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[2004-03-28-NJPW-King Of Sports] Kensuke Sasaki vs Bob Sapp

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Champion Kensuke Sasaki vs Bob Sapp - NJPW 3/28/04

Well this was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Couldnt find any of Tenzan’s title defenses or Sasaki’s title win. Nakamura vacated the tile after 1/4 I assume due to eye injury. Tenzan seemed liked a great transitional champion than Sasaki. But I cannot complain too much because we got a killer match. 

Bob Sapp looks like a hundred million bucks. They just get into a three point stance and charge each other like two battering rams. It is just beefy wrestling, slapping their meats against each other and I’m here for it. Big body slam by Sapp establishing his power and size advantage. Sasaki butts low to get a laugh from the fans and then TOPPLES SAPP OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR WITH A BIG LARIAT! HUGE POP! Sasaki presses his advantage on the floor.

He is mugged by masked members of Makai Club. So who comes to save him but his wife AKIRA HOKUTO WITH A FUCKING SAMURAI SWORD! Crowd is going wild and pretty sure changing her name. Once they tuck tail and run, we see the damage is done and Sasaki is wearing a CRIMSON MASK!

Massive choke slam and dropkick and it looks like Sapp has it in the bag. Sapp charges and Sasaki back drops him over the top rope. He gives chase but this time there’s no Makai Club (thanks wifey!) and he beats Sapp down with a chair from the stands, smashes his head into the post and then it is FLYING BLOODY SASAKI from the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Hokuto continues to pay dividends and she passes him IWGP title and he smashes it into Sapp’s chest. NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Awesome near fall! 

Sasaki tries to charge him but Sapp just BEAST MODES HIS ASS! Sapp’s last lariat actually looks kinda good! POWERBOMB! Of course Sapp weirdly is lifting Sasaki’s arm up on the winning pin and is also using 2001 Space Odyssey as his theme. Then he says he is not a part of Makai Club, he is a member of K-1! Oooooooooo DRAMA~! Nakamura comes out to challenge him…great post-match angle.

Look if Sapp bled too after the chair shots or if Sapp come throw a proper clothesline (it is like he cannot lift his arm all the way up) this would be an all-timer. The beefy wrestling to start, Akira Hokuto with a samurai sword, Sasaki bleeding, chair shots, dives, belt shots, choke slams and powerbombs this is an easy thumbs up. RAUCOUS MAYHEM~! ****

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