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[2015-08-05-NXT-TV] Bayley vs Charlotte Flair

Jimmy Redman

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NXT TV August 5th 2015 - Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

Bayley has begun her road to Brooklyn, she'd been out with a broken hand and returned, still bandaged up, and set upon her goal of working towards the NXT Women's Title. She had just beaten Emma, whom she'd been feuding with for months, and challenged Charlotte to a match. Bayley has been chasing that win over Charlotte for literally years, ever since Charlotte turned on her originally in 2013. Bayley chased her for the title in 2014, couldn't beat her. The four way from Takeover Rival was still built around Bayley chasing Charlotte, but then Sasha won the belt and that big victory still eluded her. Now she's chasing Sasha, but Bayley knows that she has to go through Charlotte first, even just for her own satisfaction. It's the one big accomplishment that she needs to tick off, besides winning the title itself.

They start out with a handshake, everyone is a babyface now, and they get going. Bayley hits the first tackle, and Charlotte immediately kips up. Fuck you and your dreams Bayley, Charlotte is still Charlotte. Bayley is on a mission and hits a flurry of offense early, including the dropkick through the turnbuckle, all the way until she hits the corner, somersaults out, waves her a-BIG BOOT CUTOFF. Bayley gets cut off but never really succumbs to any kind of heat, she just keeps unloading all the offense she can think of, and caps it with a huge FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP! This kid is DETERMINED. That spot woke the crowd up too, they started out polite and even had duelling chants with the persistent rudo section from mid 2015, and by the stretch they were going apeshit for everything. From here it was just bomb after bomb, a battle of wills. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker-spear combo. She does the Figure Four, but can't bridge, and Bayley reverses it. They do a backslide sequence, and Bayley's lightbulb goes off and she flips out of the corner Bret-style and lands right in a BELLY TO BELLY! Charlotte kicks out! Bayley hits a sweet German, but then gets rolled up into the bottom turnbuckle and eats it. Charlotte goes up top and Bayley hits the SUPER BELLY TO BELLY to finally, ultimately, definitively pin Charlotte. A pin she's been chasing for two years.

Izzy is bawling at ringside, and Bayley gives her a headband after the match, in I think the first inkling that she would become a recurring character in the ensuing months. This match was very stretch-heavy, but it was a great stretch, the big moves popped, and they really made this feel like a meaningful result. It felt like Bayley's whole title chase was at stake here - if she couldn't beat Charlotte, she couldn't go on to win the title.

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Bayley winning with the Super Bayley to Belly was cool because it's the same move she hit on Charlotte in the Four Way at Takeover: Rival, only for Sasha to break up the pin and get the win on Charlotte herself. It proved that Bayley can win the big one (and indeed was already good enough six months ago).

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