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  1. Tim Evans

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I've seen Savio a few times the year> He's good at brawls and can still cut a mean heel promo in spanish. With that said, the match with Hammerstone was awful. I'm not sure why MLW brought him in to have a regular wrestling match as a babyface? I guess because of New York but he's a heel everywhere else. Even on the Island. Speaking of bringing nothing to the table. HHHammerstone didn't add much to that match either. He was dull and I find it funny they put him with MJF. The finish to the match was very brutal. A guy Savio's size and age should be taking that.
  2. Was Reggie Bennett ever good? Her work with inoue here was pretty uninspired. Especially the brawling in the crowd. The other two women were trying but the crowd was dead. F lt bad that even the finish was botched. Bolshoi's appearance after the match got the biggest cheers.
  3. Tim Evans

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Shayna is going through the Asuka effect where no one looks credible against her. I expect that she won't lose the title and they will just have a tournament to crown a new women's champ. The time to have Shayna lose was vs Bianca. I did enjoy Io/Candice. Heel Io is great and Candice got the crowd into the match which is impressive. First time in NXT where Candice didn't look like Candice Gargano. Roddy/Dunne/Dream was disappointing. I think Roddy is one of the best guys in the company along with Gulak. This just didn't click. Maybe it's because Dunne was shoehorned into the match. It was fine but would have been better as Roddy vs Dream. Tag title match was the best match. Dawkins actually looked like he could be on Ford's level which was nice. Liked all the double team moves from Kyle and Bobby. The finish shocked me as I thought for sure the profits were gonna lose. As for the main event, It was what I was expecting. I just pray that they don't do Ciampa/Cole.
  4. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    SummerSlam is Sunday. Who is the heel in this Natalya/Becky feud? I'm guessing it's Becky since it's taking place in Canada. And is Goldberg scheduled for raw or smackdown?
  5. So much screaming in this and Toyota isn't even involved. Fun non stop match withe everyone getting a turn. Meiko was the best. I especially liked the spot where chigusa kicks the one girl off the top rope and she lands straight into a meiko armbar.
  6. Tim Evans

    NXT talk

    Tegan wasn''t in much last night( it was a tag match) but when she was, the crowd was going crazy for her. I felt nervous watching her hoping for the best. I'm guessing they will do the Rhea/Tegan rematch before the Shayna match. That same Orlando house show had a great Drew Gulak vs Jordan Myles(ACH) match for the cruiserweight title. Gulak is my favorite wrestler right now. Rarely has a match that is below very good.
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  8. Tim Evans

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I decided to watch the last two weeks of MLW to check it out. I enjoyed the Lawlor/Von Erichs vs Contra brawl. Fatu is a good brawler and it's good to see the Von Erich brothers again. The question I have is is Tom Lawlor the top babyface in MLW? If so, why? He's not awful but I remember when I used to go to MLW shows he was a great heel. They need another babyface. And Aries is not it. That match with Adam Brooks was bad. Aries looks like he's going through a midlife crisis. Lawlor/Josef was ok but not terribly exciting. MLW doesn't feel like a show that you have to watch every week so I'll pick and choose I guess. Especially when they bring in Wagner/Park and Savio.
  9. Tim Evans

    All Elite Wrestling

    Have they actually explained the Spears/cody stuff on the AEW hype videos? I can't imagine anyone but the most hardcore of hardcore fans that watched OVW knowing that they teamed when Cody was starting. It's gotta be hard to really get it without owning the footage. Spears being over at Full sail is really overstated. The chant was over. He got over for a while because he was there forever. Bringing in WWE midcard guys is fine but they have to start slow. TNA did it when they were already an established promotion. I hope they wait at least a year before bringing guys like Rusev, Harper and whoever gets released from the prison in.
  10. I thought this was ok. I like Calo so it's good to see him in Monterrey wrestling Pimpi and Nicho. He's pretty reckless but in an entertaining way. First fall was fun but the second and third were weak. Oro's Aja Kong impersonation with the beer bottles and trash cans was funny but not good. Nicho looked ok but 2000 was a down year for him.
  11. Tim Evans

    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    Match of the year: Riddle vs Roddy Strong Best Major wrestling show: NXT Takeover New York Best Promotion: AEW Best on Interviews: Adam Cole Feud of the Year: Dr. Wagner Jr vs Blue Demon Jr Most Improved: Tozawa Wrestler of the Year: Roderick Strong
  12. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 24/06 - 30/06 Is Ricochet a better version of Ospreay

    Comedy must be different to some people. Seth seems to be reaching 1997 HBK levels without great matches. I get where he's coming from but it sounds like it's going to end badly. The only thing that can save him is asking out of his contract and going to AEW. Back on topic, I haven't watched the tv lately. How did Joe get a title shot vs kofi after losing to Ricochet?
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  14. Tim Evans

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Haven't watched MLW since Tony left. Mostly because of that and them continuing to use Sami Callihan. With that being said, apparently, they are bringing in Savio Vega pretty soon. Might have to give it another chance.
  15. Laredo Kid defends the AAA World Cruiserweight title This was an incredible match. Hijo Del Vikingo is the best flyer in Mexico today IMO. Laredo Kid is right up there with him. This starts off with some usual mat wrestling before the crazy flying starts. Vikingo hits a crazy springboard Spanish fly. It takes talent to catch a guy in mid-air to hit that move. I especially liked Vikingo's SSP off the ramp of Arena Coliseo Monterrey. The finish was good too and the crowd was going crazy throughout the match. Not sure if this is a MOTYC but it's a really good one. Once Vikingo gets his work visa. he's going to be a big deal in the states.