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[2022-04-06-AEW-Rampage] Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta


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This kicked so much ass. I've been loving this whole little story between the BCC & Yuta. It's been an absolute home run, and this match was perfect for it. Sure you could argue that by the end they went into the overkill zone with the 2nd Paradigm Shift kickout, but I thought it fit the match well, because Wheeler motherfuckin' Yuta went into Terminator mode & was not going into that good night. The blood was an incredible addition, Yuta kicked ass right from the get go & Moxley was wonderful dishing out punishment to the kid. A hit in every way imaginable. This in some & many ways reminded me of the famous Nigel vs. Tyler match from 2008, where you could feel that a new star was born out of a youngster by having him go toe-to-toe (& some more) with an established ace-level star. Just terrific stuff, man. ****1/4

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I enjoyed this on a visceral level, with how much Wheeler bled and the lengths in which Mox had to go in order to finally beat him. But, those were the two main takeaways for me. The idea is that Wheeler earns Mox's (and by extension Regal and Danielson's) respect and joins the BCC, but instead of doing it by pushing Mox as far as he could and proving he can hang with them, this is Wheeler showing how much of a beating he's able and willing to take.

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