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  1. It's been what 7 years since they formed? It's time for a new start. I'm just glad they didn't have them turn on each other like I thought would happen. So I guess with New Day going to Raw and Bianca going to SD, that means the Street Profits are going to SD. First round pick Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin is funny. MVP is really the breakout guy of 2020 in WWE. Those guys were on the brink of being fired and now they have a push on Raw thanks to MVP and the Hurt Business. It's kinda amazing.
  2. I thought she was rehired a few months ago?
  3. Man Koko and Bobby are so good in this. Very fast paced match that never slows down. For a team that hates each other in real life, Jacque and Terry Taylor work good but this is the Bobby and Koko show. Not overly long but a good tv match. I liked how "Jimmy Hart" was at ringside but did nothing at all.
  4. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite Saturday Night Live - August 22, 2020

    I feel like having Eddie Kingston in a stable does him a disservice. I didn't like it in TNA or ROH. He should be a loner going after Moxley after the MJF feud. Also Fenix should be a babyface. That final angle was the first time since joining AEW that Brodie Lee looked like a star. Props to Cody for taking that type of beating. Dark Order looked like credible threats instead of the tall guy, fat guy and goofs. Great stuff.
  5. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/south-carolina-man-arrested-kidnapping-charge-athome-sonya-deville?utm_source=TW-FightfulWrestling&utm_medium=Fightful Wrestling News&utm_campaign=dlvr.it.organic Real scary situation where some guy came down to Florida from South Carolina to try to kidnap Sonya Deville. He showed up to her house and even got inside. Thankfully she made it out and the guy is in jail. Apparently he'd been stalking her on Social media.
  6. Kalisto looks like he got on that Matt Cardona diet before his return. WWE at the Amway is interesting. I'm guessing they will have fans sooner than later since AEW already did it this past week.
  7. So NXT brought back the Velveteen dream. Not surprising but just not worth the trouble. Looks like he's a heel now which I guess is the right move.
  8. Tim Evans

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    For me it was the Gargano/Almas takeover match That match was so great that I felt it couldn't be topped. And so far, it hasn't in NXT. The post match with Ciampa was ok but then that feud just went on too long. It led to Cole/Gargano and then Cole/Ciampa. It was just too much. I remember going to almost every taping back then but stopped around 2019 when the show became too long and repetitive. Put on top of that Shayna's reign of terror on the women's division and the loss of American Alpha/Revivial in the tag team division and the bloom was off the rose.
  9. Tim Evans

    [1997-07-25-CMLL] El Hijo del Santo vs Felino

    As a rudo, Santos dives just seem more brutal. He hits some great ones in this. They escalate each fall. Felino shows some fire. The belly to belly from the top rope was steiner esque. The negro casas run in in that tracksuit looked bad ass. Fun match.
  10. People would be surprised how many current wrestlers that appear on tv Monday and Wednesday nights do secret "Seminars" at Rance's school and his other school that is owned by another guy during the week. Moose doubling down on his defense of Rance was not shocking.
  11. It's a good thing he's canceled or people would be up in arms. For Raw, they have Asuka vs Bayley with Kairi in Asuka's corner booked. I thought she left for Japan already but I guess she has one more appearance. I was negative about Bayley's heel turn but she's hit a home run since Sasha has returned. The appreciation video of the team and Bayley doing a Taker as Big Johnny impersonation was outstanding.
  12. Tim Evans

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Please desantis isnt going to admit he was wrong and shut down. Local officials might try but then there's the executive order which overrides local officials. Really its up to the networks to tell them to shut down.
  13. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 06/15 - 06/23 Liv Morgan.

    It was taped last week I believe. I get that it would have been hard to edit out the match from SD since the allegations just came out today. But then they posted a post match interview on youtube and that's just classic WWE.
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  15. Tim Evans


    Yeah Bayley has gotten way better since Sasha returned. I was down on her heel run before that but her screwing with Cole and the empty arena era has helped a lot. AJ/Bryan was amazing. Just another notch in Bryan's belt as the GOAT. I knew he had it in him but AJ finally showed he's still really great after a few meh years.