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  1. Tim Evans

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    That was a fun show. Vikingo/Tarus and Kenny/Fenix were pretty good. Kenny should do all he can to get Vikingo a visa for AEW. It's amazing he just came off a serious injury and pulled off that match. I also enjoyed the Big mami match. The Main event was the usual clusterfuck and i'm bummed at no Rush. Nice to see Tritton and his falling pants in AAA.
  2. Tim Evans

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    I wonder if AEW will acknowledge the Omega match if he wins? I'm guessing Park and Rush will be on this show somehow.
  3. Tim Evans

    Is WWE redeemable?

    On this board? Absolutely not. To the rest of the world? Im not sure. Maybe if they cut the tv in half and only aired an hour or two. It's just too much these days.
  4. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 10/14 - 10/20 Randy Orton is the Tom Brady of WWE

    Mauro seems more toned down this weekend compared to the past couple shows. I mean it's still maruo but still. Marcel/Fabian vs Oney/Burch was a hell of a match. Right up there with the past tv matches they had. Bianca vs Rhea next week and Roderick vs the winner of Keith Lee vs Dijakovic.
  5. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    Week 2 was way way better than Week 1. Everything made sense and advanced stories. No stupid celebrity stuff and some good wrestling. Private party vs Young Bucks was the best "making a star" match I've seen in years. Big props to the Bucks for that. Only thing I didn't like on the show was the commentary. JR was awful and it seemed to affect the other two. Especially during the women's match and Pac in the Moxley vs Spears match.
  6. KUSHIDA vs WALTER was an awesome match. Best match Kushida has had in NXT and Walter is just amazing.
  7. Gulak rules but Lio winning was the right decision. Watching the NXT show while putting AEW on dvr. I'm glad they are putting new guys on instead of using the people from last week. The Rhea squash was exactly what it should have been. Forgotten Sons was just blah. They've been babyfaces on the Coconut loop lately so I guess they are next in line vs Undisputed.
  8. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite Week 1

    Since I was at NXT last night, I missed the show live so I watched it on DVR. Overall, I enjoyed it. I loved the look of the show as the whole production was very professional. I really enjoyed seeing a clearly motivated Tony Schivonie with Excalibur. Compare that to his MLW stuff and it's like night and day. Even JR was fine for the night. Riho/Nyla was pretty good. First time seeing Nyla and she has potential. She reminded me of what Nia Jax should have been booked like. Riho was great as the underdog. The six man was good with advancing the story. It got me excited to see Mox vs Omega. LAX looked like they belong with the Bucks. Nice to see Dustin back. Only part of the show I didn't like was most of the first hour. Cody vs Sammy was pretty pedestrian for a first match of a new promotion's tv. Of course, Brandi had to get involved in some way. I hope she doesn't go the Stephanie route but I have a feeling she will. MJF/Cutler was ok I guess. The stuff with Kevin Smith and Jack Evans was embarrassing. WWE gets rightfully bashed when they do something like that so AEW should to. I thought PAC/Hangman was bad. Bastard Pac is an awful character and I don't think I will ever get the Hangman hype. He might be better as a heel.
  9. Thia was pretty bad. I feel ita kinda hard to screw up a match like wargames but they do it. Between the early pinfall attempts that the announcers bury then ignore and all the no selling between quack and Daniels. Flash and dino try early on but it turns into a mess. Also the announcers keep talking about Dan moreland and he doesnt even show up.
  10. Tim Evans

    Rush wins the ROH title

    I wonder if Dragon Lee winds up in New Japan or if CMLL pressures them into not signing him? No doubt in my mind Rush winds up in WWE after his ROH deal is up.
  11. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 09/23 - 09/29 Necropolitics are in vogue

    Nakamura/Ali and Bryan/Rowan were good. And the Kabuki Warriors vs Fire and Desire was alright just to see Kairi back on tv. I can't believe the last smackdown on USA ended with a Owens/Shane promo. I actually like shane more than most but this feud stinks.
  12. Tim Evans

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    So what are they going to do for the big AXS debut in October? I'm guessing that will be the Tessa world title win. Watching clips from the Impact youtube and this show still has way more Sami Callihan than I want. Add in the useless Fulton and that makes it worse.
  13. So these guys are brothers and Al Jackson is the southwest champ going in. I thought this was pretty bland with Al in particular not adding much. Action did bleed decently but he basically laid on the mat while Al punch and kicked him. They did the old Memphis chain spot which was funny twice. The finish with everyone running in took forever. Best thing about this match was Al Jackson's theme music.
  14. This is probably my favorite NXT match I've ever seen live. Emma like Bray Wyatt before her and Sami/Finn after her was the most over person at Full sail at the time. I just remember poping so bad when Santino came out. Sleeze, if you want to see some really good Fandango, you need to check out when he was Johnny Curtis feuding with Derrick Bateman and Maxine in the original NXT. That shit was great.
  15. When I saw this was over 30 minutes, I was kinda dreading watching it like those Gargano "epics" in regular NXT. However, this was an awesome match that really never dragged. Sure it was too long but that's to be expected in modern day WWE. WALTER is like Brock when he first came back to WWE. He's something special and is booked like a monster. Tyler was great too. I like how he fought back on defense even when Walter was beating the shit out of him. The crowd also really enhanced the match as they were into everything. Great match and one of the best of the year.