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[1985-12-10-NJPW] Tatsumi Fujinami vs Bruiser Brody

Superstar Sleeze

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Tatsumi Fujinami vs Bruiser Brody - NJPW 12/10/85

Well the bloom is off the rose quickly for Brody as this was Brody absolutely at his dirt worst. He threatens crazy, awesome violence swinging his chain, barking HUSS and throwing the ref out of the ring. He lightly wraps the chain around Fujinami's neck and then drops it. He throws a couple big boots. He just doesnt sell. He kinda registers. He sort of does an Undertaker sell on the run but then he just stops and does nothing. Fujinami has no clue what to do. It is jarring and ruins the rhythm of the match. Hansen shows how big man can do wounded bear selling and Austin brings up Taker's selling on the run, but Brody just does not sell. Brody is fine on offense. The piledriver on the floor looked awesome and love his knee drop. I dont even mind the fact that he doesnt bump that much as I think that should be done more. His selling choices are terrible. He just does not react to things organically and he halts the momentum of the match. They look like they are going to do an awesome brawl in the stands and Brody just runs away and parts the crowds. It was a really cool visual watching hundreds of Japanese fans flee from one big crazy behemoth, but thats all Brody is a visual, smoke & mirrors. I will watch the Inoki rematches because I liked the original so much, but this was terrible and I felt bad for Fujinami. 

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