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[2019-11-03-Actwres girl'Z] Miyuki Takase vs. Tae Honma


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This is the semi-final for a tournament that started out as a way to determine the #1 contender but ended up being for the vacant Actwres girl'Z title. These two truly go for broke here as they full on lay into each other with their strikes. After Honma figures out that she can't keep up with Takase on strikes, she decides to go after Takase's arm in an attempt to try to neutralize her. This works to a limited degree as even though Takase still manages to drill Honma a few times, each one doesn't hurt Honma as much as it should and Takase needs to take a few seconds to recover thus can't effectively follow up. Takase though smartly makes an adjustment herself and ends up catching Honma with a head-scissors style triangle hold to get the win. This was absolutely tremendous match that was worked as an all out war. ****1/2

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Watched this the other week and didn't think to put a review here. I don't usually like forearm exchanges but this match has got one of the best I've ever seen. They absolutely stiff the fuck out of each other you can hear every single thud. It's a wonder they didn't cave each other's ribcages in. Tomohiri Ishii would cry if he had to get hit by Miyuki Takase.


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