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[1985-12-06-NJPW] Antonio Inoki & Seiji Sakaguchi vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura

Superstar Sleeze

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Antonio Inoki & Seiji Sakaguchi vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura - NJPW 12/6/85

I believe this is an IWGP Tag League match as they had a rematch six days later which I think was the final. I remember liking that match a lot.

First Twenty Minutes: Sakaguchi is a big mutha trucker and what I love about him is he wrestles like one. When Fujinami tries to take him over with a headlock he just throws him halfway across the ring. When Kimura is up top, he press slams him off. The initial Fujinami/Inoki stuff is not super hot. More just feeling stuff out. Fujinami seems to be on the losing end of both Inoki and Sakaguchi. There is a great fist fight that breaks out between Inoki and Kimura. That changes in the second go round with Inoki, he is able to counter into a Scorpion Deathlock and directs air traffic so that Kimura does a top rope Atomic stomp on Inoki. That was cool. I like how Fujinami got between Inoki and Sakaguchi on the attempted tag. They tried to focus on the leg but Inoki tagged out. They do the Kimura running leg lariat/Fujinami shouldertackle combination. Here they were much more successful working on Sakaguchi's leg. Lots of Figure-4s, Scorpion Deathlocks, kicks to the leg. I liked the leg work but was disappointed that the tag to Inoki was not built to more, it just sort of happened. Inoki and Fujinami traded abdominal stretches but then Kimura got involved and things didnt go well for him. First it was Indian Deathlocks and Bow and Arrows. Then Inoki was going for the KO kill with the Saito Suplex and Enziguiris and trying to get the ref count him out. Sakaguchi goes for the Argentine Backbreaker and the  Boston Crab but Fujinami has had enough! He interrupts both...each tag out...leaving us with Inoki vs Fujinami.

Last Ten Minutes: It is a slam bang home stretch! Fujinami executes a German Suplex with a bridge for two, but hurts his knee because I dont remember Fujinami being injured. Kimura tags back in too soon remember Inoki was just trying to KO him. Sakaguchi Backbreaker into Demolition Decapitation. That was sweet! Inoki applies to Octopus Stretches and on the second one just releases as Kimura crumples to the mat. Kimura kangaroo kicks Sakaguchi tags out. Fujinami and Sakaguchi have a heated exchange trading full mounts, slaps and chokes. Fujinami tags back out dont know how wise that is. Kimura running leg lariat on Sakaguchi but that knocks Sakaguchi into Inoki. Kimura tries the same thing on Inoki who just runs out of the way. Kimura has the presence of mind to tag out. Inoki bodyslams Fujinami and big Bombs Away Knee Drop. Nasty Saito Suplex by Sakaguchi and Kimura saves on the cover. Big Octopus Stretch by Sakaguchi. Fujinami tags out. Kimura doesnt have much in tank. Sakaguchi applies a Boston Crab too close to the ropes. He does it again and it doesnt look good. Kimura makes it to the ropes again. Inoki has his way with Kimura, dropkick, but misses the second one. Kimura RUNNING LEG LARIAT CONNECTS! German by Kimura but his shoulders were down too. Fujinami in and they tease Dragon Suplexes on both Inoki and Sakaguchi. Fujinami applies the Octopus Stretch on Sakaguchi as time is winding down! Too close to Inoki as Inoki its an Enziguiri and goes for a cover after tagging. He nails another one for two. Time expires. 

My recollection is the final is even better, but this was still a wonderful 30 minute draw. Just tight work that is always moving and interesting, but done with struggle and intensity to hook you in. **** 

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