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Jushin Liger v Black Tiger


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This match was missing a lot, but one thing it certainly wasn't missing was athleticism. Some of the sequences are breathtaking in both pace and scope, and that seems to be their calling card, to a point where it's a fault of the match. They're unable to create any type of engaging story that can sustain itself, instead keeping the focus on how many moves they can pull off and how fast they can wrestle. The good thing about that is that while they teeter on the border of being indy-ish in match layout, they never go in that direction completely, simply because Liger and Eddy are two of the best highspot artists of the era. They have trouble sustaining heat whenever they take it to the mat, and they do spend a lot of time on the mat, working sequences that are proficient but arbitrary at best, and there's really not anything that unifies the match and keeps it cohesive. Very fun to watch as a spotfest, but it's not quite at the level it should be considering the participants. They would top themselves later.



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