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[2002-08-29-NJPW-Cross Road] Kazuyuki Fujita vs Yoshihiro Takayama

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Kazuyuki Fujita vs Yoshihiro Takayama - NJPW Budokan 08/29/02 NWF Title Tournament

So what I have gleaned in my limited research is Fujita vacated the title earlier in the year so he set up a tournament for NWF Title also called The King of Gladiators tournament. 4-men all shoot backgrounds. It is him vs Takayama and Kohsaka vs Yasuda. In my opinion, it is upsets in both as the new Inoki favorites go down. Inoki even comes out to hype up the crowd and NWF title is shown.

This May be the most violent match I’ve ever seen. We will get there in a second. Scrappy amateur wrestling to start. I would’ve expected Takayama to use his reach advantage to keep the stockier Fujita at bay. Fujita slaps him on the ropes. A lot of guard and ground & pound. It is actually on the floor Takayama wins and Chono who beat Takayama early in the month for the G1 Climax gets in his face. Back in the ring Fujita catches a kick into a throw. I really like the struggle where Takayama earns his throw. Fujita ground & pound knees. Head-arm triangle. This is all good Inokiist wrestling then this happens…

So they decide to stand & bang. I rewound here. I don’t think Takayama bladed. Fujita was throwing live rounds. He whiffed on two but he connected on two. One made absolutely disgusting sound and next thing you know blood is pouring from Takayama’s ear. Takayama gives in my opinion two receipts the first kneelift was stiff, then Everest German but that penultimate kneekift was SICK! I don’t know how Fujita’s nose was intact. Takayama obliterated his face the the final kneelift was more standard snug pro wrestling but the penultimate one was brutal. Check out the two wicked punches by Fujita and two kneelifts by Takayama. ***

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