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[1989-03-29-AJPW] Masa Fuchi vs Mitsuo Momota

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PWF World Junior Heavyweight Champion Masa Fuchi vs Mitsuo Momota - AJPW 3/29/89

King's Road is here baby! I had never heard of Momota is a mustachioed stocky little fella. He was over like rover. My God, they chanting his name incessantly. I couldnt figure out why until I read his Wiki. He is the son of Rikidozan! Well that explains it! I have never heard anyone in Japan, native or gaijin, get as much heel heat as Fuchi did in this match and he didnt do anything that heelish. I think Momota was just that over. Fuchi had just won the Junior Heavyweight Championship back from Mighty Inoue a couple weeks prior. 

Red hot start that sets the tone early. Momota hits a crossbody block at the bell for two. I love those types of jumpstarts. Crazy out of control dive by Momota. Ok I see you. Boston Crab roll through by Fuchi and he uses a closed fist to the face to big boos. The rest of the match the crowd was cheering and chanting for Momota and booing Fuchi. Momota worked a strong headscissors and a variety of them. Eventually Fuchi escaped into an Indian Deathlock before settling into some arm work using a variety of armbars. Momota started rattling off some quick pinfall attempts and dropkicks. Fuchi avoided the big dive on the floor but Momota hit another dropkick on the floor. Fuchi nailed a Kawada-style Jumping High Kick to regain control which really kicks off the finish stretch. Momota is left writhing in pain grabbing his face as the crowd chants his name. There are a zillion Back Drop Drivers in this match. It really gives it that King's Road feel with all the doubling up of moves. Given that these were Juniors in 1989, I was biting on everything. Bombs away Knee drop from Fuchi gets two. Momota shifts the weight on the Back Drop Driver to give himself an advantage. I love that spot and used it all the time as a finish in my living room matches against my brother. There was a nice double reversed crossbody off the top rope that I bit on with Momota ending up on top. I really thought Momota had a chance. At one point he hit a pair of Back Drop Drivers, I was beginning to wonder if I was in 1993. Fuchi used Momota's own momentum against him with a Hotshot, Jackknife cover. Fuchi misses the second Bombs Away Kneedrop and the Enziguiri! I love missed moves.  Fuchi was working the kicks to the head, Enziguiri to the back of the head sending Momota to the floor and then late a Kawada Jumping High Kick. Momota unleashes a barrage of slaps in the corner and then some headbutts. Momota hits another pair of Back Drop Drivers but the second one takes too much out of him. FUCHI THESZ PRESS 1-2-3!

What sets this a part is the crowd is red hot for this Juniors match and that it is the prototype of the 90s All Japan style all here in 1989. Tons of bombs down the stretch all the typical All Japan moves with the Hotshot and Thesz Press thrown in to remind us this is the Jumbo era. Really breezy bomb-throwing match that never lets up! ****

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