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  1. kevinmcfl

    American Wrestling Association (v 3.0)

    Great show here with a lot of fun little details in the interviews. Thought it was great that HTM was at Sun Studios recording an album and the Apple Mac picked the opponent. Martel and the Rockers are a fun group. Sheepherders vs Killer Bees is a fun contrast in styles! Nice job making Abbie even scarier then he is. Great job getting even more energy into the Rocky Johnson/Movement feud! Rocky may need more then a baseball bat to put down the entire movement! Wow... a major title change on TV. Awesome match with Piper and Adonis. The little details continues here with the pale moon of Adonis! Hilarious
  2. kevinmcfl

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Nice set of house shows. I thought the battle royal in Ashville where the last two got a tag title shot that night was very creative. Can't say I was not disappointed that it wasn't Gino and Ritter going for the belts!
  3. kevinmcfl

    Twin States Wrestling

    Really enjoyed the opening this week to the TV show. So well written. Thatcher and Jarrett together is going to be fun to watch. Please don't fire RPG... he is an awesome read! Wow... I almost feel bad for Jimmy Garvin... It seems like he is really missing his poor Precious. Even with so many people barred from the building, Huntsville is going to be an awesome show.
  4. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Another two great cards. Would have loved to see Steamboat and Hart both go at it in their prime. It made me wonder how many times they faced each other and Steamboat was undefeated against Hart in 11 matches. It is all timing and who is getting the current push.
  5. kevinmcfl

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Interesting development with Adrian Street
  6. kevinmcfl

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    Very realistic house show. Just waiting for Pedro to get a big win and take the title. You are doing such a great job with him. He is the most believable JTTS in the game
  7. kevinmcfl

    NWA Houston

    Another great show with quality matches throughout. Liked how Bravo changed strategies in the middle of the match. Looking forward to hearing why Tojo and Killer Khan attacked the juniors but karma paid off in the end as they go down in defeat.
  8. kevinmcfl

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    I know I have said it before, but crazy, heel Backlund is awesome! Barry H with a win. Has SD fallen so far? or is there something new coming? Will watch this closely. Would not want to have an angry Ken Patera after me. Tunney and Valentine better be careful.
  9. kevinmcfl

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Enjoyed the Vancouver show. Cabin Fever is one tough team! Gordy back on track. I enjoy how you use him. I like that so many of us give some attention to the Light Heavyweights. It just rounds out the cards so nicely from all the big slugfests
  10. kevinmcfl


    Just trying to get my roster set as we head into 1986 and thought someone might have use for some guys on roster.... Sir Oliver Humperdink Midnight Express Rock n Roll Express Keith Hart The Batten Brothers Paul Roma Kendo Nagasaki Fidel Sierra & The Cuban Assassin Big Boss Man
  11. kevinmcfl


    Really good Bounty angle with Tiger-Colon- Morgan. That really sold some tickets What is that investigation all about with the CEO's? Interesting! Great job by Mike George dealing with the Elite. Looking forward to seeing if he can get Gagne to. Wondering which team from Texas is coming after Karachi Vice. Sugar dusting off the old mask... that brings me back to trying to find Championship Wrestling from Florida on the old tv dials. Slater and Dream is perfect Memphis style brawling The Vin Man learned what old school tough is all about here with Moose MORE Oliver/Borne and the Rich family please! St. Claire is really making that TV title interesting. Great card in Louisville. Highlights for me included the wild bounty match (Colon should be paying Ayala), Rich and Borne brawling. The Grapplers going over Lone Star as we all know they really want the Road Warriors and Lawler continuing his rebuild after suffering a neck injury by taking down Morrow
  12. kevinmcfl

    Texas All Star Wrestling

    Great show as always! Casey did a great job of giving respect to the Spoiler and that will be one heck of a match! Black Bart on the mic is gold! Who is their third partner? Nice job by Dusek hyping up The Spooktacular What a way to bring the heat down on El Jefe! So well written. Looking forward to seeing what Cocoa will do Great accent of Duncum. It sounded just like him. The Highway Men are a perfect team for Texas All-Star Wrestling Great debut for Kat Leroux
  13. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    KEMPER ARENA KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI OCTOBER 31, 1985 PRE-SHOW “Baby Bull” Leon White vs “Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan This feud, which has been raging for about a month now, pits too very similar wrestlers against each other. Both men are big and powerful and love to mix it up but there is one main difference here. Sweetan is looking to continue his long illustrious career by putting down the promising rookie while White looks to add Sweetan to his list of established vets that he has defeated. We will have to see if it is Sweetan’s piledriver or Baby Bull’s powerslam that prevails in this one. NWA JR. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Keith Hart © vs “White Lightening” Tim Horner The crowd will be strongly behind White Lightening here as Hart and fellow Commonwealth member, Dave Morgan, have really gotten under the skin of the NWA fans. For Horner to win the title, he is going to have to find some way to keep Morgan from interfering in the match. Many a foe have seen their lights go out as Morgan has clobbered them with the Commonwealth flag. It is this move that has kept the title around the waist of the arrogant Hart since Labor Day. MASK VS CONTRACT MATCH Mr. Olympia vs Buddy Landel While we all know that Mr. Olympia is responsible for Landel having his head shaved, many are wondering if this feud is causing Landel to also lose his mind and his mojo. In recent weeks, we have seen Landel go after the Nightmare thinking it was Mr. Olympia in a different mask. We have even seen the Nature Boy attack the Nightmare disguised as Mr. Olympia. Add that to the facts that we have seen Landel on a bit of a losing streak and he also cost fellow Diamond Club member, Ted Dibiase, the NWA North American Title by interfering in his match against Austin Idol. Landel is struggling to make his manager, Baby Doll very happy. In fact, she has vowed to rip up his contract and membership to the Diamond Club if he fails to defeat Mr. Olympia on Halloween night. Mr. Olympia is so confident that he has Landel’s number, that he has agreed to take off his mask if he loses the match. 4 WAY NWA NORTH AMERICAN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH The Rock n Roll Express © vs The Midnight Express vs The Invaders vs The Moondogs While the Rock n Roll Express and Midnight Express have been beating each other all over the NWA and trading the North American Tag Team title back and forth, the Invaders and the Moondogs have quickly risen into contention. The rules here are simple. Whoever wins the match leaves with the titles. It will be interesting to see what Cornette does in this match as he might not have enough tennis rackets for all the people he is going to need to clobber! #1 Contender’s Match for the North American Title Harley Race vs Larry Zbyszko with Roger Kirby Back and forth this one goes. From World Tag Team Champions to bitter enemies, this feud is not only personal, there is a title shot on the line. We know Kirby is dangerous but if he gets to involved, Jos Leduc might be in hot pursuit. We know that if this was strictly a wrestling match or a barroom brawl, Race would come out on top but never underestimate the cunning of Larry Legend! NWA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death with Baby Doll vs Stan “The Man” Hansen & Wahoo McDaniel Not much else to say here…. BRAWL FROM THE OPENING BELL. #1 Contender’s Match for the NWA World Title Hacksaw Butch Reed with Ernie Ladd vs Magnum T.A. We all know the havoc Ernie Ladd has caused since the return of the NWA but let’s not forget that Hacksaw Butch Reed has not been pinned or forced to submit this entire year. Add in the fact that Magnum T.A., the former NWA World Champion, has only lost once this year and we can see why the winner of this one gets a World Title shot on Thanksgiving night! Something here must give! NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH Tully Blanchard © with Baby Doll Vs NWA North American Champion, “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol with Precious While this is not a title vs title match, it is very interesting for many reasons. First, Idol has not lost since coming to the NWA but there also seems to be some flirtations between Idol and Baby Doll. Let’s see how Tully and Precious both deal with this issue. Precious left her man, Jimmy Garvin, because she fell hard for the Heartthrob, but does Idol have eyes for someone else? Who walks away with the World Title will be interesting but also, who walks away with the girls is something else we need to keep our eyes on! CAPTAIN’S MATCH FOR THE NWA TV TITLE 2 RINGS SIDE BY SIDE ENCLOSED BY A STELL CAGE EVERY 2 MINUTES-NEW WRESTLER ENTERS TEAM DUSTY (Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Tony Atlas) VS TEAM SULLIVAN (Kevin Sullivan, Kendo Nagasaki, Purple Haze & The Barbarian) /Oliver Humperdink The interesting thing here is that Sullivan becomes the NWA TV champion if any of his teammates wins the match. In terms of the match, I know I am a little ahead of my time with this War Games type match, but I couldn’t resist! Let the Battle Begin!
  14. kevinmcfl

    Twin States Wrestling

    Awesome TV show right from the get go! Platt, RPG and Thatcher are great together. Garvin and Brisco is a great feud here and I get wait to see the end game here. Love the way you set up the bounty on Mulligan as it could be anyone. We got Fullers upset with each other. We got Valiants upset at each other. This is like a bad family soap opera that we just can't stop watching. And if that is not enough, we get the news of a new partnership and a huge card on Hell-o-ween. The Bullet in a Ugandan Death match is priceless. I thought the entire card in Montgomery was golden! I mean where else can Blackjack Mulligan vs Lord Humongous and a $10,000 bounty not even be could enough for the Semi-Main event! And that Main Event.... WOW... What chaos! I thought the police were coming
  15. kevinmcfl

    NWA Houston

    I continue to enjoy reading Houston each week. The format and quality of matches makes it a must read for me. Liked seeing Dino go over Wells here but I am hoping Wells takes out Gino Jr. Dino could be a big time heel here as I am sure that French Canadian attitude won't play in Texas. Enjoying the women's division and wondering who will be the next big challenger to Richter. Ox and Superstar could rule Houston. One of my favorite teams in the entire came. Harley is still Harley and it just feels right that he is holding some gold in the NWA!