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  1. gordi

    NWA World Wrestling Council August 1986

    Hilarious ending to the Main Event with the bad guy's chicanery backfiring on them. The fans cheering Colon and showering garbage on the heels is every bit as iconic as Hogan doing his posing routine.
  2. I hear you, and I get whar you are saying and it is true... but I just heard that Jim Neidhardt died, in the wake of so many other recent deaths... being a pro wrestling fan is making me sad right now. It is strange timing reading your thread title today.
  3. gordi

    RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

    ...and Rayo de Jalisco, too. edit: and Nikolai Volkoff. Damn it...
  4. gordi

    RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

    Damn it... They are just dropping like flies recently. Neidhardt is definitely a guy who entertained the hell out of me (and so many other fans) in his day.
  5. gordi

    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Aug. 86

    Ha! Thanks! I sometimes do a similar thing, booking a match or spot or whatever in hopes that one of you guys in particular ill get a kick out of it. Speaking of which, JJ wiping the sweat of Tony's face with a towel is a nice specific touch. Polynesian Power vs. The Assassins is a nice keep-the-feud-going match with a good hot tag. I like how The Assassins can't pull off a win without The Assassin's help, but they manage to keep from losing by taking the fight outside. In contrast, Crews has Riddle in his corner and as a result he is able to hang on to his strap. Orndorff loses by DQ but comes out a winner in the fan's eyes.
  6. gordi

    World Class Championship Wrestling July/August 1986

    Big win for Muta, I'll bet the moonsault popped the crowd. Dream & Boogie vs Botswana & Kamala will not be a match that earns a ton of stars... but it will be damned entertaining, I am sure. I imagine Funk vs Adonis had some crazy bumping and violence. Funk vs Dr. D could be even more violent. It would be tough to book Road Warriors vs Hansen & Brody as anything other than a DDQ or DCO. I'll bet the crowd was hot for that, and I'll alos bet they went home happy after seeing Kerry beat Hoss.
  7. gordi

    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Aug. 86

    What a great main event, with a really satisfying finish and a nice win for Cooley. Iron Mike Sharpe going for the TV Title in the semi-main was pretty cool, too.
  8. gordi

    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Aug. 86

    I agree that it's great to see DiBiase and Orndorff getting a real run as top guys, and I also think it's great how many really good, underrated pro wrestlers are getting a solid run in MACW in this project: Kernodle, Gama, Cooley, Fernandez, Oliver... it's kind of heart-warming to see all those guys being used so well here.
  9. BattleBowl Sure, why not? Very interested to see what you do with that. I am loving Tatsutoshi Goto, master of the Backdrop Suplex. He's such a good midcard heel for you, that really makes me happy. I also like the touch of you advertising "JWA Trios Champion" Lance Von Erich. Very observant of you! I think Matt Bourne is really being elevated by getting so much attention from various heels. He's another guy I really like, and I'm glad to see him in a big role here.
  10. gordi

    AWA results for July-August 1986

    I'm always up for a "mystery partner" angle, and Harley Race is a great pay-off. Nice return for Scott Hall, too. I like how you use singles matches to set up tag and six-man matches down the line. Simple but effective booking. You also managed to refresh the Guerreros as six man contenders.
  11. gordi

    WWF on Tour August 1986

    What tremendous booking to keep Savage vs Windham fresh. I always dig the "mystery partner" angle. Really looking forward to that Forum show. Even with such a stacked card Muta could end up stealing the show.
  12. gordi

    NWA World Wrestling Council August 1986

    I love the team of Bam Bam and Benoit. That would have been pretty exciting to see. I like how Benoit and 3 show mutual respect but Bigelow and Ayala just eye each other. You've really kept the heat up between Owen and Ricky Santana. What a great feud for both guys! Seeing the two Abdullahs team up is also pretty cool. You just know that chaos will be the outcome there. The Starrs are just the ultimate heels. Always super entertaining.
  13. gordi


    I'd like to see the Dog back in the WWF, I liked him as a fun babyface there... but him getting involved in the war against Akbar's legion is pretty exciting, too. Speaking of which: Bundy, Konga, and Haku give Akbar a pretty terrifying trio to work with. Doc and Doom vs those three could be a great match. I wonder if Bundy is going to get involved with the Road Warriors feud, too. The Fabs, Doom, the Road Warriors, and Devastation Inc make for a heck of a tag team division, with a ton of potentially exciting match-ups.
  14. gordi

    My good friend, Asian Coogar

    He's still doing the Chair Atomico 20 years later. He is crazy, in the best possible way.
  15. gordi

    NWA World Wrestling Council August 1986

    Nice character work,with Chicky showing a lot of ass and abandoning his "friends" to save his own hide.