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  1. Clayton Jones

    [1993-03-19-CMLL] Ultimo Dragon vs Negro Casas

    What a fantastic match full of beautiful struggle and breath-taking action. Casas slaps on a scorpion deathlock faster than I thought humanly possible at one point. For my tastes this match had everything I could want out of a title match. Casas' shit eating grin after the low blow was such an amazing moment. This entire match was structured to make Ultimo look like a million bucks, and say what you want about him, he delivered.
  2. Clayton Jones

    Jonathan Gresham

    Oh wow, ZSJ is very likely to be on my ballot, so maybe that makes sense for me being high on Gresham too. I agree I'd rank him lower but the Octopus has a shot for me so I'm glad to see I'm not on an island there.
  3. Clayton Jones


    The match from I think Final Battle where PCO wins the title was kind of a mess. More so PCO's fault but Rush looked out of his league to salvage it. Him and Dragon Lee had a great match against the Briscoes years back though and it felt like maybe it was part of a bigger feud.
  4. Clayton Jones


    I was by no means down on Nia at the time but that did feel like an absolute miracle match. I'm looking forward to going through Bayley's heel run when I get up to her as I've seen virtually none of it. Really appreciate those above recommendations.
  5. Clayton Jones

    Johnny Gargano

    It's crazy to go back and watch the CWC match they had and see just how good it is. I agree that Gargano felt undeniable at one point even though I personally was not a fan.
  6. Clayton Jones

    Takagi Shingo

    I forgot all about his CC, I've only seen the Ishikawa match, I definitely need to dig deeper there.
  7. Clayton Jones

    2026 Ideas

    Thanks Grimmas! As for filling in gaps, coming from someone who just made a similar post asking about blind spots a month or two back before making the plunge, for me it's been surprisingly easy so far. I made a rough draft of my ballot and then started an under consideration/need to educate myself on list that I'm going to cap at 80 names (I'm at 50 or so currently). Based on the rate I've been watching footage that's what I think will be realistic in 5 years. Then I've been bouncing around from names on one list to the other. So I'll go from a Jaguar Yokota or a La Fiera, both of which I'd only seen a match or two from previously, to a Fujiwara who I have penciled in pretty high or a lower level name on my rough ballot like a Curt Hennig. And I'll run through 3-7 of their matches, something like that. I kind of let the flow of the matches decide for me if I'm ready to move on yet. So at this point I'm essentially casting nets while fine tuning the candidates I think I know pretty well. I intend to revisit everyone multiple times over. This lets me start to fill in the blind spots while not feeling like that's all the project is. As for how I decide what to focus on out of my blind spots, I've found it helpful to focus on names rather than entire areas of education. Through Yokota I'm learning Devil Masami. Through the Destroyer I watched a Rikidozan match for the first time. Etc and so on. Focusing on one individual leads to filling in much more. It's really been a blast so far and a totally novel way to decide what to watch next. I know that's a vague system but it's what's working for me early on. When I get into the thick of the ballot I imagine I'll have to start watching more concentrated chunks of each career that makes the cut, but thankfully I have years of throwing darts until then.
  8. Clayton Jones


    Could someone more familiar with Rush make a case for me one way or another? He looks to be of that caliber when I watch him but I haven't quite seen enough to know if he warrants serious consideration.
  9. Clayton Jones

    Takagi Shingo

    Wow, look at the crickets Shingo got last time. Will he be the biggest jump in 2026? Going back through his later Dragon Gate stuff is the only thing that might keep him out of the top half of my ballot. Or maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised by some? After scratching my head at NJPW bringing him in as a junior I really couldn't be happier with how they've used him since. His last few years have been his best and there's no reason to think he can't have a few more on that level.
  10. Clayton Jones

    2026 Ideas

    Does Chavo Sr need a nomination? It seems like the link for him in the nominees alphabetically goes directly to Chavito.
  11. Clayton Jones

    Alex Shelley

    He's definitely under consideration for me and one of the names I have down I'm most excited to spend more time on.
  12. Clayton Jones

    Speaking Out and Ranking Wrestlers

    Just listen to the CW Anderson episode of Dreamer's podcast if you want to hear some of the fucked up shit Yoshihito Sasaki endured in Zero 1. It's not exclusive to joshi. I think as Grimmas talked about on the launch podcast these are very complicated very human problems and not everyone is going to be able to judge 100% consistently or logically. I think for me I'm just trying to focus on keeping the project as fun as possible while being as thorough as that allows. What that means for me is different than what that means for you and that's fine.
  13. Clayton Jones


    I'll go one further and say it was the best example I've seen of traditional WWE big show tag wrestling in the last decade. Character driven with clear roles and real build and stakes, instead of the escalating nearfall trading for the sake of it that is more common of the tag title scene. Cesaro brings and intensity with him that makes his big singles opportunities almost feel like special attractions. Even though his track record in terms of presentation would leave almost anyone else exposed and neutered. That's in large part because when he gets the opportunity he's one of the most consistent there is. In the little bit I've seen from this year it seems like that track record is finally paying off. And I really can't recommend that UK Takeover Dragunov match highly enough, it's everything Cesaro can and should be. I know a knock against him is he wasn't a complete package until the tail end of his indie run but if anything I give him credit for how significantly he improved every single year. And there's plenty of greatness in there while he grows, the Brodie Lee feud, his awesome rivalry with Morishima, his afformentined match with Danielson, his heel turn where he stomps Danielson's head in with a chair and tosses students around like they're toddlers, his all-time base performances against Quack (including that fantastic tag w/Danielson VS Quack and Jigsaw) and later VS Ricochet in PWG, and that all-time classic title match VS Generico in PWG as well. I'll take it back to that match where he gets his teeth bashed in though. This is the sort of little thing that doesn't mean much to some but means everything to me. In that split second where he is going through excruciating pain and realizing he has a life altering injury, he doesn't panic, or even miss a beat. He turns to the camera that will get the best shot, opens his mouth wide, and sells for the world. That's a great performer. That's a great pro wrestler.
  14. Clayton Jones


    For my money VS Regal, VS Zayn Arrival, VS Bryan (both in ROH and the RAW gauntlet), VS Dragunov, and the 4 way with Miz, Owens and Zayn are all classics regardless of his tag work. In my first round of watching so far his matches with Bryan from this year and the Orton Smackdown match from I think 2014 are among the best stuff I've watched. Top half is a safe bet for me.
  15. Clayton Jones

    Takashi Sugiura

    To expand I meant late bloomer in the sense that it took until around 2009 for him to put it all together, but with the late start that's totally logical.