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  1. It's a good thing he's canceled or people would be up in arms. For Raw, they have Asuka vs Bayley with Kairi in Asuka's corner booked. I thought she left for Japan already but I guess she has one more appearance. I was negative about Bayley's heel turn but she's hit a home run since Sasha has returned. The appreciation video of the team and Bayley doing a Taker as Big Johnny impersonation was outstanding.
  2. Tim Evans

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Please desantis isnt going to admit he was wrong and shut down. Local officials might try but then there's the executive order which overrides local officials. Really its up to the networks to tell them to shut down.
  3. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 06/15 - 06/23 Liv Morgan.

    It was taped last week I believe. I get that it would have been hard to edit out the match from SD since the allegations just came out today. But then they posted a post match interview on youtube and that's just classic WWE.
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    Yeah Bayley has gotten way better since Sasha returned. I was down on her heel run before that but her screwing with Cole and the empty arena era has helped a lot. AJ/Bryan was amazing. Just another notch in Bryan's belt as the GOAT. I knew he had it in him but AJ finally showed he's still really great after a few meh years.
  6. Not much of a match. Lots of punching and walking around. Mephisto gets busted open by Dory's punches of all things. Terry tries with the sheik but Sheik is so bad. Sheik finally brings in a weapon and they brawl into the crowd.
  7. Even in 1959, Gagne looks ancient but man can he move. Verne and Bruiser were the highlights. I haven't seen much of younger Bruiser but he was bumping for Wilbur and Verne like he was Bill dundee circa 1983. It was interesting to see the babyfaces work sorta heelish in the first fall. They were choking the heels, doing illegal double teams etc. Verne was flying around like a mad man. Especially when he made the hot tag. The ring falls apart after the second fall and they had to work around the ring crew fixing it up. I have no idea who Kalrsosn is but he was what I thought a stereotypical 50's older wrestler would look like. His bumping was weird as hell. Fun match overall.
  8. HHH coming out to give him the new contract was just so WWE. Respect to Drake for cutting a shoot promo that was so good he got resigned even though it's probably at a lower rate.
  9. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    Thatcher/riddle ruled. Right up there with the bryan/gulak matches. They might have something with Thatcher. Should probably put bivens with him.
  10. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    Its going to be interesting when more guys leave and the free agent talent pool becomes bigger. Aew cant sign everyone. And if what i think happens happens and groups like roh, nwa and mlw dont run again till 2021, its going to be dire. Also I doubt travel overseas happens anytime soon.
  11. Between this and the Mania match. Batista vs taker is an underrated Taker feud. Yes, this had all the tropes of a WWE style Last man standing match. Big shots, lots of plunder and a ridiculous finish that saves either guy from losing. Big Dave was selling the leg somewhat in the match and Taker looked more motivated than usual.
  12. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    Looks like his contract was and he chose to not resign. Would be a good pick up for aew
  13. Im not sure who gigolo is but he looked like a Monterrey ripoff of Tarzan boy. Wrestled like it too. Felino, cerebro and warrior were fine and held this together.
  14. Tim Evans

    German catch

    Kelly if You haven't seen them, check out Otto's matches with Terry Funk. I haven't seen the 96 one but I remember liking the 1990 one. Also the Dick Murdoch/Wanz match isn't too bad
  15. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    HHH announced on tonight's NXT that NXT Takeover In Your House will take place on 6/7. I wonder if that will be the first WWE show with fans? It wouldn't surprise me especially if it happens at Full Sail. Also, RIP the tag team of Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher left Riddle and Imperium won the tag titles. Riddle and Thatcher then had a hell of a match in the main event.