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  1. Danielson/Morishima is one of my top 5 feuds of all time, and the only one where one person had to entirely carry the promos (spoiler: it was Bryan).
  2. Clayton Jones

    [2020-12-06-Pro Wrestling NOAH] Go Shiozaki vs Takashi Sugiura

    The selling was tremendous with lots of masterful touches. Like all of their matches there was some really great stuff in here. But like all of their matches the lack of an ability to self edit took this down a notch for me. Still really good, borderline great, but doesn't touch the Nakajima defense for my MOTY. Either way loving 2018-current NOAH.
  3. Clayton Jones

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    What exactly does the analogy boil down to?
  4. Clayton Jones

    WWE TV 11/23 - 11/29 Lakers gonna three-peat

    Bob Ryder played a huge role shaping my concept of what it was to be a "smart" fan on Prodigy back when. He was always helpful and nice answering questions from a clueless teenager trying to figure pro wrestling out beyond childhood fandom. Hadn't thought about him in years but very sorry to hear he passed.
  5. Clayton Jones

    [1967-03-07-JWA] Giant Baba vs Bruno Sammartino

    Decent enough, very hard work from both men but definitely a bit plodding. The sense of struggle was there and some good moments sprinkled in there but a lot of repetition as well. Still there's something about this matchup that's really intriguing, I'll probably seek out that rematch superkix mentioned.
  6. Clayton Jones

    [1997-12-05-CMLL] Atlantis vs Blue Panther

    Really dug this, makes me want to seek out more lucha along these lines. Pardon my ignorance but is Panther tecnico or rudo at the time? One of the things I enjoyed was what a sporting contest it was.
  7. Clayton Jones

    [1979-03-26-WWWF-MSG, NY] Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine

    This is the first match between the two I've seen and I'll have to dig into more because I was way into this. The finish was goofy and there were some down moments but the transitions, snug work, and sense of struggle made this a great watch. Valentine struck an interesting balance of coming off like a legitimate badass while still finding ways to get cheap heat and keep this crowd foaming at the mouth to see Backlund clobber him.
  8. This match is so good that not only does it fly by but I actually want more. Not because the story they tell is incomplete, but because this is the type of beautiful epic fight you can't take your eyes off of. I love watching Bock planning out the game of chess he's playing to stay ahead of the younger, physically superior Tsuruta. Jumbo compliments him with such great fire. If I had one criticism other than the finish it would be some of those irish whips looked very jerky and awkward. Maybe because of the ring as mentioned earlier? Regardless, I'm so glad the Bock kick I've been on brought me here.
  9. Clayton Jones

    [1981-07-16-AWA-Winnipeg, MB] Nick Bockwinkel vs Jim Brunzell

    The cumulative selling is definitely the strength of this match. I also really appreciated what a "seesaw" contest it was and how control segments never felt like such. Looking back at my AWA ballot on first viewing I could see this placing as high as 10th for me and as low as 25th. Good territory to be in for certain. There were moments I thought Brunzell might be gassed but then he'd execute some impressive feats so I guess his selling was really that good. Interestingly as the crowd became less engaged I became more so. Regardless of the gate Winnipeg seemed like a fairly tepid territory for them, I wonder why they didn't run this particular match closer to home where it'd have gotten closer to the reaction Mean Gene was predicting? Grateful for this Frankenstein version either way.
  10. Clayton Jones

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Charming is a good way to describe them. They weren't bad in the sense he was trying and failing as much as he clearly didn't give a fuck.
  11. Clayton Jones

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    One thing with Scorpio is I remember his promos being pretty awful. It never detracted from how much I enjoyed him but overall in his career I think it held him back. I don't think he was a talent who would go out and force you to push him with a hot angle or feud. And he never struck me as someone who could be bothered to play politics. I agree completely Vic, and even when we did get certain exciting protected match ups, like Taz/Tajiri, they went out of their way to still keep them protected in the execution. It did keep ECW fresh with a fairly limited roster but it's hard not to wonder what could have been.
  12. Clayton Jones

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    Appreciate the feedback. That's exactly the problem with HSN, I have 3 or 4 confusingly redundant ways to search for certain content, but seemingly can rarely find what I'm actually looking for, let alone see at a glance an entire card before putting a show on. I think I'll make the switch for a while and see how I like it.
  13. Clayton Jones

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    Do they rotate content or does what's up stay up on there? I remember early discussions on the Card Is Going To Change giving me the impression it was going to be the former, but that might have been when it was still Powerbomb. For those that have both IWTV and HSN, how do they compare? I'm generally happy with my HSN subscription although navigating the god awful layout does get tiresome when I want to put something in quickly.
  14. Clayton Jones

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    In which the person gatekeeping masculinity thinks quoting George RR Martin makes him sound bad ass.
  15. Clayton Jones

    [1973-03-14-Joint Promotions] Jim Breaks vs Johnny Saint

    Excellent match especially for the time period that left me excited for the title bout. I thought they went to the well of the "face treatment" and Saint's hulk ups a few too many times, but Breaks' is such a fantastic heel that it never got old.