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  1. Clayton Jones

    Matt Sydal

    Sydal had really great matches VS Ospreay in RevPro and Strickland in DEFY since the last round of discussion!
  2. Clayton Jones

    Steve Corino

    I don't feel like I'm the guy to go to bat for Corino but he does have a solid shot at making it onto the tail end of my ballot. Besides the stuff mentioned I really enjoyed him as a general shit stirrer in ECW, feuding with Taz, house show matches VS Dreamer, as well as later on ROH stuff teaming with Steen and sponsoring Jacobs. For GWE I just watched his matches VS Colby and an early 2000s match VS Windham, both were very good but polar opposite performances. In the latter's defense Windham looked great too. I like him well enough as a Hashimoto opponent. But big title matches, dream match type settings are where I think he falters most. Or when he relies too much on getting his friends/students work. Overall he moves the needle for me though, I get that he doesn't for a lot of people, but I'm still surprised by the relative indifference he's gotten as a nominee.
  3. Haha damn it!! Next time, I swear. You guys keep churning and burning!
  4. Clayton Jones

    Shinya Hashimoto

    I'm coincidentally on a round of Hashimoto viewing right now and I'd say all 3 of the matches I've watched so far he was clearly the best wrestler in (IWGP title defense VS Tenzan in 95 after his excursion, the US 4 way with Corino, VS Choshu from WK 2001) and were all great matches in their own right. And even against Dylan Night and Gary Steele, and especially against Tenzan, he did a great job of elevating his opponents while always looking like a world beater. I was much higher on that Tenzan match than most reviews I see out there and give it a strong recommendation. I will definitely recant my 2016 opinion that he lacks career defining feuds after digging deeper into the Tenryu and Choshu matches in particular since then. I also 6 years later find the wide range of opponents Hash had good to great matches with much more endearing, and now that I've made the commitment to vote this time around am more excited to keep exploring his career because of that variety. The question of who was better at elevating opponents between him or Nagata is an interesting one, and makes me really wish we could have seen Hash have a rivalry with an up and coming Tanahashi. I'd also say he was great as early as 89, with performances in matches VS Zangiev, Vader, and Choshu as evidence.
  5. I did hate the finish, and I'm finding I hate a lot of Choshu finishes in singles matches, but I loved everything else. Two guys that excel painting in broad strokes having the type of match they both thrive in. Big moments, huge strikes, even a simple lock up feels like it moves the ground under the ring. They both project such huge personas and back it up with everything they do in this match. The only Inoki-ism criticism I have is the dud of a finish, and that that's what the fans had to settle for after an epic war up until that point.
  6. Clayton Jones

    [1986-09-03-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu

    Great match that felt much more cohesive than their 85 match I just watched. My main criticism here was the finish made Choshu look pretty dumb, and not in a hotheaded way because of the clear callback to the 85 match, where he was clearly getting a pass this time. I do appreciate the character development, where these guys come in and where they leave, and the great job the above posts do of outlining that. But I still hated this finish. That said, I loved everything else about this match, miscommunications and all, these two are rarely graceful and that's not what I'm looking for between them. Even more than the big moments I especially liked the build, the grappling, and the momentum shifts in this one.
  7. Clayton Jones

    [1985-06-21-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu vs Riki Choshu

    I'm somewhere between World's Worst Man and the consensus ****1/4 here. Choshu getting up in the middle of the scorpion, especially in one of his matches where he fights to apply it for such a large portion, really drives me nuts. That said, the presence these guys bring is huge, I loved the opening, and I liked the finishing run. I'm curious to watch more of their matches because it does seem like the potential is there, and Tenryu is particularly great here.
  8. Clayton Jones

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    Up: Jun Akiyama: starting to look like a legit #1 contender for me. Peak longevity, consistency, adaptability, and variety candidate. Andre the Giant: digging into his French footage is making me feel like I'm going to be a "how high is too high?" Andre voter Yuki Ishikawa: climbing from top half candidate to top quarter. Devil Masami: has had a trajectory in my first year very similar to Akiyama, where she pops back up constantly and is always so damn good Jack Brisco: great champion, great tag wrestler, great TV studio wrestler, great against Inoki Psicosis: one of those guys that I didn't have a super strong idea what I was going to do with going in but I was hopeful. So far he hasn't disappointed me and falls into the "makes the most of every opportunity" category that I highly value Kyoko Inoue: in kind of similar territory as Psicosis only I didn't really expect to rank her. Thus far though I'm realizing she has more depth and more high end matches than I was giving her credit for. Mark Rocco: problematic for certain, by no means a lock, but Rocco at his best is an all-timer and has a compelling case to be made Down: Aja Kong: Aja is great, I will vote her high, she's just not the women's GOAT I once thought she was Mikey Whipwreck: kind of falls in that Psicosis/Kyoko territory but went the opposite way on my first round with him. Still going to watch more but I'm having a harder time seeing it WALTER: man I love WALTER and would love to have him as a more modern guy who makes my list. But dude why you gotta chop the ring post so many damn matches. Why. I think his NXTUK time has helped but recycles too many sequences in general when watching with some scrutiny. Hopefully I feel differently next round with him.
  9. Clayton Jones

    Fujita Hayato Returns at Michinoku Pro Show

    Awesome! I hope he feels totally physically ready and continues to have good health moving forward. For him to even get back to this point is something extraordinary indeed.
  10. Clayton Jones

    Mercedes Martinez

    I just don't understand how one "acquires" an audience. It seems to me a wrestler would have to get over with said audience in the same ways Mercedes is being knocked for not doing in order to acquire them in the first place.
  11. Clayton Jones

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I was rooting for Perez to continue to beat the odds for as long as possible but at least he got to be in control of a terrible circumstance. I respect the way he chose to leave this earth surrounded by family and friends in his home. And his work had more of an impact on my life than almost any comic creator. RIP
  12. Clayton Jones

    Mercedes Martinez

    What exactly is the difference between an acquired audience and a regular audience?
  13. Great episode! I would definitely call 2006 the creamy middle of material for this podcast even if 2004 is my personal favorite. I'll have to get some live thoughts sent in for Hell Freezes Over, I wanted to for Final Battle but you guys are pumping them out so damn fast these days. I might have some more (admittedly minor) details to help Matt on his Drano Angle Investigation.
  14. Clayton Jones

    [1989-12-31-NJPW-Moscow] Riki Choshu vs Victor Zangiev

    Man, it's hard not to be disappointed with this match despite the fact that what we got was pretty sweet. Zangiev is such a force but Choshu treats him like a nuisance. A respectable nuisance but there's definitely no feeling of threat to this match which is especially strange given the setting. But Zangiev is great and Choshu isn't bad by any means, just not inspired. Still worth a watch.
  15. Clayton Jones

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    How is everyone feeling now that we're a little over 20% done our journey? I had a rare quiet moment to sit down with a cup of coffee today and update my log for most of what I can remember watching for the past few months. This is the hardest part for me, finding the time to document everything, and I'm not using any formulas or equations or anything fancy here. But I know it's necessary for me to reevaluate everything when we start to approach the finish line. Watching the footage continues to be a blast and I'm pretty happy with the 200 or so matches I watched for GWE in year 1. If I break 1K for the project I'll feel like I've made a valiant effort for most of my names under consideration. I know there are folks out there watching at a more rapid pace and I tip my cap to you because this is definitely the best I can manage.