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  1. So I'm throwing my hat into the podcast ring with Watchin' To Rasslin', essentially the podcast version of the All-Request Friday Nights I used to do over at Segunda Caida. Me and my guests will be watching matches requested by you - the listener - and give our delighted/horrified/perplexed reactions, hopefully to your entertainment. Sort of a little viewing party that you can join in on every week. I'll be joined on the first episode by CZW announcer Emil Jay and We Don't Know Wrestling host Sam (who may or may not have a surname). So far, we're looking at a California Championship Wrestling match from 1986 pitting Rocky Johnson against "Destroyin' Samoan", which promises to answer some longstanding questions about headbutts. Send some more picks my way, and tune in in a couple of weeks for the premiere!
  2. S.L.L.

    Your most "Against The Grain" opinion on wrestling

    I would never call him a bad wrestler in a million years, and he's certainly done plenty of things I've enjoyed....but I would be perfectly happy if I never saw Brock Lesnar wrestle again. He's good, to be sure, but I don't see him as the super-worker a lot of people seem to do, and the mystique surrounding him wore off for me a long time ago, so now he's mostly just another old part-timer who's job it is to make the rest of the roster seem unimportant to me, and I really didn't need another one of those.
  3. S.L.L.

    I have cancer

    Hang in there. We're all rooting for you!
  4. S.L.L.

    WWN Live-Evolve, I-ppv's

    As was I. Honestly the best show I've ever seen live. Riddle/Strong was the best match I've ever seen live. Darby Allyn getting back body dropped to the floor was the most psychotic bump I've ever seen live. Chuck Taylor becoming a watchable wrestler was the biggest miracle I've ever seen live. Just a great day to reward my faith in pro wrestling Darby is gonna end up in a wheelchair before too long. Besides that nutty back body drop, on both nights he did a trust fall dive off the turnbuckle to the floor, which was just as crazy. And he took a Super Razor's Edge. Not entirely sure how he walked away from that match.
  5. S.L.L.

    How Would You Book a TNA/WWE Joint Show?

    I don't watch enough TNA to give a good answer to this question, but after The Final Deletion, I do want to book an industry-wide Crisis on Infinite Earths angle starring Matt Hardy as the Anti-Monitor.
  6. S.L.L.

    WWN Live-Evolve, I-ppv's

    As was I. Honestly the best show I've ever seen live. Riddle/Strong was the best match I've ever seen live. Darby Allyn getting back body dropped to the floor was the most psychotic bump I've ever seen live. Chuck Taylor becoming a watchable wrestler was the biggest miracle I've ever seen live. Just a great day to reward my faith in pro wrestling. Jigsaw/Sabre was the second best match of the show and really shouldn't be slept on. I always dig matches that have a clear three-act structure, and I loved how this built from a charming, light-hearted, Johnny Saintish WoS match into a nasty, stretchy, Terry Rudgeish WoS match into a crazy super indy finale. Jigsaw is a pretty underrated dude, and I hope EVOLVE gives him a decent spotlight.
  7. S.L.L.

    WWE TV: July 11th - 17th

    "Has" is a strong word. They don't have the immediate financial incentive other than "we can do better", which doesn't seem to be enough without the alternative of "we will die if we don't". Even then, the people in charge seem so out of it that I'm not sure that would be enough. Like, they could legit be going out of business, and their response would be "we gotta double down on the 90's!"
  8. I said this on Twitter, and I think it bears repeating here: whatever else you take away from this match, I think we should all be able to agree that this Christopher Guest-style mockumentary version of pro wrestling is a billion times better than anything Vince Russo has ever done in his entire pathetic career. Like, if Guest had ever made a movie about wrestling, I imagine it would've culminated in a match a lot like this between between #BROKEN Fred Willard and "Brother Nero" Eugene Levy, and I would've thought it was genius and made all my friends watch it. You could argue whether that technically makes it good or bad - and it was probably a bit of both, in the best possible way - but it certainly wasn't lacking in entertainment value, creativity, and even coherence, which is more than I can say for 99% of the garbage this promotion does even at it's best.
  9. S.L.L.

    RIP Muhammad Ali

    One of the greatest promos of all time. And influential on wrestling at that!
  10. S.L.L.

    Smackdown moving to Tuesday and going live

    Is it weird that I'm glad to see guys dubious about the brand split? Because I'm cautiously optimistic about it as a guy who liked the last one, thought watering it down/ending it was a terrible idea, and I remember defending way back when against people using it as a scapegoat for every bad decision the company made (there couldn't possibly be deep systemic problems in WWE...if you get rid of the brand split, everything will get better!). So when this broke, part of me was glad, but part of me was grinding my gears that everyone else was glad, too. Like, I knew I wasn't alone in my opinions, but kinda miffed that this thing lots of people groused about that I went to the wall for was being welcomed back by everyone with open arms without so much as an "I didn't know how good I had it until it was gone". So I'm actually glad to see people who are dubious, just to know I'm still grounded in the real world, especially since their complaints seem more sensible than most of the ones I came up against back then. Truly, this is the best world I could have woken up to.
  11. When I first heard that song, I thought it would be pretty neat if wrestling had it's own version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game or The Hockey Song. I also thought that probably shouldn't be it, but I guess it's what we've got. Also, I'm weirdly curious about the model-quality girlfriend's specifically designated "rasslin' shirt". So much to unpack in that song.
  12. S.L.L.

    WWE TV May 2-May 8

    Since when is WWE topical?
  13. Don't worry. Shawn Michaels being the Greatest Wrestler Ever is a terrible opinion regardless of gender. I kid, I kid. This is an excellent post, and there's a lot there worth thinking about. In fact...it's actually kind of an accidentally great argument for putting Trish Stratus on a GWE ballot when you think about it.
  14. S.L.L.

    Racism in wrestling

    I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that Kamala wasn't a racist gimmick, but like Eugene's early run as a wrestling savant, I appreciated a lot of Kamala's 80's stuff where he worked as a clever African savage. No knowledge of English, barely understood the rules of his sport, but he got put in the Iron Claw once and never blindly charged a Von Erich again. He wasn't just a wildman, he learned from experience. Despite being a scary monster heel, he was a guy who did a lot of cautious backpedaling schtick. Certainly, a backpedaling black man could have some...uneasy connotations, too, but this is where the African savage gimmick actually kinda saves him. Kamala probably didn't blindly charge lions in the African wilderness, either. He was playing a stereotype to be sure, but just like Don Flamenco's stereotype was eased by being a smart and skilled boxer, and Eugene's stereotype was initially eased by being a wrestling savant, Kamala's gimmick was eased by being not just a dangerous hunter, but a clever one. Of course, all this goes to shit in his 90's WWF face run, particularly the whole "trying to pin the guy when they're on their stomach" bit, because now they were portraying him not simply as a fish out of water, but as actually, unambiguously dumb and as someone who had difficulty learning from his experiences. And, of course, there's the very real possibility that these are all narratives I've completely imagined that were never intended by bookers or promoters or even Kamala himself who just wanted him to be a big scary African savage, no more, no less. But I'm not 100% sure my interpretation of the character is total bullshit, either, because even if it wasn't meant that way, it wasn't until his 90's face run that they gave me any concrete in-text reasons not to take it that way. If I see a tree fall in the text, and the author doesn't explicitly say it didn't in said text, why shouldn't it make a sound? Granted, I think I might be the only one who ever heard this particular sound, but I'm a weird dude. This is all a very roundabout way of me saying that for all the talk some people make of wrestling being a lot like comic books, we could really use a Crisis on Infinite Promotions to reboot wrestling history. A guy like Kamala could really stand to have his slate cleaned and his history retconned to better fit into the Post-Crisis vision of wrestling. Pretty sure he's not the only one.
  15. S.L.L.

    Throwing this question to everyone...

    Sixthing, I suppose. I've long thought wrestling critical theory needs to have some kinks worked out. If there's real interest in examining that, I think that's pretty awesome.