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[1985-08-01-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Bruiser Brody

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Antonio Inoki vs Bruiser Brody - NJPW 8/1/85

It was an Inoki vs Brody match from April of 85 that reignited my love of pro wrestling a couple weeks ago! Will wonders ever cease!

I was reading a review I wrote about Brody many years ago and you know what I think Brody gets a bum rap. If you think of him as Frankenstein as opposed to a Wildman Brawler I think that helps. Also, I think he is unfairly maligned in his bumping style. I think there are way too many bumps in wrestling to begin with. I have no problem with him being stingy with the bumps. As you will see when he does finally bump for the Enziguiri it gets a far bigger reaction from me and the crowd. I do agree he makes some seriously questionable selling choices and facial expressions at time which make you believe he is not selling the moment, but overall I like Brody. I dont think he is Top 100 of all time, but he is good. He has really good chemistry with Inoki. 

Brody is Hussin' & Fussin' about his chain and he is with his buddy, the Superfly. Was Snuka wearing lifts in the WWF? Holy shit, Brody DWARFS Snuka. Brody is a big dude. Loved the opening tussle both men have handfuls of hair, great intensity. I love how they set the tone. Inoki accidentally yanks off Brody's boot, but is left surprised, Brody snatches it back and cracks with it. Inoki powders. Brody big bodyslam in the ring and then a big chop. DIdnt love this transition, but Inoki gets a single leg/back heel trip into a Figure-4, which gets long in the tooth but at least Inoki follows up with a relentless barrage of kicks to the bad leg as Brody sells on the run well. This sets up an Inoki abdominal Stretch and then Full Nelson. Brody backs him into the corner. He Breaks free, clubbering and a Massive Legdrop. Like that from Brody. Brody hits the chinlock. Once free Inoki hits two big time Enizguiris and on the second Brody takes a BIG face first bump that pops the crowd and me. BOMBS AWAY KNEEDROP! Great nearfall! Inoki starts throwing huge bombs: Saito Suplex, Enizguiri and a Vertical Suplex. Each is given time to breathe and sink in. Brody does a great job selling these. The first after the cover he scrambles to the ropes to get himself up only BANG! Enziguiri which causes a powder out of the ring. Not as good as the April match but this is still great Clash of the Titans Pro Wrestling. Inoki goes into overdrive on the O'Connor Roll attempt and the both tumble through the middle rope to the floor, which is a pretty cool spot that I am not sure Ive seen before. Someone should crib it. Brody ends up PILEDRIVING Inoki on the exposed concrete! By the time he rolls him back in, he only gets two. King Kong Kneedrop is too close to the ropes, great Brody bombs down the stretch. They are back on the outside, Brody takes out his frustrations on a young boy giving him a big boot and then starts jabbing Inoki with the chair. The ref gets him off, BUT Inoki has the chair! Inoki clobbers him with the chair. The first shot was a little tepid but everyone after that is a sold chair shot. For the 80s, they were pretty rough. Inoki has snapped! The ref is forced to call the bell. Good post-match brawl with the chain and the tussling and pull apart. Brody has color and comes back in one more time to eat an Enziguiri to send the crowd home happy EXCEPT he runs amok in the crowd. Watching the fans flee from a stalking Brody never gets old! A cool visual! 

Not as good as the April match but I really liked this especially the last 10 minutes or so. Well-paced bomb-throwing match with a red hot finish! **** 

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