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  1. Sean Reedy

    The Jerry Lawler Show

    Downtown Bruno this week!
  2. Sean Reedy

    AEW Dynamite Week 7 - 13th November 2019

    I really hope they continue doing TV with that fun sense of chaos instead of a lot of straight 10 minute wrestling matches, I think that's the model for drawing ratings. I loved this show.
  3. Sean Reedy

    The Jerry Lawler Show

    What if I told you this entire journey into podcasting with Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, and Randy Hales was all part of an elaborate plan targeted towards getting to new Memphis footage. Lets keep that secret to this board! But I hope to produce new stuff for the community,.
  4. Sean Reedy

    The Jerry Lawler Show

    Jimmy Hart this week! I'm living all of my Memphis fantasies!
  5. Sean Reedy

    The Jerry Lawler Show

    Lawler and Dave Brown together this week! Fun stuff!
  6. Hey all - I'm currently doing a podcast with Jerry Lawler on Podcast One, replacing his old one, and no we still don't have details on what happened to the old host. You can find us right here! I've enjoyed the shows and we've had some fun topics. In the show that we recorded today and is going up tomorrow, I went over my appreciation for the psychology of his matches and how every move meant something in his, and we had a really good discussion about that. Please let me know what you think and topics you would like to hear covered, sometimes I forget just all the possibilities that are available with his unique career. Thanks!
  7. Sean Reedy

    AEW All Out

    Tully getting the chance to properly heel in 2019 in front of this big of an audience makes the entire existence of AEW worthwhile.
  8. Sean Reedy

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Everyone should watch the last 20 minutes of NTR94, the entire locker room tries to improvise after Sabu breaks his neck, its amazing the promotion survived this. And the Body Count pyro thing and the fire incident.
  9. Sean Reedy

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Not technically in the Hidden Gems section but WWE just dropped November to Remember 94 which was never released, watching the show closing mess with Sabu breaking his neck a minute into the match with Benoit.
  10. Sean Reedy

    WWE Hidden Gems

    This is crazy, a 33-year build to being able to see this.
  11. Sean Reedy

    Wrestlemania 35 - Voluntary Colonization

    I feel like it's a reflection of how much crazy stuff is happening in wrestling now that a Rey Mysterio-Samoa Joe match in front of 70K at Wrestlemania isn't getting more buzz. Rey, a guy years ago I made a post about as being an underrated candidate for GOAT and he's only added to it since then. Samoa Joe, a guy who played so much of a role in keeping my fandom alive in that 04-07 period, so many amazing ROH moments, yes slowed by injuries recently but can certainly bring it on the Mania stage. And with modern WWE, this isn't going to be some 5-minute special, this show is going at least 7 hours so they'll get their 10-15 minutes. What a crazy dream match, if you told me about this ten years ago my head would have exploded.
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  13. Sean Reedy

    Jarrett Parsons Wrestling on Roku

    I know they are trying to make that happen, yes.
  14. Sean Reedy

    Jarrett Parsons Wrestling on Roku

    There are negotiations to buy things. My understanding is a lot of it depends on viewership numbers and advertising dollars coming in. This thing is very much in its infancy, there's so much being discussed, which I know you've heard before with other projects like FloSlam so not trying to over-hype anything, but some cool stuff could happen.
  15. Sean Reedy

    Jarrett Parsons Wrestling on Roku

    I have agreed to take on an unofficial role of sorting through thousands of hours of footage for this channel so I'll be on the lookout for anything rare. I will do everything in my power to track down leads and find new stuff. I recently came across 3 WMC-5 episodes from 1982 that are brand new. I'd love to be active with this board about this project in the same way that Bruce Tharpe was with the NWA on Demand channel.