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[1985-10-13-WWF-Toronto, ONT] Terry Funk vs Steve Gatorwolf


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This was basically Terry Funk being as Terry Funk as possible in order to make a purse out of a gatorwolf's ear. He was ten thousand percent ridiculous and if you like the idea of Terry Funk being a ridiculous idiot against enhancement talent then you will probably enjoy this. Alternatively, if you are a joyless sack of meat and potatoes and do not like the idea of Terry Funk being a ridiculous idiot against enhancement talent then you can go and watch whatever else it is you people like. Funk was determined to make Steve Gatorwolf look like someone who had even the tiniest chance of victory. That often entailed stooging around in absurd fashion. "How can I make this feller look like he has a shot of winning? Perhaps I'll have him bonk my head off the turnbuckle and I'll sell it by staggering all the way over to the opposite corner, bonk my own head off that turnbuckle and then nearly fall through the ring ropes over there." Funk clotheslines Gatorwolf over the top rope and nearly goes with him, then teeter-totters on the rope for about fifteen seconds waiting for his bewildered opponent to do something. He falls off that Maple Leaf Gardens stage twice, then on his way back into the ring he takes a kick at Monsoon and I love how Funk riling up Gorilla was a nightly occurrence with him. Gorilla would bite nearly every time (he didn't this time on account of the fact that it MIGHT'VE been an accident (it was not)) and Funk would find a new way to stir up shit every match. Prior to the finish Funk tried to apply the sleeper three separate times and Gatorwolf slipped out of each attempt, managed to even apply his own to Funk, but in the end you knew who was getting jabbed in the chest with a branding iron. I can't think of many wrestlers in history that you could put in there with Funk and their presence would make me not want to watch the match (for actual wrestling ability, at least). 

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