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[2006-03-19-NJPW-Circuit Takeoff] Brock Lesnar vs Akebono

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Champion Brock Lesnar vs Akebono - NJPW 3/19/03

It is matches like this that make me proud to be a Brock Lesnar fan! I always assumed Brock Lesnar phoned in his IWGP Title Reign and just collected a paycheck, but no sirree Bob, Brock was committed to this match. The dude clutched his back just as he was running the ropes and stopped dead in his tracks. It was phenomenal. Whoever coached Brock on selling should coach everyone. Not because of how well Brock sells, but because how much he believes in selling. He wrestled this entire match underneath. He wrestled so vulnerable and really like Akebono bully him. That takes great self-confidence. He did not do what was best for him; he did what was best for the match. When you live in service to the match, the match pays you back double!

Brock tries to overpower Akebono early like he would most, but there's nothing doing. His shoulderblocks have no effect. He cannot Irish Whip the massive Akebono. Akebono is able to Irish Whip. He puts Brock down on the shouldertackle battle. He picks Brocks up and slams him. He is manhandling Brock in a way that probably only Big Show has ever done. So Brock completely changes strategy and he wrestles small. He works a heavy diet of chop blocks and sleepers. He gets impatient and deviates from this strategy and tries to go for the F-5 but his back gives out. Great attempt here as he just collapses and Akebono takes quite the bump. Akebono starts pouring on the fat guy offense. Butt splashes in the corner, big splashes and elbow. He splashes in the corner, but Brock pulls the ref there. They give Akebono the visual pin; Brock gets the a belt shot for what I expected to be the lame finish, but Akebono kicked out. This is when Brock does the great sell of the back when he tries to run the ropes to get more momentum. Terrific. Akebono gets one more throw as Brock tries come off the ropes and Akebono gets his last nearfall. Brock punches the breadbasket great selling from Brock. DDT and Brock wins it!

This match was way better than it has right to be and it is all thanks to Brock! Excellent underneath performance! ***1/2

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