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Super Crazy v Yoshihiro Taijiri v Jerry Lynn


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Super Crazy v Yoshihiro Taijiri v Jerry Lynn - 11/07/99 (ECW)


This is a little bit different than a WWE three-way, if only because it's contested under elimination rules, and therefore, the match is going to have two pinfalls. Unlike Van Dam/Bigelow, they actually wrestle a nice spotfest here, keep the flow going, keep the moves looking crisp and give us a nice variety of moves. It's a fun match -- not really a good match, but a fun one. It could have been better if Jerry Lynn could get a charisma transplant, as the other two are far easier to support, but Lynn is too busy doing "cradle" versions of every move to play to the crowd. He's easily the weakest participant in this match, and he's what keeps it from going to another level.

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