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Best matches of 2007


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I know I'm a week and 1/2 late, but I was just wondering what you guys picks are for the best matches of 2007? Any must see matches? Any sleeper matches that didn't get noticed?


Also what do you think will win WON's Worked match award? Either ROH or NOAH has won the award last fours years, Will 2007's be the same?

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Here is my current list, I haven't written up the third Danielson v. Morishima match yet, but I imagine that will find a spot in the top 10. All of these are reviewed over at Segunda Caidia




1. Nigel McGuinness v. Bryan Danielson ROH 6/23

2. Nigel McGuinness v. Samoa Joe ROH 3/3

3. John Cena v. Umaga WWE 1/28

4. Eddie Kingston v. Chris Hero IWA-MS 9/29

5. Bryan Danielson v. Takeshi Morishima ROH 8/25

6. Nigel McGuinness v. Takeshi Morishima ROH 4/14

7. Chris Harris v. James Storm TNA 5/13

8. Jimmy Jacobs v. B.J. Whitmer ROH 3/4

9. Samoa Joe v. Takeshi Morishima ROH 2/16

10. Matt Hardy v. Finlay WWE 6/19

11. Shawn Micheals v. John Cena WWE 4/23

12. Jimmy Jacobs v. B.J. Whitmer ROH 3/31

13. Solar 1/Mano Negra v. Negro Navarro/Black Terry Lucha Libre VIP 3/10

14. MNM v. Hardy Boyz WWE 1/28

15. Briscoes v. Ricky Marvin/Kontaro Suzuki NOAH 1/21

16. Bryan Danielson/Takeshi Morishima v. KENTA/Nigel McGuiness ROH 5/12

17. John Cena v. Great Khali 5/20

18. Mitsuhara Misawa v. Bison Smith NOAH 6/3

19. John Cena v. King Booker v. Bobby Lashley v. Mick Foley v. Randy Orton WWE 6/24

20. Necro Butcher v. Jay Briscoe ROH

21. Briscoes v. Murder City Machine Guns ROH 4/28

22. Finlay v. Undertaker 3/6 WWE

23. Briscoes v. Kevin Steen/El Generico ROH 4/14

24. Colt Cabana v. Jimmy Jacobs ROH 2/24

25. Takeshi Sasaki v. Yuki Miyamoto BJW 3/14

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