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  1. July has just been on fire here in our wrestling world, what with the astounding series of cards for the Great American Bash and the Showdown and Shea and so on. JWA will be returning to live action in August, starting with the following card: JWA in Sumo Hall, Broadcast Live on Asahi TV World Pro Wrestling (ワールド・プロレスリング) Commentary Team: Ichiro Furutachi and Takashi Yamada Special Main Event 60-Minute 14-man Torneo cibernetico-style Elimination Tag Match: Giant Baba & Mitsuharu Misawa plus 5 guests vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu plus 5 guests The guest wrestlers will be from WCCW, the UWF, and the AWA: NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk, NWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors, Terry Gordy, Doctor Death Steve Williams, Ron Simmons, Butch Reed, Konga the Barbarian, Super Vader, and "Crush" Adams. JWA Trios Champions The Machines vs The Von Erichs Billy Robinson Debut Match: Robinson & Mark "Roller Ball" Rocco vs Dos Caras & El Canek Winner gets a Title Shot: Danger Zone vs Mighty Animals Winner gets a Title Shot: Tiger Mask, Fujinami, & Fujiwara vs Choshu, Rusher, & Ueda Golden Haters & Facekickers vs Kengo Kimura, Koshinaka, Hashimoto, & Hoshino Respectfully, JWA President and Founder, Shohei Baba JWA Vice President, Motoko Baba JWA Managing Director, Hisashi Shinma JWA Booker, gordi
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    General Chat topic

    Nah, just kidding. that is a truly sweet set-up.
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    PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 3 up now!

    I wondered where you'd gone. Welcome back!
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    Shodate banned?

    He sincerely does. I hope he gets it.
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    Shodate banned?

    Just in case anybody had any lingering doubts, in case anyone thinks that banning this guy was the wrong idea: He has, no fooling, been stalking me on Facebook and sending threatening messages (in character): I am curious if anybody else has been getting these.
  6. gordi

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    Jetlag makes some excellent shoot style edits, too.
  7. I haven't started watching season 2 yet, but I just saw that the finale is titled “Every Potato Has A Receipt” which is truly perfect.
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    The big announcement

    It would be convenient to have a button on the forums that we can click to go to the main site.
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    Roster Database

    I should have updated this earlier, to avoid confusion: JWA ROSTER Baba-Corp International: Giant Baba Mitsuharu Misawa Dos Caras El Canek Fishman Gran Hamada Anoaro Atisanoe Siva Afi Coco Samoa “Carpenter” Teranishi Hiro Hase - currently on excursion to Portland Choshu’s Army: Riki Choshu Jumbo Tsuruta Yoshiaki Yatsu Rusher Kimura Umanosuke Ueda Black Tiger Kuniaki Kobayashi Yoji Anjo Billy Robinson Kensuke - currently on excursion to Portland Phil Hickerson Mike Shaw Vader (on excursion from the AWA) Tenryu’s Gang: JWA Champion Tenryu Ashura Hara JWA Trios Champs the Machines Tarzan Goto Samson Fuyuki JWA Middleweight Tag Champs Facekickers (Fuchi & Kawada) Naoki Sano Mighty Animals (Inoue & Hamaguchi) Fujinami’s Family: Tatsumi Fujinami JWA Japanese Champion Yoshiaki Fujiwara JWA Middleweight Champion Tiger Mask Kengo Kimura Shiro Koshinaka “Esperanza” Takada Masakatsu Funaki Keiichi Yamada - currently on excursion to Portland Kantaro Hoshino Wild Pegasus Shinya Hashimoto Masa Chono – currently on excursion to Portland Mutoh – on excursion… but where? It’s a mystery!
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    PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 3 up now!

    Mayumi Ozaki vs Dynamite Kansai (Street Fight - JWP 3/17/95) Truly, one of the all-time great brawls. It's a violent spectacle, for sure. Ozaki biting Kansai until she draws blood and then spitting the blood on the ref is a very memorable moment, as is Kansai wrapping the chain around her boot and kicking Ozaki in the head. They brawl all over the building. There is a ton of blood. But... it's not just a violent spectacle. There is also some truly amazing character work here, from both wrestlers. They go way beyond the obvious "big vs small" storyline. Oz is one of the great "actors" in pro wrestling and this match is a showcase for that.
  11. I'm all in on this. Loved the first season, and I have read that season 2 is even better. For those who enjoy th 80s nostalgia/combat sports combination, I also heartily recommend Cobra Kai, with Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka reprising their iconic Karate Kid roles, but with Danny LaRusso now the successful, powerful one and Johnny Lawrence playing more of an underdog role. It's very very entertaining.
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    PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 3 up now!

    Sure. I have a couple of ideas...
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    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Who are you to doubt Cheeseburger? He's a great technician in the ring, and he's a jam-up guy.
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    PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 3 up now!

    There is an excellent article about Spinks' pro wrestling career here It would seem that this match was for the WWA Martial Arts Heavyweight Title, which Spinks had won from Tarzan Goto... which makes the whole thing even weirder and more beautiful, in my opinion. It's exactly as you descried it: Onita putting on a clinic in bumping and selling. A classic Onita battle-back-from-from-way-behind story. I was a little worried that this would be uncomfortable to watch, but in fact I got a warm feeling from it. Everyone involved displayed a lot of class and heart.
  15. gordi

    Billy Goelz and other 50s finds

    Is there much (any?) footage from St. Louis in the 1960s? Sam Muchnick had a great rep as early as the 1960 for being a guy who treated wrestlers fairly and paid well. Fridays at the Kiel Auditorium generally meant 7000 to 9000 paying fans. So you had some big matches taking place there, like January 7, 1966 when Gene Kiniski defeated Lou Thesz to end Thesz’s last NWA title reign and take the belt.