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[1982-10-17-MACW-Charlotte] Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper


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We get about 10-11 minutes of what looked to be joined in progress.  If it wasn't, I'm not sure Flair got in more than five offensive moves the whole match.  Not that this wasn't enjoyable, I just wish the offense was more evenly distributed.  It's one thing if it is a one-sided match with, say, Vader, but Flair should be able to hang a bit more offensively with Piper.  With that said, it was still lots of fun.  Piper was a maniac -- even babyface Piper cheats like a motherfucker.  We had boot scrapes, eye gouges, biting; all with the crowd going apeshit.  Flair pays the cheating back in the end by laying his feet on the ropes for the pin.  Again, I wish we had more and I wanted more of Flair on offense but this is still worth checking out.

***, which may be a little low, but only because it left me wanting even more.

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