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  1. I've seen a lot of Abdullah matches especially in Puerto Rico. This might be the bloodiest Abby match i've seen. Manny hits a gusher and Abby's face turns completely red. The bit where Manny chops him down like a redwood is an awesome visual. My favorite part of this is Abby's entrance where the fan grabs his head gear and Abby goes after him.
  2. Decent opener for the Mid Atlantic title. I didn't realize how big Kruschev was around this time. He make Houston look like a mini.
  3. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/29 - 04/04 It sucks to be Brazilian

    Paul Heyman on Talking smack this week totally burying Natalya and Tamina and basically telling them to stop whining sure felt like a message to the women that are subtweeting about their lack of TV time on Twitter. I mean it was in character but still. I'm fine with Bayley not being on Mania since she's not in a feud right now and it would be sad to see her in the Nia division match featuring Reginald.
  4. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/29 - 04/04 It sucks to be Brazilian

    So the Andre match and the SD tag title match have been moved from Mania to the SD before mania which I guess was taped sometime this week. I guess it's understandable if they don't want to do a pre show and keep the shows under 3 hours. Still I was hoping the Mysterios would win the tag titles in front of a crowd. Could happen at Summerslam I guess.
  5. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/22 - 03/28 Roman never tapped

    Bianca slapped Sasha so hard that her earing fell off when she took the bump to the floor was great. Glad they realized Sasha had to go heel for the match to work. So Bryan has to win the triple threat at Mania right? Because losing three times to Roman would be something else.
  6. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/15 - 03/21 Bayern Munchen to repeat as UCL champions

    I'm glad WALTER is back in the states even though it's vs Ciampa and not Finn. Takeover is looking better than Mania right now with Io/Raquel, Kyle/Cole and now Ciampa/WALTER looking good.
  7. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/08 - 03/14 Giannis really went 16/16

    Creating new NXT women's tag champs and having them lose in their first defense is a choice. I guess it makes sense if they are doing Raquel/IO at Takeover or Dakota is finally going up to Raw or Smackdown.
  8. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    I can see why people hate Apollo's new gimmick but i'm just glad he's a heel. He's way better at it than being a happy go lucky babyface. The Bryan stuff on Smackdown was interesting. His opening promo seemed almost heelish. Loved the cage match and Roman's utter disappointment when Jey tapped. Speaking of Jey, it's going to be weird seeing him go back to teaming with his brother and feuding with the Alpha Academy or the Mysterios after this main event run. He's really established himself as a good singles star I think. I wonder if they do a triple threat at Mania with Roman/Edge/Bryan so Roman doesn't have to do the job.
  9. Tim Evans

    Who's working with who, the thread

    I don't watch MLW anymore but based on IWA Puerto Rico tv, they are working together. Also IWA is in a partnership with WWC.
  10. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 02/15 - 02/21 Break the Capitol's walls down

    Nia/Shayna vs Bianca/Sasha for the tag titles has been added to the ppv on Sunday. I'm guessing Sasha/Bianca win so they can face Dakota/Raquel as the counter to AEW on 3/3. I guess that makes sense but I wanted to see Dakota finally get revenge on Shayna.
  11. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 02/08 - 02/14 Tom Brady burrying the new talent smh

    Cora jade. She faced xia li last week on nxt.
  12. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 02/08 - 02/14 Tom Brady burrying the new talent smh

    So according to fightful, wwe signed blake Christian and taya valkayrie. Taya isn't too shocking since she's 38 and her husband is in wwe. Blake is interesting since I thought he was in New japan and had been working impact recently. I guess he got a big money offer. Plus he moved to orlando with his GF who is already in NXT.
  13. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 02/08 - 02/14 Tom Brady burrying the new talent smh

    Wasn't he on the Covid list? I thought that's why he was gone for so long Saw this on twitter but it would so be a WWE thing if Orton wins the chamber and Edge challenges him for the title at Mania.
  14. Karrion Kross feuding with Santos Escobar and challengeing Edge at the same time is something else. Hopefully this leads to Escobar getting out of the 205 division. He's really good. Takeover is a week from Sunday and looks like a decent card.
  15. Edge is going to be on NXT tomorrow. I guess that's the competition vs the Wedding. Edge/Balor would be an interesting match. But edge wrestling 3 matches in a week after the rumble seems like elder abuse.