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Barry Windham vs. Johnny B Badd


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This isn't anything mind blowing, but it's a lot of fun for what it is, which is your typical heel NWA Champion vs. Local Challenger on fast-forward. It seems like Mero has the edge on Barry with his speed and flying, but Barry uses his experience to overcome that when he catches Mero in the corner and unloads some elbows, and uses his wrestling to keep him at bay with some holds, including a nice sleeper hold, where he puts his feet on the ropes to add pressure.


What really makes this stand out for me, are the various openings that Barry gives Mero to reel off some hope spots, such as the suplex reversal, and the sunset flip. And towards the end, Mero starts pulling off a bunch of near falls, and the crowd eats them up thinking he'll pull off the upset. Mero tris for too much and winds up hotshotting himself and allowing Barry to finish him off. It's not as good as Windham vs. Scorpio, but it's a pretty good eight minute match.



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