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Because it amuses and sometimes disturbs me which wrestlers will get sexualized (and how they are) to sell tapes on eBay and such. Gay or straight, doesn't matter. I don't care about dudes swooning over Tom Zenk, just the stuff that makes you go "WHAT?" in good-natured fun.


For example:

BOB ARMSTRONG/BILL DROMO vs. BILL HOWARD/JIM FORTUM - Big Armstrong is a Marine with a big ego and he staggers well while being double teamed. Dromo is equally impressive with his headlocks.

I mean really, a dude wants to put it to The Bullet? Does he not want to but think other dudes would?


Sometimes, I wonder if they're just writing these to make me laugh:

4) Rex Hargrove vs Tony Williams- When I was a kid, I remember my friend came over while Tony WIlliams was getting his ass beat in a different match and I was beating off. My friend waited at my front door until the match was over and I was a happy lad. Tony is a young, hot dude (one of the most muscular at the time for his age) and just got a retarded beating...

So basically, for the GAYS, search eBay for "jobber" or go to http://www.jobberuniverse.com/Jobbers/MainJobberVolumes.html and for a straight dude with major issues, go to http://impacthosting.com/manzerman/ and try to find the most horrifying description of a sleeper hold.


And yes, Loss thought this was an amusing idea for a thread and pre-approved it.

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The Japanese women take center stage. Just like with Volume one, we find the pretty face of Michiko Ohmukai, caught in yet another bad sleeper, slipping into unconsciousness. Some of the prettiest girls in Japanese wrestling take wrestling's version of a dirt nap…Michiko Ohmukai, Kei Akiyama, Megumi Kudo are just some of the pretties that find themselves caught, and fading fast. And don't think that the legendary superstars of Japanese ladies wrestling are safe …big Devil Masami goes out like a light, so does Shinobu Kandori, Hiromi Yagi and Sakie Hasegawa. Even big American Reggie Bennett gets put down. This, by a tiny Japanese girl not even half her size! Plus, as a Bonus, there's American star Molly Holly, sending WWE champ Victoria out for a nice forty winks. What fun I had making this video!

I'm sure he did.

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