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Rey Misterio Jr v Psicosis


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Rey Misterio Jr v Psicosis - 09/16/95 (ECW)


One more time ...


Man, FUCK this crowd! Since when is it a sign of "respect" for a bunch of self-important fans to spend the duration of a match putting themselves over and finding ways to break kayfabe? Reactions like the ones here essentially make ECW a useless exercise overall, because the mutants refused to buy into anything the company was selling, they were dead set against suspending their disbelief, and their top priority seems to be coming up with creative chants, with swear words whenever possible, instead of letting the workers tell a story, reacting to it and *then* doing their pretentious applause, probably not even having a clue why they're clapping in the first place.


Psicosis is sure hard not to clap though, because he's so awesome at what he does. I don't think I ever truly realized how good he was in the ring until I've taken on so much footage in the past week. It's pretty awe-inspiring. He does a great job of establishing his heeldom by complaining to the ref and spitting at the crowd -- and it almost works, which considering this crowd is quite an accomplishment. Psi also takes an enormous bump right off the bat right into the crowd when Rey counters a hammerlock and uses his momentum against him. The next time he tries it, Psicosis sees it coming and is smart enough to just fall to the ground and cinch in the hold, which is a nice touch that Styles doesn't play up at all. Rey rallies up again, and they criss-cross, which leads to Psicosis catching Rey off guard and dropping an elbow in the center of his back, following that up with a powerbomb and an awesome split-legged splash into the corner. He tries again, and misses, which gives Rey all the opening he needs to start busting out the highspots, and the debut of the springboard huracanrana gets an enormous pop. They're able to slowly turn the crowd in their favor in some ways, but they're being fought the entire time and can only do so much. There are a couple of transitions that are out of sorts, but they cover for it well enough and keep going instead of retracing their steps, which is something that is normally a hallmark of the ECW style. Psicosis starts to go for Rey's knee, but that doesn't really end up going anywhere. It does at least set up a nice ironic payback, though, when Psicosis misses what was intended to be a flying knee to the face while Rey was against the turnbuckle. Rey moved, and now Psicosis' knee is the one that's hurting. Sadly, there was no follow up. They tease more than they deliver, but they still manage to deliver some fun stuff. That said, they've had far better matches in other places, and it also seemed like just when they were gaining some momentum, it was time to go home. Too bad.

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