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[2013-08-17-4FW-Ultimate Supremacy] Carlito vs Antonio De Luca


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Antonio De Luca was one of the regulars for 4FW and he showed a lot of promise. Possessing a great look and loads of charisma, he was always a heel and his gimmick was that of an egotistical Italian douchebag. The crowd teases him with chants of 'Where's My Pizza!' as he is introduced. Carlito, who was released from WWE a few years earlier, is in incredible shape and starts this one off by spitting his apple into De Luca's face. De Luca was quite sloppy here, but he was still quite young and he more than made up for his in-ring shortcomings by showing a lot of character. He had a small flap on his tights that he would arrogantly flap to generate some crowd heat as he beats down Carlito. He even gets a small child to swing at him as he's teasing the audience! Carlito had the reputation of being lazy, but he did all the spots you would expect from him and then some. I don't recall ever seeing Carlito doing a superkick or a screw neckbreaker during his time in WWE. Although giving the crowd the apple spot before the match was definitely a mistake as the crowd quieted down significantly after Carlito did his most famous spot so early into the match. This wasn't a classic by any means, but the fans are just happy to see a former WWE star wrestle in their small hometown and De Luca makes this worth a watch with his sublime character work. ★★½

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