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  2. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    The Production on the show was way more noticeable than most weeks and that's not a good thing. Multiple missed finishes, bad camera angles, jut things were off. Maybe Keith Mitchell shouldn't be in production in 2020. I remember his time in WCW and it wasn't much better. Otherwise, I enjoyed the show for the most part. The opener was really good with a hot crowd. I liked the Six-man too. PAC/Allin was was good but man I hate seeing Darby lose again clean. I can understand losing to Cody but PAC? Just blah. Even the parts I didn't like( women's match) was better than most of last week's show.
  3. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 1/6/20-1/12/20: At least 2019 is finally over

    Good NXT show tonight. The women got a half hour and did more with the time than other shows. They even got over a NXT Uk feud with Toni and Kay Lee. Really looking forward to the Time Splitters reunion next week. i hope they make it to the finals. Really good main event, I think Lee should have won the NXT title instead of the NA title but he's still over and maybe he can help that title
  4. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/23 - 12/29 Holiday Season is Here

    Good smackdown this week Usos returning to save Roman from Corbin and Ziggler was a nice touch. Glad they are on the blue brand with Roman as that's a fun trio. Gable made Sheamus's kick look like a million bucks. Landed on his neck too. I'm sure it will be a squash but that should be a fun match. God help me but i'm enjoying babyface Lacey too. She's so natural at it. Especially her promos which are right up there with Asuka as feeling genuine and not wooden like heel Bayley and Charlotte. Morrison going to smackdown and teaming with newly heel Miz reuniting the Dirt Sheet is going to make me feel nostalgic.
  5. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite - January 1, 2020

    Should be interesting what happens with the ROH/CMLL/New Japan deal if this actually happens. AEW is with AAA so you know CMLL will want nothing to do with them. I can't see ROH/AEW working together given the bad blood and if ROH loses the New Japan deal I gotta think that's the death knell to them. Hope the deal happens cause I want to see Tanahashi on Turner tv. As for Dynamite, I loved the show this week. Especially Cody/Darby. Arn was perfect in that match. Also, I thought Taz did a good job on commentary. Had good chemistry with JR.
  6. Tim Evans

    Cody vs. Darby Allin II

    The only reason Cody should lose to Darby is if he's turning heel and I don't think that's happening. I like Darby and he's entertaining but he's not on Cody's level. I think his first major win should be against a guy like Hager or even Kenny. The only thing I hope for the match is that it's clean and doesn't feature interference.
  7. Tim Evans

    The length of wrestling shows & overkill

    This topic reminds me of the last indie show I was at, USA pro. It went on for almost 5 hours with no intermission. The show started with about 500-600 people and by the time it ended, only 100 or so were left. People started leaving after the 4th talking segment 2 hours in and when Shane Douglas started doing intros for the decesed Bam Bam and Chris Candido. Contrast that to the last NXT house show I went to that was under 90 minutes and had about 5 matches in less than a hour. I think it all depends on the pacing of the show and what's on it. I can get through NXT and AEW easy enough in 2 hours. Raw is pushing it with 3 and even then I usually watch on DVR. I don't watch the ppvs live anymore cause I can't sit through them in 1 sitting.
  8. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/16 - 12/22 the road to Royal Rumble begins!

    Because it's fun and I don't take it seriously? Also I watch all WWE shows on DVR so I can fast forward the stuff I don't like. Do the same for AEW and most wrestling shows except for NXT. Loved the Miracle on 34th street match. I think it's the best gimmick match they do. Mostly cause it's only once a year. Otis is so great. Heavy Machinery is another act that works better on the main roster than in NXT.
  9. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/16 - 12/22 the road to Royal Rumble begins!

    Because the shows really don't have security. At least when the tv talent is on the road. When I went to a house show on Saturday, they only had one security guard at ringside and all he was worried about is people not taping matches with their phone. At full sail it's usually 3 or 4 security guards. They don't really care what you say but god forbid you tape anything or stand up for too long.
  10. Tim Evans

    AAA Guerra de Titanes tonight on Twitch

    Well AAA is going to get a good Cease and Desist letter from good ole Jerry sooner than later. Big Mami vs Lady Maravilla ruled. Not a technical masterpiece whatsoever but a heated bloody brawl that was the ending of a great year-long angle. Few companies do that better than AAA when they really commit to it. Rush in AAA will take a while to get used to. He could fit in but we'll see how long him and Park last.
  11. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    I can't get over how over Otis is. They should have him beat Nakamura for the US title. Then Roman came out and dwarfed that reaction.
  12. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    Really good NXT tonight. Garza/Lio was hate-filled and awesome. Full sail was going nuts and Garza is a star. Dakota/Mia was also good and featured a crazy bump by Mia doing a backdrop driver on Dakota through a table. The main event was fine with a great finish. Even Breezango/Bollywood boys were good. Next week should be a crazy week in the Wednesday night war.
  13. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    They cut it really close on that ending of Aj vs Rey. Fun match on a good show. I know people here don't like the Rusev/Lana angle or the Seth turn but I gotta admit I do. Glad Seth turned heel as he's better suited for it. Rusev might be the most over babyface on Raw. Raw is such an easier show to watch than SD now even at 3 hours.
  14. This was pretty sad to watch. Between the small crowd in the ecw arena and them not giving a shit. We got some witty cat calls like all is fatter than buddy rose and fuck Frank talent. Sabu couldn't do much and what he did was botched mostly. Ian waddles in and cuts his usual long promo to crickets. Bad
  15. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/02 - 12/08 DiCaprio is setting the world on fire!

    Smackdown is such a chore to get through even on DVR. I did like the 4 way tag. Otis is getting over and Shorty G has replaced Cesaro as the best tag wrestler in WWE not named the Revival. Turning Lacey babyface is interesting but I guess that was to be expected after Saudimania. Roman/Corbin has run its course.