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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired March 14, 1992

Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN

  1. Hector Guerrero vs T.J. Travis
  2. INT: Danny Davis
  3. INT: The Fantastics - they’re back from Japan and ready for their six-man tag match with Jimmy Golden and the Koloffs.  Their six-man partner they know well, but they aren’t going to say who it is, they’ll only find out when they step in the ring with them next week.
  4. Ivan & Vladimir Koloff & Jimmy Golden vs Rocky Patterson & Reno Riggins & Ben Jordan
  5. INT: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff & Jimmy Golden
  6. Recap of Bob Armstrong banning Ron Wright from ringside from last week
  7. INT: Ron Wright - says it was a disgrace Bob Armstrong coming out here and trying to assault a crippled man, he thought that he was a better man than that.  Claims that it’ll take a smarter man than Bob Armstrong to outsmart the smartest man in the wrestling business, and he’s got a man that’s coming out to wrestle under contract.  He is going to accompany him to the ring and show these people what rasslin’ and managing is all about.
  8. Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs Rikki Nelson
  9. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - Wright confirms that Anthony has signed on the dotted line and will make his trips to the hospital a success.  He says that he may even need open heart surgery, but with the Dirty White Boy that will all be possible.  Anthony can’t believe that none of the wrestlers would step up to help such a great legend as Ron Wright, whilst Ron says he’ll be out of the wheelchair in no time after the surgery.
  10. INT: Bob Holly - wants to clear up a few rumours from the Enquirer.  No he didn’t break up Julia Roberts’ wedding plans and no he isn’t flying to Hawaii to marry her, they are just good friends and you can’t believe everything you read!
  11. Killer Kyle vs Jerry Lynn
  12. Recap of Terry Gordy vs Tommy Angel from last week
  13. INT: Terry Gordy
  14. Recap of Rip Rogers’ free squat challenge from last week
  15. INT: Rip Rogers - says that Tim Horner owes him $500 because he did what he said he’d do, and that was squats for a full hour.
  16. Rip Rogers vs Tim Horner - Dutch Mantel claims that if this goes 20-25 minutes Rogers would win because of his conditioning.  Caudle then says that it is TV time remaining and that they don’t have that long left.  Mantel thinks that it’s a conspiracy by Bob Armstrong, putting the match on late to save his little fair haired friend.
  17. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that before Jim Cornette enters a team in this tournament, which starts next week, he wants to know who they are.  Cornette joins him and again says that he is saving them for the tournament, but as he is a charitable guy, next week he’ll have a video of his new team who will be the tag team champions.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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