheepherders. Tonight, we drew blood. Next time we will drain them of blood. The Sheepherders: It is obvious that our hatred for Sheik Adnan Al Kassie runs deep and what he doesn’t understand is our love of the violence… love the blood… no matter whose it is. A little later in the show, we find out that this Monday in the Corral in Calgary these 4 men will meet in a Calgary Stampede Match with all 4 Men in the ring at once where anything goes. (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show in Calgary STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: FIRST ROUND MATCH Nikita Koloff & Nicolai Volkoff vs Bad News Allen & Mystery Partner The first thing here is finding out who Bad News Allen found as a partner. For a long time in Stampede, Allen has claimed to be his own man and has done exactly what he wanted to do. The crowd found out that he was correct when he said that he had found a partner just like himself as none other than Stan “The Man” Hansen walked out. The look on the Russians faces were that of shock and they knew that they were in for a brawl … and they were correct! This brawl went on for nearly 30 minutes with power moves and big punches. The amazing thing was that early in the match, Hansen was hit with Russian Sickle and somehow kicked out. Later on, Hansen hit Volkoff with his own version of the Lariat and it basically knocked the Russian on his head and he was out cold and Bad News and Hansen got the win. Jim Davies and Post-Match Interviews: Stan Hansen: Hahhaha… This is a Cowboy town and the people of Calgary found out that I am a real cowboy! I think those red commies also found out that they are in for a world of hurt from now on. Nikita thought his Lariat was unstoppable… well ask Uncle Nicolai what he thinks of my Lariat… that is if he can still speak. Bad News Allen: Remember one thing…. What Bad News says is the Gospel. I told you that I had the perfect partner and I was right. I told you that we would beat the Russians and I was right. Now listen up …. I am telling you Nikita Koloff can’t beat me! Nicolai Volkoff: Stupid Westerners…. Stan Hansen comes in and thinks he got the best of us…. (He spits on the floor)… Well tonight was only the first battle and just like always… Mother Russia will win the WAR! Nikta Koloff: Stan Hansen AHHHHHH…. Bad News Allen AHHHHHH…. Next time…. I break you…. AHHHHH. You will learn to respect me AHHHHHH. (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show in Calgary 1st Round Match: Stampede Tag Team Tournament The Road Warriors Vs The British Bulldogs AWA TITLE NOT ON THE LINE The speculation here is that Stu Hart put the Bulldogs in this match as punishment for them throwing in the towel costing Bret Hart the North American title…. and boy did they receive some nasty punishment. For nearly 30 minutes, the Road Warriors tossed the Bulldogs from pillar to post. What they did not count on was the fact that Bulldogs were up to the challenge and Davey Boy Smith caught Animal with his own powerslam and got the shocking 1…2…3. The Road Warriors were just beaten for the first time this year and the crowd went wild! Jim Davies and Post-Match Interviews: Dynamite Kid: Tonight, we proved to the world that on any given night, we can beat anyone! Davey Boy Smith: It doesn’t matter who it is…. When they see that they are facing the British Bulldogs they better be ready for the fight of their lives. It doesn’t matter who is next, we plan on winning this tournament and becoming the first Stampede Tag Team Champions. As Jim Davies went into the Road Warriors locker room to get an interview all we see is Animal and Hawk tearing the room to pieces and he quickly learned to get out of dodge before they attacked him. Promos for Monday’s show in Calgary Stu Hart comes out and announces the card for this week at the Corral MX-1 vs Al Costello Paul Orndorff vs Ben Bassarab Curt Hennig vs Ric McCord Calgary Stampede Match (All 4 in the ring at once- Anything goes) Mr. Pogo & Gama Singh with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs The Sheepherders STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOUNRAMENT SECOND ROUND MATCHES Stan Hansen & Bad News Brown vs The British Bulldogs Bret Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Manny Fernandez NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH Ric Flair vs Junkyard Dog As soon as Hart announces the big main event, Flair and Heenan comes out. Ric Flair: Oh my old man! You think you are pretty smart. You know that there is nobody around here who can beat the Nature Boy so you go out and get a hired gun…. One Junkyard Dog! Well you messed up one thing. That barking and howling freak boy can’t last five minutes in the ring with me. I mean I am the Space Mountain of Disney World and JYD is more luck Dumbo’s Flying Elephant ride! Come Monday, I will once again show you why I am the one with the Rolexes… the one with the $10,000 robes…. The one with the Super Models on my arm… and most important… the one with the North American Championship around my waist. Ed Whalen: Folks, I you are anywhere near Calgary this Monday night, make sure to get a ticket for the show. It is going to be a wild one at the Corral. Stu Hart has gone beyond in trying to bring you the best wrestling in the world and this time he has outdone himself by bringing in the American Dream to face Ric Flair. Could Ric Flair have the shortest North American title reign in history? We will just have to wait until Monday to find out but for now we are running out of time. So, in the meantime and in the in-between time… that’s it, another edition of Stampede Wrestling.
  4. kevinmcfl

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    Nice set of house shows. Each night the crowd went home happy as the babyfaces get the big wins
  5. kevinmcfl

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    It doesn't matter if you write a condensed version or a full novel.... each week is truly awesome. The main event was so well set up and it delivered perfectly. I like CCW even better now that the Fullers are playing a bigger role and the interviews with Landell, RPG and Platt continue to crack me up!
  6. kevinmcfl

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    Love the format from the TV show. It keeps you updated on all the current and new angles in a nice compact summary. The card at the Omni was great. Martel needs a top partner to help with the Andersons Butch Reed was on fire with quick work of Tojo We will need to keep an eye on Race as the second ref. I know he is upset with Patera and Blackwell but Dibiase does have HIS title
  7. kevinmcfl


    All-Star still has the Road Warriors on the block who are set to drop the titles on 8/25. Also on could be Curt Hennig, Nicolai Volkoff, Hillbilly Jim and Ric McCord
  8. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Big things coming up in World Class. Like the Southwestern title coming in at the Texas Roundup. Like the Islanders and Cornette better be on his game or the Express could be in trouble. Windham has some guts for being so young as he helped Powers and Savoldi get a nice win. I could just see the crying that Tatum would have been doing. Hollywood is a GREAT midcarder who could do a bit of everything from being pretty good in the ring to being awesome. with his antics and microphone skills To me, Eaton is an all-time great but what made the MNE one of the best ever was Cornette and you have him down perfectly! Nice segment from the department store... I wonder who could the man with the sideburns be? lol The Movement is doing great but they better hope the Road Warriors didn't see how the match ended! Also, not so sure if Tiger would get out of the arena calling the fans White Devils... especially down in Texas in 1984.... the Men in the White Sheets would be waiting! AWESOME MAIN EVENT. I wish I saw more of Mr. Olympia in real life
  9. kevinmcfl

    TNT Wrestling

    Mid-South Coliseum.... Lawler vs Funk.... as good as it gets in Memphis.... Well then you throw in Dibiase vs Tully..... and now I am not sure which match is the Main Event The tag division is stacked. I must say Polynesian Power is one of my favorites but Murdoch and Adonis will be tough to beat in the tournament I always remember Putski as a babyface but he is an excellent TNT heel and Ratymus and his ability to create chaos could put him over the top but Tito is going to have something to do with that. Great use of Mr. Wrestling II. In real life he just went away as a jobber but here he has a major role and I just see him as a great heel manager Jumbo well be double tough with Anderson at his side. This gives you so many possibilities at the top of your card.
  10. kevinmcfl


    August 17 A montage of wrestling and rodeo falls set to music introduces the show. Broadcasting to our local affiliates in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the Dakatos, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents Rocky Mountain Wrestling, coming to you from the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo. From peak to peak and valley to valley we welcome you Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling. I am Cowboy Bob Tallman and we are coming to you tonight from the Colorado State fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado. With me tonight is the President of Rocky Mountain Wrestling, the Lawman, Don Slatton. Don, what a show they had last Monday at the Auditorium in Albuquerque and let’s get right to some of those highlights. VIDEO MATCH: CAPTURE THE FLAG MATCH The Mountain Men (Rex & Link) vs The Super Samoans (Sakalia & Superfly Tui) This is the 3rd installment of the best of 5 series to become the #1 contenders to the tag team title. Sakalia and Tui choose well in picking the stipulation for this match as no matter what the Mountain Men did, they were unable to climb that pole to capture the flag and eventually the momentum changed and we saw Superfly Tui scamper up the pole for the victory. This gives the Samoans a 2-1 advantage and in the post-match interview we here the next match in this series will be a Texas Tornado Match with all 4 men in the ring at the same time. VIDEO HIGHLIIGHTS: 6 Man Tag Match Wahoo McDaniel,Tony Atlas, Chris Adams and Blackjack Mulligan vs Ernie Ladd, Grizzly Boone, Ron Bass & Eric Embry All we really see here is the ending where Ernie Ladd catches Wahoo McDaniel with a Big Boot as the heels get the win as the others were brawling all over the arena. Cowboy Bob: Well Don, it looks like what Ernie Ladd preaches is coming true. Don Slatton: Ernie Ladd claims he is the General of his own Army and now that he is in charge, it is only a matter of time before he becomes the Rocky Mountain Champion and Cowboy Bob: Oh no, here he comes. Ernie Ladd (with his security enforcer Grizzly Boone): I told you a few weeks ago …that Snake juice drinking drunk can’t beat me and I proved it this past Monday as I stuck my size 18 foot right in the mush of that stupid injun and down he went. It was the fastest any of those Redmen went down since the U.S. Army loaded up those blankets with small pox. Lawman Don: Alright… that is enough of that! Ernie Ladd: I tell you when it is enough and it is not enough until you stop giving Wahoo all the wampum as the champion and give me a title shot. I am the man around here and the man should be wearing a belt! The crowd erupts as Wahoo comes out. Wahoo McDaniel: Ernie Ladd… the big Cat… well you look like the cat that just ate the mouse. Somehow that video we just saw left out the part where you loaded up that boot before you kicked me. Ernie is laughing like Wahoo is nuts at even the thought that Ladd would need to cheat to beat someone like Wahoo. Wahoo McDaniel: Keep laughing but all I know is that the truth eventually comes out and I know the fans around here already know what type of low life you are but soon, those people you call your army will see that you are just using them, even this 8th grade dropout (he points at Grizzly Boone) will soon figure you out. Boone starts to come at Wahoo but Ladd stops him and reminds Lawman Don Slatton that the ref counted Wahoo’s shoulders on the mat for a count of three and since he beat the champ, he deserves a title match. Before, Slatton even answers, Wahoo tells Lad that he will defend his Rocky Mountain title against Ladd anytime and anyplace which we find out a little later will be this Monday in Denver. COMMERCIAL Promos for Monday’s show at the Denver Auditorium Show repeated around Colorado during the week (Boulder, Pueblo, Ft. Collins, Grand Junction) MATCH: Chris Adams & Mike VonErich defeat Luke Aduda & Cal Mustard At the interview desk, Adams and Mike VonErich hype up their return tag title shot against the Outlaws (Bass & Embry) this week in Denver. There is a quick rehash of their last shot when Grizzly Boone attacked VonErich on the way to the ring and they are sure that won’t happen this time as Blackjack Mulligan is going to take care of him earlier in the night in a First Blood Match. MATCH: Hillbilly Jim defeats Mike Lownd with the Bearhug Some quick fun interaction with the crowd and a fun interview keeps Hillbilly Jim in the hearts and minds of the fans as Blackjack Mulligan (the real man behind the scene in Rocky Mountain Wrestling) decides what to do with him… sorry for the little Kayfabe break) COMMERCIAL Promos for Monday’s show at the Denver Auditorium MATCH: Verlon Biggs defeats Ciclon Negro…. Sort of! Negro was in charge and locked in the Camel Clutch and Biggs quickly tapped out. The only problem was that Biggs was being made an example of here by Negro who refused to release the hold. This went on for a minute or two until the ref had no choice but to reverse his decision. This still didn’t do anything as Negro continued to really arch back and pull Biggs with that Camel Clutch. This brings Sweet Brown Sugar to the ring who still has some unfinished business with Negro who Pearl Harbored him a few weeks ago. Sugar quickly rushes the ring and lands a perfectly executed sliding dropkick into the face of Negro who rolls out of the ring and heads to the locker room. Before we get to our next match Ron Bass & Eric Embry are at the interview desk Ron Bass: So little Mikey VonErich thinks the attack on him by Grizzly Boone was vicious… he thinks it was uncalled for. He thinks that he would have won the Rocky Mountain tag title from Eric and myself. He struts around here like a little peacock. Well, he is going to find out just how tough I am in Denver cause I aint afraid of anything that walks, I aint afraid of anything that flies, I aint afraid of anything that swims and most of all, I aint afraid of anything named VonErich and in Denver this bullrope in my hand is going to whip your spoiled behind! Eric Embry: I spent a lot of time down in Texas where nothing ever seems to be okay unless your last name is VonErich. Well, now it aint ever going to be okay between me and anyone named VonErich so I am coming for you Mikey and if stupid Chris Adams wants to walk with you… well then he won’t be walking for very long. We heard Mulligan is going to take care of Boone before the match starts…. WELL WHAT DO WE CARE! WE ARE TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS DURING OUR MATCH! MATCH: Tony Atlas defeats Joe McGrath with the Military Press Slam As Atlas is celebrating with the fans, Jos Leduc comes up from behind and clobbers Atlas with a chair. Leduc has been acting like a Wildman of late and tonight is no different. This is a heinous attack as Leduc is trying to get back on the good side of Ernie Ladd and take out one of the toughest guys in the other locker room. The art of surprise plus the chair gave Leduc all he needed to win this violent exchange that comes to an end when Mulligan and Wahoo rush out to make the save as Leduc headed for higher ground. Blackjack Mulligan: I am getting pretty sick and tired of what has been going on around here lately and it all started with the arrival on Ernie Ladd. All of these attacks on good people like Sweet Brown Sugar and now Tony Atlas began when scum like Leduc and Grizzly Boone wanted to move up the ranks in Ladd’s so-called Army. Well come this week in Denver that Army is going to have some casualties. I am taking Boone out in a First Blood Match and trust me… he is going to be bleeding a long time and Wahoo is taking out the head of the Army … Ernie Ladd… and just like the snake he is… when you caught off this Armies head… it will DIE! By this time, a battered and bruised Atlas is also at the interview desk where he is fuming and wants a match with Leduc, which is granted by the Lawman, with Jos Leduc for this week in Denver. Blackjack Mulligan: Hey Lawman, since you seem to be in a good mood tonight, why don’t you give these fans what they want to see… A match between myself and anyone one of the goons from Ladd’s Army. The Lawman agrees and the fans erupt as we find out that this match will becoming right up after our next break. COMMERCIAL Promos for Monday’s show at the Denver Auditorium MATCH: Blackjack Mulligan vs ? With Mulligan already in the ring, we see Ladd, for the second straight week pushing Sonny King out from behind the curtain to do the dirty work of his Army. The interesting thing here was that as soon as Sonny King got in the ring, all of Blackjack’s buddies; Wahoo, Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Chris Adams, Mike VonErich, and Sweet Brown Sugar came out and surrounded the ring to make sure Ladd’s Army couldn’t interfere. As for the match, Sonny King is no slouch but an angry Mulligan is not something to mess with and BJ was all over King. The end came when Mulligan locked in the Iron Claw and down went King. After a short time, we see the blood start to trickle from the side of King’s head. Ladd’s Army comes out but doesn’t attack as they see Mulligan’s friends are ready for a fight. Instead Ladd’s Army just watches the blood flow from King’s head. Eventually with get that giant X across the screen to censor it from the viewers. Cowboy Bob Tallman: Well folks, tonight’s wild rodeo has come to a close. See you next time on AWA Rocky Mountain All-Star Wrestling. So long from Pueblo! ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRO WRESTLING AUGUST 19, 1984 Denver Auditorium Chief Jay Strongbow vs Taras Bulba Sweet Brown Sugar vs Ciclon Negro Tony Atlas vs Jos Leduc BEST 3 OUT 5 SERIES FOR #1 CONTENDER: TEXAS TORNADO MATCH The Mountain Men (Link & Rex) vs The Super Samoans (Sakalia & Tui) FIRST BLOOD MATCH: Blackjack Mulligan vs Grizzly Boone ROCKY MOUNTAIN TAG TITLE: The Outlaws (Bass & Embry) vs Chris Adams & Mike VonErich ROCKY MOUNTAIN TITLE: Wahoo McDaniel vs Ernie Ladd
  11. kevinmcfl

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    I thought there were problems with Gang and Akbar but did not see Akbar joining with Lars
  12. kevinmcfl

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    After reading this, I can't even begin to decide which was my favorite segment. Each one was on fire. Not sure Akbar and Gang are going to be together much longer. Love all the heat in your tag division. They all might have a legit beef at why Cooley got to pick his own partner. Loved how you hyped up two matches in one interview segment KVE dragging the other Grappler out from under the ring was awesome and puts him over real quick. Landell on the mic is priceless as he HATES everyone and everything but he might have meet his match with KVE. He could be in for a long weekend. Can't wait for Hatcher's announcement next week as he tries to regain some control.
  13. kevinmcfl

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Piper still looking strong
  14. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    This is very real life for World Class as it was only here that Adias could go 15 minutes with Studd. Not sure what he had on Fritz but Adias was big time down in Texas.
  15. kevinmcfl

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    No matter what Rose does, I do not think he will keep Piper from getting to Firestorm. I agree with Flowers that the grin Snake gives is real creepy