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Bret Hart v Roddy Piper

Guest HarleyQuinn

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Guest HarleyQuinn

Wrestlemania 8: 1992.04.05

IC Title

Roddy Piper© vs. Bret Hart


Hadn't seen this match since it's initial airing but I remember loving it and I still love it today.



- Pre-Match Interview: I did the transcript in the quotable section but it's fabulous. You have these two guys totally respecting each, friends, and all that. Then Bret takes exception to a tiny moment by Piper and you immediately feel the hatred rise in Piper. Piper's suddenly a time bomb pissed that Bret is acting above him. Piper instantly taking the heel role to enter the match.


Great job by Bret immediately out wrestling Piper and forcing Piper to try and keep up. Piper realizes that he can't keep it up because it's not his style as shown when Piper gets thrown outside on the waistlock, re-enters the ring all pissed off and gets shoved away by Bret.


Bret plays possum, cradles Piper, and gets a 2 count causing Piper to basically snap and slap Bret. Piper leads Bret into his ploy which ends up with a cross body by Bret and Piper dumps Bret and himself over the top rope.


Piper, playing possum himself holds the rope open, letting Bret back in. Piper then magnificently motions that Bret's boot is untied and unleashes a cheapshot cementing his heel role. Piper immediately takes advantage, resorting to brawling so as to not be outsmarted by Bret again.


Bret remains resilient, getting a few hope spots such as a sunset flip. Piper however stays on the advantage until a flying clothesline sends Piper out, letting Bret begin his momentum. Then bang, double clothesline. Bret again plays possum perfectly, crotching Piper on the top rope and hitting a face slam. Bret is seizing the momentum, kicking Piper's ass and going for the Sharpshooter.


Piper realizes what is happening and desparately is trying to get a way to swing the tide. Piper manages to get the boot up, returning to the possum effect, and KO's Bret. Both men slug it out and Bret begins to get the momentum again. Piper knows he has to do something or he's finished. He lets Bret headlock him, then promptly shoves the Hitman into the ref, knocking them both out.


Piper sends Hart into the ring steps and throws him into the ring. He grabs the ring bell, knowing that he can't outwrestle Bret and that slugging is not having the desired effect. It's time for Piper to finish Bret off in a manner that he can't kick out of. With the referee out, Piper has no worry about getting a DQ so any weapon is fair game.


He gets in the ring, raises the bell...and can't do it. He sees the friendship and as much as he wants that IC Title, he can't subject himself to end the friendship over keeping a title. Piper figures he'll just win it fairly and ducks a swing, locking on the sleeper.


Piper figures the match is over, the sleeper's on and Bret is bleeding and in pain. Piper makes the mistake of letting Bret guide him to the corner as Bret makes one last ditch effort to get victory. He flips himself over with the aid of the turnbuckle, getting the 1-2-3 and winning the IC Title again.


Post-Match: Piper realizes that the better man won and despite his anger entering the match, his friendship stayed true and he congratulates Bret by putting the belt around his waist.

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Guest TheShawshankRudotion

The depth in Piper/Hart WM 8 is truly amazing. One of the best under 15 minute matches of all time. One of the best "artistic" matches by the WWE. Great work by both men. I wish I had this on DVD or downloaded so I could watch it again... I don't want to watch the tape version ;)

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