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[1984-10-13-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Sgt. Slaughter & Junkyard Dog vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Chess Knight

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I only watched this because I remember being blown away by the Texas tornado rematch with a fiery crowd a decade ago on a WWE Legends DVD, but it's fun as hell and has a fiery crowd itself so I think people should see it too. WWF tags could have a habit of doing heel in peril but I think what opens the match here is more of a traditional (was it traditional in 1984? Hell) babyface shine, because it was more Sheik and Volkoff stooging and getting tossed around than it was rest holds and reaching for an out. Once that's over though they get right into Slaughter reaching for an out, and there's maybe the closet non-tag I've ever seen in this. They got Slaughter nice and bloody after a few of his classic ring post bumps and a shot on Sheik's shoe, which was immediately after Sheik gained control. Don't see a face in peril start that quickly too often. Then they get a JYD face in peril even quicker. I don't mind spoiling this in saying it ends in a double dq, because like I said I only actually watched it as a lead in for the Texas tornado, and, well, the double dq causes the Texas tornado. The break down is awesome, with a bloody Slaughter reaching to tag in and getting fed up of Sheik blasting him off of the apron, so he just runs in during a camel clutch attempt and causes chaos. We get a preview of the tornado tag before a downed ref (and that was not accidental) calls for the bell. It really does feel like it almost comes close to breaking down throughout as well, with enough biting (and not just from JYD) and entering the ring illegally and no regard for the dreaded CLOSED FIST, REFEREE! Unsurprising given the lack of "feeling out process" at all from the get-go; the heels get the jump, the faces turn the tables, and no one has any respect for their opponent for a second.

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