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  1. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    They cut it really close on that ending of Aj vs Rey. Fun match on a good show. I know people here don't like the Rusev/Lana angle or the Seth turn but I gotta admit I do. Glad Seth turned heel as he's better suited for it. Rusev might be the most over babyface on Raw. Raw is such an easier show to watch than SD now even at 3 hours.
  2. This was pretty sad to watch. Between the small crowd in the ecw arena and them not giving a shit. We got some witty cat calls like all is fatter than buddy rose and fuck Frank talent. Sabu couldn't do much and what he did was botched mostly. Ian waddles in and cuts his usual long promo to crickets. Bad
  3. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/02 - 12/08 DiCaprio is setting the world on fire!

    Smackdown is such a chore to get through even on DVR. I did like the 4 way tag. Otis is getting over and Shorty G has replaced Cesaro as the best tag wrestler in WWE not named the Revival. Turning Lacey babyface is interesting but I guess that was to be expected after Saudimania. Roman/Corbin has run its course.
  4. Tim Evans

    Who's more important?

    Who I like and would rather watch? Roman no doubt. But Okada is more important.
  5. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite Week 10 - Dec 4, 2019

    So is the Dark Order, Brandi/Kong and the Butcher and the Blade going to join together to build one big goth universe like Rosemary in IMPACT? 3 groups with the same type gimmick is a bit much. They should build the whole women's division around Kris Statlander now that she's signed. Such a star. Between NXT and AEW, the Picture in Picture commercial break might be the worst thing about the Wednesday night war. At least NXT doesn't do promos and big moments during it I guess.
  6. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/02 - 12/08 DiCaprio is setting the world on fire!

    Good episode of NXT tv tonight building up matches for the next two weeks. UE vs Lee/Ciampa/Dijakovic and Riddle/Ohono are worth watching. Excited for Garza/Lio next week and Rhea/Shayna in two weeks plus Cole vs the winner of Finn/Lee/Ciampa for the respective titles. It was also good to see Kushida back from injury.
  7. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/02 - 12/08 DiCaprio is setting the world on fire!

    I usually don't listen to the commentary during shows but man Lawler was expecially bad last night. Between totally burying Tozawa and the line during the Kabuki Warriors entrance where he broke out the asian accent that was way worse than what Cornette did, it was bad. Joe and Vic are good together since I guess Dio is gone.
  8. I'm not a big fan of Damien but him using his kendo stick as a pool cue to hit sagrada in the balls was funny. The match was fine but the Tarzan slow turn was dull by this time. also, they didnt seem to follow up on the dandy zumbido tension.
  9. Tim Evans

    All Elite Wrestling

    Didn't Penelope manage Janela for months after they broke up? I remember hearing him say that. It figures he would do something like that after the Enzo incident.
  10. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite Week 9 - 27 Nov 2019

    Anyone else catch JR saying the guy from Statefarm during opener was from Allstate? He covered pretty quickly but JR was awful all night and Excalibur wasn't much better. Statlander is going to be a star. I'm glad she didn't go to WWE because they have enough indie women and she's going to stand out in a big way in AEW. Beat didn't look like a total putz tonight so that was a plus. Also enjoyed the MJF match. Was surprised both Page and PAC lost so sorta clean.
  11. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 11/18 - 11/24 South American Coupamania

    The broken skull sessions with Austin and taker that aired after survivor series waa really great.
  12. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 11/18 - 11/24 South American Coupamania

    So I guess from now on whenever Seth appears, he is getting Punk chants. That's not going to be annoying at all. I enjoyed the show tonight. Especially the women and the closing brawl. It's pretty clear the biggest winners of NXT appearing on Raw and SD are Cole, Rhea and Shayna. I can't see them being in NXT for much longer. I haven't watched a ppv in months but I'll watch Survivor Series.
  13. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 11/11 - 11/17 Dark days indeed

    I'm guessing you never saw Hawaiian shirt-wearing Joey in MLW back in like 02-03. That was the definition of phoning it in. I'm sad to see Oney go as he was the star of the Coconut loop shows and 205 live for the past couple months. But I get it. It will be interesting to see how many of these guys that are asking for releases end up in AEW. Because that has to be the ultimate goal right? Maybe not Sin Cara but guys like the Revival and Biff and Bennet for sure. AEW won't take them all so they will probably end up in Impact or god forbid ROH. If current WWE is WCW 2000, ROH is 1987 World Class.
  14. Women's Wargames build was outstanding. I hope they don't turn Dakota heel but it's the year of the no babyface in 2019. It was surreal to see Aj Styles wrestle in Full Sail. I never thought I would see that.
  15. Tim Evans

    WWE Presents Crown Jewel: Halloween Pumpkin Spice Edition

    Have we found out who the top 20 are? I know Hogan, Flair, Vince, Dunn and I'm guessing Fury and Cain.