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Smoky Mountain Wrestling


Aired March 21, 1992

Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN

  1. Robert Gibson vs Joe Cazana
  2. INT: Bob Armstrong - he runs down the teams and brackets for the tag team tournament which starts on today’s show.  He’s trying to get to the bottom of Jim Cornette’s surprise team and there’s no time to start like the present.
  3. The Wild Bunch (Joel Deaton & Billy Black) music video - Steppenwolf 'Born to be Wild’
  4. Hector Guerrero vs Keith Hart
  5. INT: The Fantastics & Brian Lee & Tim Horner
  6. INT: Jim Cornette - after insulting the crowd (it looks like a green room at an acid flashback!), he then gets them to play a video.  Cornette and Phil Rainey are in the back of a limousine and Cornette promises to introduce him to the greatest tag team in the universe and is taking them to their training location, where the next SMW tag team champions are working out and planning strategy.  It turns out that this ‘training location’ is a Hooters Bar and Cornette gets the limo driver (called ‘Herd’, a lousy driver!) to pull over.  Cornette tells Rainey they’re going to have a quiet little interview and he’s rented out the whole place so that they won’t be disturbed.  They then go into the room to see a swarm of Hooters’ girls all crowded round ‘the team’ and Cornette says that someone has clearly spilled the beans.  Rainey says he can’t see anyone, isn’t risking going into that melee and they’ll have to do the interview some other time.  Back in the studio Cornette says it’s so long since the women in this part of the area have seen a real man that their hormones went South.  He promises to try again next week in a special location that will be a little more private, so all these women won’t be able to harass them no more.
  7. Bob Holly vs Paul Miller
  8. INT: Ron Wright & Tony Anthony - Ron’s a bit disheartened as the fans aren’t getting behind this poor old broken down man and the cheques aren’t coming in the mail.  He’s disappointed and hurt.  It makes Anthony sick to see this legend sat in the chair, says that he’ll go through everyone in the upcoming tournament and will get Wright out of the chair one war or another.  If the doctors can’t, then he’ll buy him the best gold chair that there is.
  9. The Maulers (Rip Morgan & Jack Victory) vs Johnny & Davey Rich
  10. INT: The Fantastics - they introduce Tommy Rogers as their mystery partner for the six man tag match.
  11. INT: Jimmy Golden - says that he’s just got a phone call from his two partners and both their wives are having a baby and they can’t be here so there will be no match.  Tommy Rogers comes out and says that he’s travelled a thousand miles and isn’t going to wrestle anyone?  Golden pokes him in the chest and Rogers responds with a punch and the two start fighting, ending up in the ring.  With the Fulton’s cheering on from the outside, they’re joined by the Wild Bunch and all six go at it.
  12. The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton & Tommy Rogers) vs The Wild Bunch (Billy Black & Joel Deaton) & Jimmy Golden - very good short match and would’ve been great if they’d been given longer.  
  13. INT: Jimmy Golden
  14. INT: Dutch Mantel
  15. INT: Bob Armstrong - as the Koloffs run off on their match with the Fantastics, he’s fining them $500 and they won’t be allowed to wrestle in the tag team tournament until they pay it.

Bold matches are PWO recommended

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