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[2002-05-19-WWE-Judgment Day] Kurt Angle vs Edge (Hair vs Hair)

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This was nowhere near as good as their TV matches. It didn't help that they were working in front of a crowd that only popped for finishers, but you can only blame the crowd so much. The work wasn't very compelling, the character work was nonexistent, and it was a boring call from JR & Lawler. It was almost like they were striving for a main event level match without the guidance of an agent. The ending was lame with Angle refusing to have his head shaven and a backstage brawl that led to Angle passing out in the barber's chair. I'm pretty sure they dug Brutus' Barber Shop chair out of storage. but nothing about this segment compared to that Shawn Michaels heel turn. Hell, it wasn't as exciting as Beefcake making jobbers pass out and cutting their hair. Angle & Edge definitely improved on this. 

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At least the Backlash match had some semblance of flow and escalation, but here ... this is kind of all over the place. There's no logical sense to the transitions. Angle belly-to-bellies Edge over the top rope and proceeds to ... work chinlocks? Great idea, Kurt. Edge remains an underwhelming face-in-peril, and I don't feel like beating that drum again. A large portion of this is them licking their lips and waiting for those precious final minutes to show us what makes pro-wrestling magical: ref bumps, finisher/signature spam, and stealing each other's moves! We don't even get to see the payoff of Angle getting shaved until two matches later, which is totally fucking lame.



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