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[2002-05-26-Osaka Pro-Tag Festival 2002 the Final] Super Delfin & Super Demekin vs Daio QUALLT & Big Boss MA-G-MA

ohtani's jacket

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Osaka Pro is alive and well. This was a standard Japanese tag match, but I was happy to see that Osaka Pro is still the most genki promotion in Japan. Daio QUALLT is Osaka Pro's Big Red Machine and his partner here was clearly meant to be the Undertaker to Daio's Kane, so you can imagine how this played out. We didn't get to see the full repertoire from the little maestro, Delfin, as he was mainly doing tag spots, and his partner Demekin was getting most of the shine, but Delfin still looked like one of the best workers in Japan. Exciting finish and a nice payoff. Osaka Pro knew how to book for its audience. I wonder if any of @gordi's buddies were there.

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On 11/23/2021 at 7:18 PM, ohtani's jacket said:

 I wonder if any of @gordi's buddies were there.

I'm not sure if any of the folks I met in 2009 were already regulars in 2002. Probably some of them. 

I've been told that Zeus has bought up all of the Osaka Pro stock and will be reviving the promotion next year. We're all pretty excited for that.

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