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  1. AA484

    PTBN Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever Revisited

    Not sure if this is the right place, but it's been a couple since the last GWCW post -- any word there?
  2. We get about 10-11 minutes of what looked to be joined in progress. If it wasn't, I'm not sure Flair got in more than five offensive moves the whole match. Not that this wasn't enjoyable, I just wish the offense was more evenly distributed. It's one thing if it is a one-sided match with, say, Vader, but Flair should be able to hang a bit more offensively with Piper. With that said, it was still lots of fun. Piper was a maniac -- even babyface Piper cheats like a motherfucker. We had boot scrapes, eye gouges, biting; all with the crowd going apeshit. Flair pays the cheating back in the end by laying his feet on the ropes for the pin. Again, I wish we had more and I wanted more of Flair on offense but this is still worth checking out. ***, which may be a little low, but only because it left me wanting even more.
  3. Another hard hitting match with Wahoo and Valentine just laying into each other. I wish it was a little longer, but considering the intensity of the strikes, I'm not sure it would have sustainable over a longer period of time. One thing I liked was Valentine's repeated attempts to keep Wahoo's shoulders pinned. Like he realized that trying to go strike for strike with Wahoo wasn't gonna work, so he was just gonna out work him on the mat. Good match. ***¼
  4. Flair complains about his level of studio competition prior to a match with Leroy Dargan, even getting in an eye-rolling racial jab (“Where I’m from, we don’t wrestle guys like that, we employ them"). Flair bitches long enough to bring out Wahoo, who confronts Flair long enough for Jack Brisco to sneak in and take Dargan's place. Flair is of course irate, but eventually climbs in the ring. This was a really good, shortish, studio TV match. Not an all-time classic, but very well-worked with crisp moves and transitions. I really liked Brisco's rolling armlock. Towards the end, Flair applied the figure-4 to Brisco who immediately reversed it, which was really smart (if intended) as Flair never really worked the leg and seemed to go for it out of desperation more than anything. I may be underrating this a bit, but I'd have liked it to be a bit longer with some more offense from Flair: ***¼
  5. AA484

    [1982-07-10-MACW] Roddy Piper vs Jack Brisco

    I really loved this match. Piper is such a great shit-heel, first with the 10 grand prior to the match and then with the constant cheating. During the course of the match, Piper works in a greasing accusation, a violent hair pull, illegal rope usage, and -- of course -- the roll of coins at the end. Somewhere along the way, Piper got busted open. It may have been hard-way as I didn't much evidence otherwise. Piper's matwork was really great here, too. Brisco is a guy that I haven't see a ton of, but he does a great job of making basic holds look painful and meaningful, whereas a lot of guys just lay there. ***3/4
  6. Man, this was great! Wahoo beat the shit out of Sarge! When he wasn't tying Slaughter's legs in knots, he was chopping and slapping Sarge all over the ring. Of course, Slaughter being the great seller and bumper that he is, really makes Wahoo's offense look even more effective. The ending sequence was well-done with Slaughter desperately trying to put the Cobra Clutch on Wahoo and Wahoo fighting out of it while at the same trying to fend off Slaughter's Privates (ahem). ***½
  7. Ric Flair defends the NWA World Heavyweight Title This started slow but became really heated as the match went on. I mean, this crowd was hot! I haven't seen a ton of early 80s Flair babyface, but I had no idea he was this over. The crowd was screaming for him like he was Steamboat, Sting, or some other lifelong babyface, not a guy that would go on to be the biggest heel of the decade. The match started out with Ole working the arm, which made sense as you need to drag your opponent to all four corners in a strap match. However, this never really went anywhere as they eventually just transitioned into throwing bombs. At one point, I swear that Flair dragged Ole to all four corners but the ring announcer only counted three! Something I thought was really neat was Flair (and eventually Ole) tying his opponent's hands and dragging them to the corners with both of their own, using their head to tag the turnbuckle! I don't believe I had ever seen that in a strap/chain match before. The ending was kind of a letdown as I didn't really see any reason to protect Ole against the world champ, so it takes away from the overall final rating. ***½
  8. AA484

    Thoughts on the DVDVR Memphis set

    1982 The First Family: Stan Lane quits the First Family (1/23/82 TV) Extra Matches: Norvell Austin vs. Steve Keirn (Part 1) (1/23/82 TV) Andy Kaufman: Andy Kaufman Promos + Jerry Lawler Promos (1/30/82 TV) [I had no idea where to place these. Lawler was obviously interviewed on the Saturday morning program but I'm not sure this episode is part of the existing episodes that we have. He was also introduced as the Southern champion. If we are to believe that these are on "lost" episodes, the only ones from 1982 that would match up with Lawler being Southern champ and air prior to the Kaufman match are 1/30/82 and 2/6/82 -- neither of which are currently out there. So I'm going with one of those dates.] The First Family: We Hate School (2/27/82 TV) Music Videos: Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantel (The Winner Takes It All) (2/27/82 TV) Extra Matches: Norvell Austin vs. Steve Keirn (Part 2) (2/27/82 TV) Andy Kaufman: Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler (4/5/82 Coliseum footage) The First Family: Ricky Gibson Interview / The First Familly attacks Robert Gibson (4/10/82 TV) More Memphis Moments: Sonny King & Jerry Lawler Interviews (4/17/82 TV) [This airdate may be on the following week's program because I don't recall seeing it on 4/17. I do not have 4/24]. Promos & Interviews: Ronnie Garvin (on Ox Baker) (ICW) (6/10/82 TV) [The ICW Universe site implies that this happened on the 6/10 show, so that's what I'm going with] Andy Kaufman: The David Letterman Show (7/28/82 Letterman Show airdate) BONUS: Kamala + Jimmy Hart (8/28/82 TV) Promos & Interviews: Ronnie Garvin (on Pez Watley) (ICW) (Summer 1982) [ICW dates are impossible, but Pez started using the "king" moniker around summer of '82, so I'm placing this here] Extra Matches: Al Snow & Big Boy Williams vs. Ronnie Garvin & Hoot Gibson (ICW) (August 1982) [ICW Universe guesses August 1982 for this match, which is good enough for me] BONUS: Jim Cornette + Jerry Lawler + Bill Dundee (9/4/82 TV) The First Family: New York Dolls (9/25/82 TV) Fabulous: Introducing The Fabulous Ones (10/9/82 TV) Music Videos: Terry Taylor (Some Days Are Diamonds) (11/20/82 TV) Fabulous: Music Video (Keep Me Satisfied) (12/18/82 TV)
  9. AA484

    Thoughts on the DVDVR Memphis set

    So, I have OCD and like to have things chronologically ordered. This adds context to the matches watching the promos and angles leading up to it. GH already had dates for many of these "extra" or "bonus" segments but I've tried to pinpoint exact dates for all of the segments. I've made it through 1983. 1982 was tough. 1980 and 1981, interestingly enough, were pretty easy. The matches were all pretty accurately dated so I only did it for the extras. Segments are dated by the Memphis television air date. If it didn't not air on television, I used the date of the card it was filmed (mostly for extra matches from the coliseum). 1980 Memphis Music: "Bad News" (pre-1980) Memphis Music: "Son of a Gypsy" (pre-1980) BONUS: Wayne Ferris & Larry Latham vs. Rick & Robert Gibson (Concession Stand Brawl) (3/29/80 TV) More Memphis Extras: Jerry Lawler Contract Signing (5/31/80 TV) Special Moments: Jimmy Valiant Commercial (9/27/80 TV) Extra Matches: Battle Royal (11/22/80 TV) More Memphis Moments: Tommy Rich's Mother (11/22/80 TV) 1981 Joe LeDuc: Joe LeDuc Special (1/18/81 TV) More Memphis Moments: Austin Idol Promo (2/7/81 TV) Extra Matches: Jerry Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan (Arena Clips) (2/9/81 Coliseum) More Memphis Moments: Diamante Negro (2/14/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart Retirement Recap (4/4/81 TV) More Memphis Moments: Dutch Mantel Interview (4/11/81 TV) BONUS: 1981 Terry Funk Promo #1 (4/11/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart + Jimmy Kent (5/2/81 TV) BONUS: 1981 Terry Funk Promo #2 (5/9/81 TV) BONUS: 1981 Terry Funk Promo #3 (5/16/81 TV) BONUS: Louisville Brawl (6/6/81 TV) The First Family: First Family Picnic (6/20/81 TV) The First Family: The New Southern Champion (6/27/81 TV) The First Family: "We Are Family" (6/27/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart vs. Jerry Lawler (Arena Highlights) (7/4/81 TV) The First Family: First Family Interview (7/11/81 TV) The First Family: Buddy Wayne vs. Jerry Lawler (7/25/81 TV) The First Family: Tarred and Feathered (8/1/81 TV) The First Family: Tarred and Feathered (8/8/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart + Steve Keirn (8/15/81 TV) Music Videos: Jerry Lawler (My Way) (8/22/81 TV) The First Family: "Alley Oop" (8/22/81 TV) The First Family: Oldies Medley Music Video (Jerry Lawler vs. Jimmy Hart feud) (8/29/81 TV) More Memphis Moments: Miss Macho Man (ICW) (9/12/81 TV) Music Videos: Jimmy Valiant (Boy From New York City) (9/12/81 TV) The First Family: Koko Ware + First Family (9/12/81 TV) The First Family: Rick Gibson vs. Nightmare & Speed (9/26/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart + Tojo Yamamoto (10/3/81 TV) The First Family: Jimmy Hart + Tojo Yamamoto (10/10/81 TV) The First Family: "Big Bird" (10/31/81 TV) The First Family: Dutch Mantel vs. The Shadow (11/7/81 TV) The First Family: Jerry Lawler vs. Super Destroyer Feud (11/14/81 TV) Andy Kaufman: Andy Kaufman comes to Memphis (11/23/81 Coliseum) (For the Kaufman clips, I dated it by the latest dated segment in the chapter) The First Family: Jimmy Hart vs. Dennis Upton (12/26/81 TV) I'll follow up tomorrow with what I have from 1982.
  10. AA484

    Top 500 of the 90s In Progress

    Wait, Placetobe is done? I figured the site was just down temporarily. It may also be worth preserving the top WWE matches and top WCW/Crockett match lists. Maybe the WWE wrestler list, too.
  11. AA484

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I think it was a 30th anniversary issue from 1999. I remember having it. In addition to the top 500, they also had a top 100 tag teams list.
  12. AA484

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Just for the hell of it (and I know the list is 20+ years old at this point) I wanted to see the ten highest ranked wrestlers from PWI's "Top 500 of the PWI Years" who weren't in the WON HOF: 1. Lex Luger 2. Kerry Von Erich 3. Jimmy Snuka 4. Sgt. Slaughter 5. Barry Windham 6. Rick Martel 7. Paul Orndorff 8. Magnificent Muraco 9. Junkyard Dog 10. Tully Blanchard
  13. AA484

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I'm somewhat amazed that Sgt. Slaughter isn't in. This was a guy that was probably the third or fourth biggest wrestler in the U.S.A. in the mid-eighties.
  14. Bump; need to break some ties
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