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  1. AA484

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Weird request but does anyone have a March 1990 PWI magazine, the one with the year-end awards for 1989? I just need a page or two scanned. PM me if you are able to help. Thanks
  2. AA484

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    Oh, man, I forgot about "This is Awesome" chant. Number 1 pet peeve with 1,000 bullets.
  3. AA484

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    No one who watched Finlay's sell would say that!
  4. AA484

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    One more: dudes flipping on enziguris. Fit Finlay demonstrates the proper way to sell this move: https://twitter.com/DeepCutsWCW/status/1397963363326570503
  5. AA484

    2026 Nomination Thread

    I thought this worth mentioning here: I could read @KB8 "[insert wrestler name] matches you should watch" for hours. They make for great "cheat sheets" and reviews for wrestlers, whether you're participating in the GWE poll or not. Thanks for them!
  6. AA484

    Pet Peeves in Wrestling

    When a wrestler kicks out of a pin and the other wrestler sits there, mouth agape and eyes wide while the camera zooms in on his face. It seems like something that should selectively be done during wars not during your standard TV match.
  7. AA484

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Thanks for this. Sometimes I get confused when I see "Houston Wrestling" as a match descriptor when it's Mid-South wrestlers in matches booked by Mid-South bookers and shown (in some cases) on Mid-South television programs.
  8. AA484

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    This is more of a "question that doesn't warrant a thread" but I've seen several matches referred to as "Houston" matches when they look to be Mid-South matches on Mid-South cards, only in Houston, as opposed to NOLA or Oklahoma. Did Watts co-promote with Boesch? Or was there an actual Houston organization? And where does Southwest fit into all of this? Did they have the same type of arrangement with Boesch as Watts did? Thanks
  9. AA484

    Tommy Rich

    How much Georgia (Omni) stuff is actually out there in full? My impression is that there wasn't enough to make an 80s set for it even if that project had continued. IIRC, Florida was in the same boat, although with a little bit more available.
  10. AA484

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Asheville is liberal now but I'm not sure about 25 years ago. Having lived in the area my whole life I'm not sure which liberal cities are being referred to. Maybe Boone.
  11. AA484

    Unboxing the 80s

    Good to see you "back," Loss. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Do you plan to share the "results" of your unboxing? Not looking for yearbooks or anything like that, but maybe something along the line of essential matches, angles, promos, etc. for a particular year? I think there is enough stuff available out there that we could piece together our own watch lists from that. I'm always looking to deep dive with the 80s.
  12. Are you still planning on doing write ups Sleeze or did this take their place? I'm old-fashioned! Or it may be my ADD not letting me sit through podcasts, even when it's about things I love.
  13. Haven't said it before but I love reading your match reviews and blog posts.
  14. AA484

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    So is the March 1986 Garvin/Flair cage match that we have available on handheld from Greensboro on the 29th, Atlanta on the 30th, or both? I'm just trying to get dates right in my notes.
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