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[2023-06-25-AEW/NJPW-Forbidden Door 2023] Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay


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This was really good but fell short of WK. First, the positives: I really liked the role reversal with Ospreay as the belligerent heel and Omega working from underneath. There was plenty of aggression and many of the sequences/spots (the smashing of heads into surfaces, Omega knee to the back of the head counter) were compelling. The Tiger Driver 91 was vile but well incorporated. Omega got a weak kickout but was all but done after it and the next move finished him off, which is exactly how you should employ dangerous endgame moves if you choose to incorporate them. But this was not nearly as well put together as WK. Awkward pacing and many lulls in action (perhaps because Omega was not the one driving it) and a few dull transitions, not helped by an ill-advised suplex no-selling sequence. ***1/2

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