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Sting/Steiners/Gigante v Cactus/Abdullah/Vader/Diamond Studd

Guest Hunter's Torn Quad

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Guest Some Guy

Cactus climbs the cage to reach the leaver. Cactus gets to the switch, but in the meantime Rick belly-to-belly suplexes Abdullah into the chair, straps him in and puts the metal headpiece on him, as an unsuspecting Cactus pulls the leaver sending 50,000 volts into Abdullah. Someone send 50,000 volts into me, and end this mess.


Calling it a "belly-to-belly suples" is pretty generous. It was more like he hugged Abby and casually turned him around to put him in the chair.


The only thing about your reviews that I disagree with is that I enjoy watching horrible shit like this for some perverse reason.


Matches like HHH/Steiner and this are comically bad. Although HHH and Steiner were trying to have a good match, which makes is more sad than anything, where as, as you mentioned Foley was the only one who tried to do anything in the HH match.

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I agree with Some Guy. This was an entertaining match to watch... but for all the wrong reasons. It is like someone said...we haven't given the public enough reasons to think wrestling is fake. Let's give them no doubt.


Guys, the stretcher is too small for the whole locker room

Could you imagine if they tried to put Abby on that thing?

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