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  1. Good debut from the Rascalz or as they are called now MSK vs Atlas and Swerve. Xavier in particular stood out. Wentz is in TNA shape. Ciampa/Thatcher fight pit match is next week. Hopefully, it actually happens.
  2. Tim Evans

    Best of 2020

    What was the MOTY? What were Some MOTY contenders? MOTY is WALTER vs Dragunov. Contenders are the frist Gulak/Bryan match and the first Uso vs Roman Reigns match. What was the promotion of the year? Any promotion that didn't run during a global pandemic. What were the best promos, angles, and skits of the year? It's a toss up to me between Eddie Kingston and Roman Reigns. I gotta go with Roman. What was the best weekly TV Show? NXT Who was the wrestler of the year? Roman Reigns What was the show of the year? NXT Takeover In your house
  3. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 04/01 - 10/01 Steph Curry is sensational

    Raquel/Rhea and Kyle/Finn ruled. Both were brutal for different reasons. Kyle might be Finn's best opponent. And not only are they doing a regular Dusty classic, but they are also doing a women's Dusty Classic too. Hope they do Shotzi and Ember vs Riott Squad.
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  5. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/28 - 01/03 RIP Brodie Lee

    I'm glad Sonya Deville is back after the hell she went through this year. Not sure if it's full time or not. The Owens/Roman feud continues to rule. As did Bryan/Gable/Otis doing the three amigos dance. As for NXT, It was basically a show to build to next week. Was kinda surprised Dunne beat Roddy clean. Io won all the NXT awards she was up for and Shotzi won breakout star of the year.
  6. I enjoyed smackdown this week. Reigns/Owens continues to rule and the finish was good heel stuff from the Big Dog. The main event was a feel-good moment with Big E and Corey graves shaking hands after the win. Not sure I get Bianca losing to both Bayley and Charlotte in back to back weeks but it's whatever.
  7. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite - December 23, 2020

    I'm surprised it took them only a year plus to start a "management sucks" worked shoot. At least it's with Spears who sucks and I can FFWd on the dvr. I'm begging AEW to go a week without dropping the S bomb. I still don't care for the Acclaimed gimmick and Cator in particular but they did a decent job vs the Bucks. They should probably go back to Dark to work out the kinks but they have potential if they drop the rapping gimmick. It's amazing how much better Top Flight is than them and Private Party.
  8. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    That Kevin Owens promo with Heyman on Talking Smack this week was outstanding. The Owens/Reigns feud is really the only feud I care about now on the main roster. As good a heel Owens was he's an even better babyface.
  9. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite - December 16, 2020

    Between Private Party, Top Flight and now the acclaimed, there are a lot of young tag teams that really aren't ready for Dynamite yet. Top Flight has potential but man the acclaimed are bad just based on the last two weeks. Maybe they are better on Dark. How did Janela get a title shot? And why was it no dq? Omega tried but I almost would have rather seen Omega vs Sonny Kiss. Omega/Fenix sounds good. I do miss Moxley though.
  10. Tim Evans

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I guess ROH found out EC3 was working Florida indies including ones that don't require masks.
  11. Tim Evans

    Current Lucha Talk

    I really enjoyed omega/Laredo and I think the lack of crowd helped it. Kenny really went all out and Laredo was made a star. The best thing on thr whole show was announcing that kenny vs vikingo is next. That should happen in aew. The rest of the show wasnt good. I thought nxt was the most hurt out of all promotions by no crowd but in reality it's AAA. The womens match was a dreadful mess and the main event was sad although entertaining in a way.
  12. Tim Evans

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    This felt like a late 1998 Nitro with so much going on but nothing really sticking. I did like FTR just destroying Pillman Jr. It's been a while since i've seen something like that.
  13. Way too long of a match. I liked most of the build to the match between Shotzi and Candice but by the end of the match, they were an afterthought. The star of the match was Dakota Kai. She was the best babyface in it. Too many weapons stunts for my liking that took too long to set up. I did like Io's Sasuke dive from the top of the cage and Raquel winning the match.
  14. Tim Evans

    WWE TV 12/7-12/13 Congrats to Becky and Seth

    I'd love to know how much WWE is paying for the rights to play Sinatra for these Pat Patterson videos. It's got to be more than 75% of what people in NXT make.
  15. Tim Evans

    Current Lucha Talk

    I believe it's on Mas Lucha's premium service. Some of the matches will probably be on their youtube in a couple of weeks.