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  1. GSR did a fantastic job writing up this match so I don't have a ton to add, but man this was good. Part of it was Brooks who was a total revelation, not content to let Grey overshadow him or eat him up for one second. Opponents like that that bring out a slightly nastier edge from Grey are my favorite types of match ups for him, and he doesn't disappoint in the impressed but unflappable babyface veteran role in the slightest. Every round of this match had me hooked, I could have watched them go as many as it took to get to a finish. Although it did feel like Brooks' youthful exuberance had him reeling late and it was a matter of time before Grey put him away. Great match, great performance from both guys.
  2. Got into the show last year and I think the ramped up schedule really helped you guys come into your own. Not that your older episodes I've listened to aren't good as well, but I think you settled into a chemistry in 2020 that makes it hard for me to miss an episode even if it's a show I skipped. As someone who was attending lots of shows in this era and buying many more DVDs I have to say of all the details you and Matt pick up on I especially appreciate the confusion and disappointment in Shelley's babyface turn that never fully turned. I felt the same exact way at the time, and while he was good in the Embassy, it felt very much like a "well, we don't know what else to do with him, so now... this" situation. This is a really foggy memory so take it lightly, but I do seem to recall something about Gabe saying he didn't make many (any?) Shelley shirts because nobody would want to buy them. I absolutely agree that he could have been one of ROH's top guys at the time but for whatever reason I don't think they ever saw him that way. Keep up the great work!
  3. Can't wait to listen to this one.
  4. Clayton Jones

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    Those are some good recommendations for Randy, I always forget about the Christian feud even though both guys bring it up constantly as among their best work. I have no recollection of that Rey match and I'm sure it's awesome. And I definitely haven't seen the Hardy match. I guess i just worked myself into a shoot and am going to add Orton to my guys under consideration, even though he's going to be a long long shot.
  5. Clayton Jones

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    I would say that or the 2015 match VS Sasuke off the top of my head. But Ultimo was absolutely a dance partner and not someone who brought greatness out of lesser opponents, I would never make that argument. At his best he was a better dance partner than Orton though for my money. It's an interesting comparison, now I can't help but wonder what a match between the two would look like.
  6. Clayton Jones

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    What are high end Orton matches? VS Foley in Foley's signature match? VS Cesaro, Bryan, or Harper in great TV matches that succeed 85% because of his opponent? The Evolution VS Shield match? I really like all of these, none of them convince me Orton has better high end performances than Ultimo.
  7. Clayton Jones

    Brock Lesnar

    Why is a babyface low blowing a heel, who isn't even cheating, justified?
  8. Clayton Jones

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    That's my feeling as well. I sincerely doubt more than a voter or two could be swayed to construct the bulk of their ballot this way. And if a small minority can justify it I personally would have no problem with it. I'm more of the mindset where the very bottom of my ballot might get some votes in this direction (also punitive for some) but largely it's not an interesting way for me to participate.
  9. Clayton Jones

    [1991-12-21-CWA] Big Van Vader vs Tatsumi Fujinami

    I love this rivalry. I didn't even mind Fujinami staying strong (brother) in the finish so much because I loved the idea of him finally getting caught on a flash pin. That missile dropkick off essentially boxing ropes was something else. There's a clipped broadcast version of this up now too if you want different angles. Great match by both men's standards.
  10. Clayton Jones

    Roderick Strong

    For me his PWG heel run likely cements his spot on my list. Without it, as Cap said, there's still a case to be made. But that stretch where him, Hero, ZSJ, and KOR were all crushing it, Strong's title run was the catalyst for so much of that era. I am very curious to see how the Diamond Mine plays out as well but even if it flops he's been one of the most consistent performers in the history of NXT. Even his babyface work before the UE turn was excellent. I love his tag with Evans, his ROH career is a post into itself, and even stuff like the Erick Stevens feud in FIP that came up last time around is shockingly great. There's a lot of Strong worth dissecting.
  11. Clayton Jones

    Brock Lesnar

    I thought the Balor match was the best of the 3 but that they're all too similar to make any one that remarkable.
  12. Clayton Jones

    [2002-08-30-CMLL] Vampiro Canadiense vs Ultimo Guerrero

    Damn, is this the one that puts UG back on my radar for GWE? Must investigate, sounds like a miracle match.
  13. Clayton Jones


    I think his team with Kingston is worth digging into. I loved their match VS Doom Patrol in Beyond. I'm looking forward to having motivation to looking closer at TNA and JAPW Homicide as well. He'd likely make my ballot just based on his ROH career so when I get to Cide it'll really be about filling in the gaps for me.
  14. Clayton Jones

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Agreed on Sandow and Riley. Riley's attempt to return to the ring in NXT was so painfully awkward. I don't know if he was working his way back from injuries or if he was really that bad, and the storyline of "you guys think I don't have anything left to give, well watch this!!" made it that much worse.
  15. Clayton Jones

    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    What's surprised you in the first few months in terms of reaction/participation? What areas do you think are off to a good start and what do you hope sees improvement?