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Loser's bracket matches


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#1 - Bam Bam Bigelow v Ultimate Warrior

#2 - Taka Michinoku v Chris Jericho

#3 - Demolition Smash v Randy Orton

#4 - Bob Backlund v Jeff Jarrett

#5 - Marty Jannetty v IRS/Mike Rotunda

#6 - Rey Misterio Jr v Rick Rude

#7 - Sid v Tully Blanchard

#8 - Val Venis v Sgt Slaughter

#9 - Arn Anderson v Big Show

#10 - Booker T v Chavo Guerrero Jr

#11 - Tito Santana v Terry Funk

#12 - Demolition Ax v Greg Valentine

#13 - Goldust v Jake Roberts

#14 - Jeff Hardy v Kane

#15 - Ricky Steamboat v Matt Hardy

#16 - Dynamite Kid v Andre the Giant


Losers of these matches will be completely eliminated from the tournament. The winners of this round will face the losers of the second round in the first bracket.

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