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[1989-08-29-AJPW] Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada

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AJPW World Tag Team Champions Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW 8/29/89

REVOLUTION IS BACK BABY! Rematch of one of the best matches of the year right here! Jumbo & Yatsu have since won the tag titles back from Hansen & Tenryu which we do have on tape if I have time I will try to review that. Stream of consciousness baby:

Jumbo and Tenryu to stat! Heated as always. Tenryu bowls Jumbo over and goes for the Powerbomb early. He gives up. Jumbo gets an armbar takedown. They trade chops as Jumbo garners wrist control. Tenryu evades the High Knee and grabs the ankles and reverses Jumbo direction which was cool. Tenryu tags in Kawada. Kawada spinning heel kick. Kawada wraps Jumbo in a front chancery. Jumbo destroys Kawada with a kneelfit. Kawada eats Yatsu knee and it is back to Kawada midsection with the kneelift and then sidewalk slam. Tenryu tags in. Yatsu cuts him off with chops and big dropkick. Yatsu believes a good offense a great defense. Yatsu headbutts in the corner. Yatsu taking it to him. Tenryu gets kneelift and wicked cracking chops against Yatsu tags in Kawada. Kawada missile dropkick as Tenryu held him. Kawada spinning heel kick and baseball slde. Kawada brings such great energy to these tags. Yatsu is selling on the outside and taking time to regroup. He is not dumb asks ref to keep Kawada back. Kawada looks for singles leg but maneuvers him back into Tenryu. They do the Footloose spot ending in a Spinning Heel Kick. Tenryu Enziguiri as they are starting to consolidate their advantage against Yatsu. Yatsu's head meets Kawada's knee, Kawada tags in. Kawada Kicks look ferocious some of the best he has ever thrown. Yatsu catches a kick into Human Capture suplex great transition! Off to a rollicking start!

Jumbo tags in. High knee! JUMBO PILEDRIVER! 1-2-No. Crowd didnt buy it. I liked it. Jumbo wraps him up in a sleeper and Tenryu kicks right in the head. They trade chops in the big scuffle. Kawada comes flying in a with a Spinning Heel Kick. Tenryu Enzguiri. Tenryu German for two. Kawada crossbody on Jumbo as Tenryu holds him. Kawada headscissors on Jumbo. I have really enjoyed this match so far. Some gravitas to the workrate. Tenryu cowboy kicks to Jumbo while in the hold. Yatsu takes umbrage to this and a skirmish breaks out. That was cool, you dont see that often, the illegal man coming in to add insult to injury as opposed to break it up. Jumbo gets to his belly anad escapes. Kawada goes flying into the buckles and really sells his side. Remember all those kneelifts to the side earlier in the match! Jumbo signals to the crowd he is ready to kick ass. Kawada is such a great seller. Backbreaker focused on side. Kawada is left writhing in pain. Jumbo kneelift and Kawada's bump and selling are incredible. Jumbo abdominal stretch and Yatsu crashes down onto Kawada. Yatsu charging kneelfit. This is awesome! Again! Kawada collapses to the outside through the ropes. Kawada rules! Jumbo throws him back in. Back Suplex by Yatsu. Yatsu abdominal stretch. Tenryu slaps Yatsu to break it up. Kawada Enziguiri. Yatsu crawls but cant stop him.

Tenryu Mack Truck Lariat on Yatsu. He throws him out. Yatsu slings an injured but game Kawada into the railing. Dont be bringing that into my house! Tenryu kicking the injured Yatsu. Tenryu works on an armbar on Yatsu. Tenryu swift kick and Kawada kicks pour it on. Kawada kicks into Yatsu but it feels like it might be too early for him to come back. He is still wincing and clutching his side. He works a crossarmbreaker. Yatsu escapes and they struggle on he mat. Kawada knees him in head and tags in Tenryu. Tenryu kicks Yatsu in the head and Yatsu enziguiri, great Tenryu sell. Classic Tenryu stomp to Yatsu's head that looks criminal. Kneedrop on Yatsu and meaty chops. Yatsu GERMAN SUPLEX! 2! Kawada saves. Kawada tagged in and Kawada bodyslam. Kawada kneedrop. Sneaky good heat segment on Yatsu here. Kawada tries to powerbomb Yatsu but it IS just too much.

Jumbo tags in not a lot of fire JUMBO POWERBOMS KAWADA! Ok I see you Jumbo. Tenryu kick to the head to break up the pinfall and another while Jumbo is on ground. Jumbo lights Tenryu's shit up and then knocks the ref down. Jeez Jumbo dont have to get hot about it. Ref has a broken nose! What the fuck! Rewinding for that. This tag became a VERY HOT TAG! Rewound. Jumbo fucking smoke the ref on that SWAT! Jumbo Death Bodyslam on Kawada! Havent seen one of those in a while. Nobody with a better bodyslam. He does another one. High Knee Sandwich, I am pretty sure the commentator has been calling that spot a Sandwich the whole time too. Yatsu piledriver! 1-2-NO! Crowd has been pretty dead for this badass match! Dont they know there will be a Pandemic in 31 years and they have to savor every moemnt of this! Jumbo creams Kawada with a  big boot. Tenryu breaks it up. Jumbo misses Kawada on a High Knee but reconfigures and clobbers Tenryu with an elbow. Kawada ROARS BACK WITH A OUT OF CONTROL LARIAT!

Tag to Tenryu! Enziguiri! Tenryu chops! Slashing! Bodyslam Reverse Top Rope Elbow! Yatsu yanks him off. Tenryu tags in Kawada. Kawada Kick and Jumbo falls to his ass. Kawada Top Rope Sunset Flip! Crowd is starting to heat up. Frequent tags. Tag to Tenryu. Double shouldertackle. Tenryu blasts away with chops. Jumbo misses the elbow when Tenryu ducks. Awesome! Kawada misses the Spinning Heel Kick, Jumbo Death Lariat! Tenryu saves! Tenryu tags in. Jumbo High Knee! Jumbo is his won hot tag! Jumbo misses LARIAT IN CORNER Mack Truck Lariat by Tenryu! Yatsu breaks it up and attacks Tenryu. Tenryu slaps him. Jumping High KICK Right to Jumbo's Face! POWERBOMB! Illegal Yatsu pulls him off and powerbombs Tenryu! INSANITY! Jumbo tags out! Yatsu is clobbering with swinging lariats and knees in the corner. This matches rules so hard! Jumbo is cheerleading. Tenryu refuses to be bulldogged. Yatsu keeps trying. Kawada comes flying into the screen with a Spinning Heel Kick. MARK OUT CITY! Tenryu Enziguiri. Tenryu Powerbomb NOT TODAY SAYS Jumbo! Tenryu misses the crossbody didnt think I have seen that. Yatsu inverted Figure-4 and Kawada rifles him with a barrage of kicks. Enziguiri/Spinning Heel Kick sandwich. Kawada German for two. Tenryu BLASTS Jumbo off the apron. Doesnt look good for the champs! Yatsu catches Kawada off the top rope with a powerslam. Crazy spot! Crazy back suplex for the win! Jumbo & Yatsu retain! 

What the fuck how this is not as highly regarded as the first match! I think this match is just as good if not better! I thought there was a lot more selling and stickiness to the spots. The Jumbo vs Tenryu shit was red hot just ask the ref! The finish was killer. I think I need to watch both matches back to back. Wicked good! ****3/4 

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