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Everyone sit tight. For some reason, when I record in flex mode, I can't pause the recorder for commercials, which is causing some problems. I've always been able to do it when I'm just recording 2-hour discs, but in flex mode, I can't pause for some reason. It's going to be a chore to try to get all these matches on two 4-hour discs anyway, and it's even harder when commercials can't even be edited out.


If anyone knows how to get around this, please let me know.

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Ok, I know a way around this, but it may take me a few months to get stuff together. I'd like to get this started again, but may not be able to do it immediately. What I'm going to propose in the meantime is that everyone who is interested PM Bix about Why I Love Professional Wrestling, a series of discs he made a while back with some good stuff that sort of captures the same spirit of what the DVD Club is supposed to be about. Here's a match list. By the time everyone gets their discs and wades through this stuff, I should have something in the bag:


Vol. 1

1. Ron Wright interview (WWOW Knoxville 1973)

2. Gran Apache/Faby Apache/Polvo de Estrellas/Mini Abismo Negro vs

Oscar Sevilla/Cynthia Moreno/Pimpinella Estrella/Mascarita Sagrada (Hustle 5/8/04)

3. The Texas Outlaws In A Bar (The Wrestler 1974)

4. Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (WWE Smackdown 6/23/05)

5. Buildup For A.J. Styles vs Dusty Rhodes (NWA TNA 10/03)

6. The Sheepherders vs The Fantastics (NWA Crockett Cup 4/19/86)

7. Clive Myers vs Steve Grey (World Of Sport 11/22/75)

8. Clive Myers vs Steve Grey (World Of Sport 3/29/86)


Vol. 2

1. Buddy Landel: Smooth Operator (JCP 1985)

2. Eddie Gilbert vs Jeff Jarrett (USWA Texas 1990)

3. Ken Patera or Tony Atlas: Who's Stronger? (JCP 1978)

4. Killer Khan vs Terry Gordy (WCCW 11/22/84 - Texas Death Match)

5. Don Muraco interview: "Have a donut!" (WWF 1986)

6. El Trio Fantasia vs Los Thundercats (Monterrey, NL, Mexico 12/8/91 - Masks vs Masks)

7. The Chris Colt Experience (George Cannon's Superstars Of Wrestling 1979?)

8. Steve Austin vs Chris Adams (USWA 1990 - Come As You Are Street Fight)

9. $500 Per Punch (Memphis 12/83-1/84)


Vol. 3

1. Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich: Tag Team Of The Year (Memphis 1984)

2. Sergio El Hermoso/Bello Greco/Rudy Reyna vs Solar I/Ultraman/Super Astro (UWA 2/84)

3. Jerry Blackwell vs Blackjack Mulligan (JCP 1978)

4. Roddy Piper interviews (Al Tomko's All-Star Wrestling 1979?)

5. Riki Choshu/Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Jumbo Tsuruta/Genichiro Tenryu (AJPW 1/28/86)

6. Eddie Gilbert & The Russian Flag (UWF 1986)

7. Dusty makes up for lost time with Dustin (WCW 1994)


Vol. 4

1. Memphis Wrestling on Prime Time Sunday (NBC 12/79)

2. Ric Flair vs Ted DiBiase (Mid-South Wrestling 11/15/85)

3. Roddy Piper/Paul Orndorff vs Jim Young/Hollywood Brown (WWF World Championship Wrestling 3/85)

4. Duelling Wrestlemania Main Event Promos On Saturday Night Live (3/30/85)

5. Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee (Memphis 12/30/85)

6. The Bill & Buddy Show (Memphis 3/86)

7. Ric Flair/Dewey Robertson vs Roddy Piper/Jimmy Snuka (Maple Leaf Wrestling 1981)

8. El Hijo Del Santo/Black Shadow Jr. vs Octagon/Fuerza Guerrera (Monterrey, NL, Mexico 12/1/91 - Relevos Suicidas, Masks vs Masks)


Vol. 5

1. Dusty Rhodes interview (WWWF Championship Wrestling 4/25/78)

2. Jerry/Eddie Graham vs Buddy Rosen/Luis Martinez (Capitol Wrestling 1958)

3. The Morton Downey Jr. Show w/ Lou Albano, Ted Arcidi, David Schultz, Thunderbolt Patterson, et al (1988?)

4. The Iron Sheik vs Sgt. Slaughter (WWF MSG 6/16/84 - Boot Camp Match)

5. Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Misterio Jr. (WCW Halloween Havoc '97 - Title vs Mask)


Vol. 6

1. "I Like To Hurt People" highlights

2. Ted DiBiase vs Bob Sweetan (Houston Wrestling 10/85 - Taped Fist Match)

3. Kenta Kobashi vs Samoa Joe (ROH 10/1/05)

4. The Texas Outlaws in Mid-South Wrestling (1980)


Vol. 7

1. A Week In The Life Of The Moondogs (USWA TV 1/19/92)

2. Dick Murdoch vs Barry Windham (WWF Spectrum 2/16/85)

3. Batman meets Superking (Gulas Promotions 1977?)

4. Big Bossman vs The Barbarian (WWF Royal Rumble 1/19/91)

5. Big Bossman vs The Barbarian (WWF Copps Coliseum 1/25/91)

6. Ric Flair video (WCW Saturday Night 10/94)

7. Bret/Owen Hart vs Steiner Brothers (WWF Wrestlefest 1/11/94)


Vol. 8

1. Ric Flair goes to Memphis (Memphis 8/14/82)

2. Hulk Hogan vs Stan Hansen (Wrestling Summit 4/13/90)

3. Shawn Michaels/Diesel vs Razor Ramon/1-2-3 Kid (WWF Action Zone 10/30/94)

4. Tanaka vs Marty Jannetty (WWF MSG 3/15/91)

5. Blue Panther/Sergio El Hermoso vs Super Astro/Solar I (WWA TV 10/17/87)


Vol. 9

1. Dr. Lawler does a steroid test (USWA 1990)

2. Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher (IWAMS 6/11/05)

3. The Orient Express vs The Rockers (WWF Royal Rumble 1/19/91)

4. Luke Williams/Jonathan Boyd vs Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee (Memphis 11/82)

5. Verbal Debate: Jim Cornette vs John Zandig (ROH 100th Show 4/22/06)

6. Samoa Joe/Adam Pearce/B.J. Whitmer vs Chris Hero/Necro Butcher/Super Dragon (ROH 100th Show 4/22/06)


Vol. 10

1. The Debut Of Juvi's Juice Bar (XPW 8/02)

2. Jerry Estrada vs Stuka (AAA 10/30/94 - Hair vs Hair)

3. Walter Mays Conducts War Games with Dutch Mantell vs Jeff Jarrett (PBS 1990?)

4. Tully Blanchard/Adrian Adonis vs Jerry Lawler/Bob Sweetan (Southwest 1/83)

5. Mongolian Stomper vs Jerry Lawler (Memphis '79ish)

6. Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat (WCW Chi-Town Rumble 2/20/89)

7. Kaientai Deluxe vs Sasuke Seikigun (Michinoku Pro 12/16/96)


Vol. 11

1. Wimpbusters Music Video (Memphis '84)

2. Bill Dundee/Eric Embry vs Gary Young/Billy Joe Travis (USWA Texas Fall '89)

3. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs The Rockers (WWF '89 - London, England)

4. Buddy Rose/Doug Somers vs The Midnight Rockers (AWA '86 - ESPN bloodbath)

5. IWA Japan Wackyness with Kappa Junior (2003)

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