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  1. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Awesome set of house shows. The babyfaces seem to be red hot in the last 4 matches but you did a nice job of not giving too much away with non-title matches and DQ wins which allow you to continue the angles.
  2. kevinmcfl

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Gino Hernandez is just getting bigger and bigger and Mucho Man helos out. The House of Humperdink is a fun aspect of ACCW
  3. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Giving Schultz, Brody and Studd time to stew until Chamber of Horrors is going to mean chaos! I am enjoying the business men side of Gary Hart and he does have a dangerous stable. It also seems like he is willing to rent them out to people like Bock so all of World Class better have eyes in the back of their heads. Chris Adams is a nice start but the VonErichs might need more help. Sam Houston is a nice mid-card fan favorite for WCCW. He always seemed to bring some a lot of energy to the ring. WCCW is the only place where Adias could rise to this level and you have him down pat. Nice work Looking forward to the Halloween card
  4. kevinmcfl

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    TBS/GEORGIA and CCW fit like a glove! Funk paying off Fuller and Golden to attack an Armstrong seems so right in the world of CCW The poor Lumberjacks trying to keep Bundy and OMG in the ring Like how quickly the Family is being born. Nice win for the Andersons Ronnie Garvin winning the belt seems like a nice fit to go with the new Georgia connection
  5. kevinmcfl

    TNT Wrestling

    I have loved the build up to Axe and son vs Tully. Landel was a great addition to this feud. Nice push for Real Deal but the champs are going to be tough! I think we are all buying into the Movement and it has become a fun league-wide angle Jumbo might have met his match if we get a Martel feud And the Oates get a little love... the master of the midcard continues Great realistic show from a Memphis point of view as we get our weekly heel turn with a new/old, friend/enemy turning on Lawler. Great fun!
  6. kevinmcfl


    POST-DRAFT CATCH-UP SHOW TV Contracts It appears that both Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling have added national cable television contracts. So many of the people living near the border have already been seeing both shows through local syndication but now each show will be shown nationally. The fans in Canada can see both shows on TSN, the Canadian equivalent of ESPN while the fans in the United States will be able to see both shows on Sports Channel America. Meeting between Stu Hart & Blackjack Mulligan After Stu Hart and Blackjack Mulligan jointly secured these national tv shows, they also entered into an agreement to share talent and will also work together to produce major shows both on cable and on the up and coming idea of pay per view. The first major cable show will be on Halloween Night and will be seen on live tv. It will be a 3 hour spectacular with the first 90 minutes coming from the Denver Auditorium and the last 90 minutes coming from the Corral in Calgary. If all goes well, they will immediately begin working towards the first pay per view titles King of the Mountain on January 5th in the Saddledome. The Hart Dungeon In order to train wrestlers for both Rocky Mountain and Stampede, Stu Hart has agreed to train upcoming wrestlers in his “Dungeon.” It is said that his new stable of workers includes 1. a near 400 pound baby bull who is just running over people by the name of Leon White. 2. one tough wolverine who refuses to give an inch by the nake of Chris Benoit. 3. A physically 6’4, 280 pound bodybuilder who so far just tells Stu Hart that he is a Warrior. THE BRITISH BULLDOGS The British Bulldogs defeated the Assassins in their Contract vs Mask match which made them the number 1 contenders to the Stampede Tag Team Title last Monday in Calgary. When the masked came off of the Assassins, Assassin #1 turned out to be long time Stampede heel, Kurt Von Hess and Assassin #2 turned out to be Man Mountain Rex. Why they had joined forces is unknown as they high-tailed it out of the ring and the arena. Von Hess has not been seen since and Rex, as usually has remained mute on the situation. The problem came when Jim Davies went to interview the Bulldogs as we soon found out that when they had dared to put their contracts on the line, they were instantly pursued by another promotion who has remained nameless as of now. Both Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith were blown away by the offer and said they only way they could make that type of money was if they were the champions. So basically, it comes down to this… if the Bulldogs beat the Hart Foundation at the Halloween Spectacular, they will remain in Stampede but if they fail to win the titles, they are going to be leaving Stampede. The crowd immediately began to chant “Please don’t go!” STAN HANSEN VS BAD NEWS ALLEN Last we had seen, Bad News Allen had used a chain to knock out Stan Hansen and then he walked away from the ring with Hansen’s cowboy hat. The two were to meet this past week but the match never got started. With Hansen already in the ring, a delivery boy brought a box to the ring and presented it Hansen. When Hansen opened the box, it appeared to be Stan Hansen’s hat filled with some sort of feces. Hansen went absolutely wild and as Bad News Allen was coming to the ring with a big smile on the face. Allen never reached the ring, as Hansen rushed up the ramp and the brawl was on. It became one of the bloodiest scenes in Stampede Wrestling history and was declared a No Contest. We later found out that Stu Hart and Stampede Wrestling refuse to sanction another bout between the two but the hatred between them has gotten so hot that there is going to be a Loser-Leave Town Lights Out Match on the Halloween Spectacular ROCKY MOUNTAIN TAG TITLE: It is becoming obvious that Sweet Brown Sugar will not be healthy enough to defend the title with Tony Atlas. He was attacked by the Iron Sheik a few weeks ago with the Persian Club. The Sheik and Nicolai Volkoff have been reminding Rocky Mountain President, Don Slatten, that if they do not defend the belts in 30 days, that, by rule, they must be stripped of the belts. Since Sugar’s injuries were caused by the #1 contenders in a non-wrestling situation, the Lawman has agreed to allow Tony Atlas to find another partner. The Sheik and Volkoff have been complaining about this but the quited down when Slatton threatened to bring the police in and allow them to investigate the assault situation. We will find out who Tony Atlas finds as his new partner on Halloween night. Other matches already signed for the Halloween Spectacular: North American Title Rematch: Paul Orndorff © vs Ric Flair Rocky Mountain Title Match: Ernie Ladd © vs Blackjack Mulligan Commonwealth Title Match: Dave Morgan vs Gamma Singh
  7. kevinmcfl

    Rosters and Transactions 2.0

    All-Star adds Plowboy Frazier and releases Taras Bulba All-Star also trades JJ Dillon to CCW for Mongolian Stomper
  8. kevinmcfl

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    All-Star selects The Snowman and then drops out.
  9. kevinmcfl


    All-Star has Ric Flair on the block
  10. kevinmcfl

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    All-Star adds Ultimate Warrior
  11. kevinmcfl

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    All-Star adds Kim Duk and releases Kurt Von Hess to free agency
  12. kevinmcfl

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    I like the idea of the major angle playing from week to week. Andre in a Battle Royal would be great in TV. Backlund and the rest of the big stars stay hot on TV. Nice job catching up!
  13. kevinmcfl

    TNT Wrestling

    Awesome show.... never thought I would see SD in a different roll and I am loving it. I see some more Mid-Card feuds starting with Ricky Vaughn seeming a bit upset, DJ and Ferige with a few friends thrown in, ... fun. Landell vs Dibiase.... throw in Hennig and Tully and we got one hot angle. Lawler.... Dream... Dundee. Always fun as you never know what is going to happen next.
  14. kevinmcfl

    1985 Rookie/Georgia Draft

    All-Star adds Joe Lightfoot and releases Ed Mortetti to free agency. World Class has given me their pick and it is Les Thorton. Gene and CCW are up