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[2002-08-30-CMLL] Vampiro Canadiense vs Ultimo Guerrero

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I've declared Ultimo the best rudo in CMLL, but here's a challenge for him: can he get anything out of Vampiro in a mano a mano? Vampiro comes out to a hip hop track instead of 'Welcome to the Jungle,' which I couldn't figure out at first, but then Shocker came into shot. That's the first time I've heard a second's theme used for a singles match. Vampiro can't seem to figure out what look he wants to rock. He's back to Biker Taker here. This is a great performance from Ultimo Guerrero, and a really good mano a mano. Ultimo works stiff with a mix of brawling and shoot submissions. He does a great job of making Vampiro's shit look good. There are a few hairy moments where Vampiro can't execute cleanly, but it's still an excellent bout. The crowd is red hot at the end. CMLL is on fire right now. It's summer and the Aniversario is around the corner. This shit is exciting. 

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