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  2. Until the third fall, this was actually pretty good. The tecnicos were just dominant until the rudos got a lucky break to win the second fall. Texano wasn't selling that much but Perro was going 100 mph in his attack. Then the third fall happened and Jerry Estrada got involved and it became very AAA. Perro and Heavy Metal attack Hector Garza after the match so that feud is kicked into high gear. OK match but AAA is just above OVW in worst promotions of the year.
  3. Have they announced what's going to be on the preshow yet? I'm guessing the women's battle royal, Rey/Joe and the Cruiserweight title match are givens.
  4. Tim Evans

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I like Impact but they can change the roster and name but it still looks and feels like TNA. The announcing, the dead crowds, just the way it's filmed feels like it hasn't changed much since the Hogan days. They also still embrace the TNA history so things aren't going to change.
  5. Tim Evans

    [2000-10-31-??] Chris Hamrick vs Kid Kash

    Hamrick doing the classic "heel threatens to leave if the crowd doesn't stay quiet" gimmick is good. Him being a heel in stars and bars in West Virginia is weird. Decent match with Hamrick getting more than he usually does. The Finish is really weak but vintage southern wrestling.
  6. Tim Evans

    Current Lucha Talk

    I found it interesting that Cody was a babyface but the Bucks were heels. It was funny seeing the Bucks win and the crowd not give a shit because they had no idea who they were. It reminded me of when the TNA guys used to come in. Bucks winning is good for AEW business but man did Escorpion and Texano look weak losing so fast. The OGT match was my favorite cause they were killing each other with nutty bumps. Poor Super Fly.
  7. Some guys shouldn't be in Ladder matches. Like Big show, Kane and you can add Bad Crew to that list. This was all Backseat taking nutty bumps. Especially Trent in the first minute of the match taking a clothesline over the top onto a ladder.Not an awful match but not terribly exciting. Agree with Chad that the finish was creative. The commentary was bad and homophobic as usual.
  8. A three way title is so 2000s wrestling. Not a bad match as all three guys have chemistry. A little on the long side and it seemed all three guys were babyfaces so the crowd didn't have anyone to hate. I guess Montoya turned heel at the end.
  9. Tim Evans

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Went to the ROH tapings tonight in Lakeland. It was my first ROH show live since February 2009 and my first time watching ROH since the POP days. I thought the show was really bad. They have some decent talent like Bandido, Juice, Cobb, Mack, RUSH and even the Kingdom guys. It just felt so lifeless with a dead crowd and nothing to make a first time viewer want to watch again. Lethal is a good mid-card talent but no way should he be a world champion in 2019. HIs tag team with Gresham is embarrassing. They have no chemistry. Most over guy of the night was Marty. They should put the world title on him at MSG. Hell just build the company around him, Bandido, Juice and get rid of the old guard like Lethal and the Briscoes.
  10. What a crappy gimmick and finish to end the KOTDM. Both guys try but are pretty tired and so is the crowd. The big ass casket in the middle of the ring means that the guys have to take bumps on the barbwire ropes. The finish would have been better if Corp took the bump into the casket while it was on fire but that's too dangerous. The way they did it just makes it look weak.
  11. Yeah, that finish was weird with Flo going face first into the tubes and then the match just ends. his back looked really messed up after the lumberjacks hit him with the lightubes.Fannin mentions Cash Flo replaced Hardcore Craig who no showed. Too short to be good.
  12. Tim Evans

    Secret Santo 2018-2019

    Carlitos was the promoter for that promotion so that's why he was in the match. Also wrestled Caristico and Roderick Strong in the past. I watched Tenyru/Kitahara vs Kimura/Koshinaka. What a match that was. I've seen some of the WAR vs NJPW feud but this was nuts. You had seconds fighting each other, blood, a rabid crowd and just pure hate from the wrestlers. Loved heel Koshinaka ass based offense and Kimura destroying Kitahara. Then you had big boss Tenyru chopping and punching fools. Loved the moment where Tenyru is bleeding in the corner just diving Kimura a death stare.The post match was great with Masa Saito coming in to challenge Tenyru. Fun stuff and I need to see more of this feud. My match for SirEdger:
  13. Yeah, this was surprising. I wasn't expecting much given the stip but they made it work. Some sick bumps into the cactus especially that leg drop. Tony's arm gets cut to hell. They do the brawl around the building stip but actually fight during it instead of just walking around. Good match.
  14. Tim Evans

    All Elite Wrestling

    So with Joey and MJF being with AEW, does this mean they left MLW or MLW is working with AEW? Anyways, those two and PAC and the OWE guys are good pick ups. I'm interested in who else they sign. Hopefully not too many ex WWE guys as I hope this doesn't turn into another TNA. However after the smackdown thing, I fear it will be.
  15. Add that Shank promo to the long list of things that would never fly today. That was almost Jeff G Bailey esque. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised fi he wrote it. I thought the match was ok but a little too long for a Shank match. I've heard a lot of the Shank legend but haven't seen much of him. He really shouldn't talk. I thought this was one of the better Terry Knight matches. He takes a beating. At the end of the day, the awful finish and the "keep untangling the chain" that occurs in most chain matches hurt this.